Top 5 Paint And Sip Studios In Belfast Ireland United Kingdom

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If you’re searching for a relaxing and entertaining pastime, why not visit a local paint and sip studio in Belfast? 

You may learn to paint, make pottery, or perform other crafts while sipping a drink and chatting with friends in a “sip and paint” workshop. They are fun for gatherings of any kind, whether social, professional, or simply recreational. 

Five of the top paint and sip studios in Belfast are included in this article. 

You can pick a paint and wine studio near you that fits your needs and budget thanks to the wide variety of services and amenities each one provides.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Dawn Crothers Artist Studio & GalleryUnitA, 378 Belmont RoadKingdom02895430340
Crescent Arts Centre2-4 University Rd02890242338
The Art and Design Factory Art Courses, Belfast, Annadale Art Studio.Annadale Art Studio, 27D Annadale Ave07884410804
Artists at the mill5 – 7 Conway StN/A
Platform ArtsConnswater Shopping Centre, 17-18 Bloomfield Ave02890311301

1. Dawn Crothers Artist Studio & Gallery

Visit the gallery and studio of Dawn Crothers, a modern artist and art instructor, to learn more about her unique and vibrant work. 

Snails, animals, woods, kid’s rooms, and staycations are just few of the subjects she has painted about and printed in limited editions for your perusal. 

Paint and sip classes and parties, where participants of all ages may have a good time while learning new skills like painting or pottery-making, are also available for reservation. 

Everything you need, from supplies to tools to refreshments, may be found at Dawn Crothers. Bring your beverages if you like. 

Class and event specifics determine the final cost, but expect to pay anything from £15 to £65 per guest.

2. Crescent Arts Centre

The Crescent Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts center that welcomes people of all ages and skill levels. 

They provide seminars and workshops in various artistic mediums, from painting and drawing to ceramics and printing to sculpture and photography. 

Expert instructors are available at this drink and paint studio to help you develop competence and self-assurance. Large studios, exhibition spaces, performance venues, and cafes are available. 

Prices range from £10 to £60 per person, depending on the type of sip and paint class or workshop.

3. The Art and Design Factory Art Courses, Belfast, Annadale Art Studio

The Art and Design Factory Art Courses is a creative space in Belfast where people of all ages may take art lessons. 

Watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil, and charcoal are just some of the media and methods you may study to improve your drawing and painting skills. Portraits, landscapes, the abstract, and other genres are up for experimentation. 

Professionals who can both instruct and inspire their students are in charge of teaching paint night courses at the Art and Design Factory. 

Depending on the sip and paint course type, you should expect to pay anywhere from £10 to £20 per participant.

4. Artists at the mill

Artists at the Mill is a vibrant creative community in Belfast that provides a variety of paint and drink lessons and seminars. 

In the dynamic and creative environment that the sip and paint studio offers, artists can interact with one another and learn from one another. 

Because the classroom facilities at this paint and sip venue are so well equipped, they provide artists with an environment that is comfortable and motivating for their creative endeavors. 

Seasoned professors working in the drink and paint studio who are both willing and able to share their wealth of creative knowledge with students.

The cost of lessons at Artists at the Mill varies depending on the program’s length and the type of art being taught.

5. Platform Art

Platform Arts is a Belfast-based nonprofit that provides resources and opportunities to artists of all backgrounds and levels of experience. 

Painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, pottery, textiles, and other creative forms are only a few mediums in their workshops and classes. 

They also welcome visitors to their galleries and studios, where works by local and international artists are on display. You may also relax with some refreshments at their café. 

On average, paint party fees range from around £15 to £50 per participant.


You can enjoy expressing your creativity in Belfast, Ireland’s top five paint and wine studios. 

These studios provide the optimal blend of training, exposure to new ideas, and friendship for artists of all skill levels. 

Let’s indulge in the aesthetic pleasures of Belfast’s top paint and sip studios while relaxing with a drink of your choice and releasing your inner artist right now!

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