Do You Need a Liquor License for a Paint and Sip Event?

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Depending on the type of event and the location/venue, there may be times when yes, you do need a liquor license for a paint and sip event. The type of liquor license you will need can vary.

If you are starting your own paint and sip business, and you plan on serving wine or other alcoholic beverages at your parties, you will need to have the same type of liquor license that a restaurant or bar would have.

What if you are teaching at events, or if you book other venues for your parties? What type of liquor license do you need for this purpose?

These are all things that you need to think about if you are going to own and operate a paint and sip business. There are likely going to be some very stringent requirements for you to get a liquor license, but it is a necessary part of your business plan.

A liquor license is necessary for any business that is going to be serving alcohol to guests. 

Today we are going to look at what you need to do, the type of liquor license you will need, etc. 

Let’s get started.

What Is a Liquor License?

Every area in the world has different rules and regulations when it comes to liquor licensing. In the US, each state has its regulations, as well as some municipalities.

Having a liquor license allows governments to enforce their laws surrounding the serving of alcohol. Some areas set limits on how many drinks can be served to a customer, rules about unfinished bottles of wine, etc.

There are a few different types of liquor licenses. The most common is the restaurant liquor license. There is also a beer and wine liquor license (this may be what you will need), a tavern liquor license, and in some areas even a server license.

The type of liquor license you need will depend on the types of events you are holding. As I mentioned, if your business will be in your studio, you may need a beer and wine license.

Even if you are hosting the type of parties where your guests bring their beverages, you may be required to have a liquor license.

If you are renting a venue for an event, you will need to apply for a temporary liquor license in most cases. To know exactly the type of liquor license you will need, it is best to contact the liquor licensing board in your area.

What About Home Parties?

I have been asked whether or not one would need to have a liquor license if they are teaching a paint and sip class in someone’s home, at a bar, etc. A lot of paint and sip instructors take their classes on the road like this rather than use their own studios.

In this case, even if you were leading the class in a bar setting or something similar, you wouldn’t need to have a liquor license. The serving of alcohol would be the responsibility of that establishment.

If you are going to be teaching in the party hosts’ homes, you also do not need to have a liquor license. The homeowner will be responsible for their guests and ensuring that they do not drink too much, that they have arranged for transportation, etc. They will be serving the alcohol or asking their guests to bring their own.

What If You Don’t Apply For a Liquor License?

Throughout the years I have heard of several different types of events where the hosts or promoters didn’t bother to apply for a liquor license, yet they still served alcohol to guests. This is not a chance you should ever take with your business.

If you get caught serving alcohol without a required liquor license, you can get into a lot of trouble. Not only will there be fines involved, but you could lose your chance of ever having a liquor license for future events.

In some areas, the disregard for a liquor license can even lead to imprisonment. Of course, I do not think this would happen for a paint and sip business, but it is a risk I do not advise taking.


Most likely, the only time you will not need a liquor license for paint and sip parties is if the parties are being hosted by someone other than yourself, and at a location of the host’s choosing. Otherwise, you will need to apply for a liquor license as soon as possible.

Never host a party with a liquor license, even if you are not sure if you need one or not. It is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t even do it if you have applied for a license, because you need to have it available to show authorities any time you are asked for it.

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