What Is Paint and Sip and How Does It Work?

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Have you ever watched a Bob Ross program and thought you would like to try painting yourself? Maybe you always wanted to work with acrylic paint, but never had a chance to learn how.

Sip and paint functions were started for just this reason. These sip parties are great for beginners, and a paint night is a great way to have fun with friends.

Even if you have never taken an art class before, you can have lots of fun at one of these events. It is an informal art class where you get instruction from an experienced artist.

If you want to learn more about painting parties, keep reading!

What is a Sip and Paint Party?

So, how does paint and sip work?

At a painting party, the instructor will provide an example for you to go by for the art class. Each person on the guest list will paint the same thing, but every painting will be different. There are many sip and paint ideas you can try.

An in person or virtual paint bash is a fantastic way to learn some new skills, and have lots of fun. You will learn about new ideas, and bring out your creative side.

For many people, a paint party is a new adventure. Everyone gets to create their own work of art with a group of friends.

Some artists choose to hold the art class in a studio. Others bring everything the guests need to a host’s home or another location. You can expect to find everything you need to make beautiful paintings.

While you are painting, you will get to enjoy great food and drink, including a glass or two of wine. Painting parties are loads of fun for everyone in the group.

What to Expect at Your First Paint and Sip Function

If you are planning on attending your first paint and sip party, expect to have a world of fun! No one is going to judge your art, and you will have a great time putting paint to a canvas.

Maybe this event is for a girls night. You and your friends can expect to have fun creating art together in a class that is geared to your level of experience. Maybe you will create a beautiful landscape, or work on still life techniques at a sip party.

All Painting Materials are Provided

Everything you need, including acrylic paint, paint brushes, a canvas, and more will be provided for your art at these events. Other items, such as paper towels, drop cloths, water cups, and other painting materials will be provided for you and your fellow painters.

Each person on the guest list will have their own canvas for their art. Paint brushes and other art materials will be provided to use, but not to keep. Of course, guests are also welcome to bring their own supplies.

The Cost to Attend Paint and Sip Events

Painting parties can range in price from $25 to $70 per person. This price includes all of the supplies.

Most party hosts will provide food and drink. But, some sip and paint parties may be BYOB. If the latter is the case, guests will have to spend a little more to attend these painting classes.

A Host’s Responsibilities

If you are planning on hosting a paint party, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing a space to use as an art studio
  • Providing food and drink (wine and finger foods are usually preferable)
  • Creating a guestlist
  • Choosing music your guests will enjoy

What the Artist Provides

The artist who is teaching the class will provide everything each of the guests needs to create an awesome painting at the party.

For example, all paints and brushes will be provided by the artist, as well as a canvas for each of the guests. Other materials can include water cups, pencils, and other art supplies for painters to work with at the sip and paint party.

If the sip party is held in an actual art studio, food and drink may be provided, or guests may be asked to bring their own to the party if they want to enjoy a few drinks not provided by the host of the sip party.

Some painting styles, techniques and skills you can expect to learn include:

Online Paint and Sip Events

In addition to in person classes, you can also take part in virtual paint parties. These online classes became popular during the pandemic when we were all on lockdown.

Virtual paint events are a great way to enjoy a paint and sip class without having to worry about social distancing. You can still hang out and party with the other guests, and you will still learn a lot about painting.

Reasons to Host Painting Parties

You can host a sip and paint party to celebrate any event.

For example, a bride to be may want to do this for her bachelorette party. Or, maybe you are planning a birthday party, such as your next birthday party. Your paint party could even be a good excuse for a girls night.

Bob Ross himself would tell you that you don’t need any reason to have a party. This is just a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy an evening of food, drink, and painting.

Paint and sip parties are all the rage these days, and people are hosting these painting classes for many different types of events.

Adults and Kids Love Paint Parties

Besides sip parties and fun adult painting classes, you can also have paint and sip events for kids.

Some classes are specifically for adults, especially those paint and sip date nights, since there is wine involved. But, you can plan alcohol-free painting classes for minors.

The paintings will be based on the age of the guests, and their skill levels. In many cases, this can be someone’s first introduction to art. Many adults love this chance to explore their creativity in a fun party atmosphere.

Everyone will enjoy working with the many paint colors and learning more about the world of fine art, whether they are in an actual studio or any other location.

Frequently Asked Questions about Paint and Sip Parties

Where are classes held?

Sip classes can be held in a studio or in just about any location of your choice. While some artists prefer to use a studio for their party, others like to go on location and take the party to other locations.

As I mentioned, there are also virtual paint gatherings. These offer many benefits, including being able to rewind and go over certain steps when needed. A virtual paint function can be just as much fun as being with a group.

What do I need to bring?

The only thing guests need to bring to a paint and sip party is themselves. All of the necessary materials are provided. Some adults do prefer to bring their own drinks, especially if they don’t drink wine.

What should I wear?

When it comes to what to wear at a paint and sip class, a good rule to keep in mind is never wear your good clothes to painting classes.

There are bound to be paint spills, and you might spill your wine. Search your closet for old clothes that you don’t mind getting wine or paint on. That way, if you spill wine or food, it won’t matter.

How long is a paint and sip class?

The class length depends on a number of factors. Painting classes generally tend to go on for two or three hours. This gives guests plenty of time to create their art and enjoy a few drinks.

Who takes care of the party set up and clean up?

Both the artist and the host are responsible for set up and clean up.

The instructor sets up the space for the event. They make sure guests have everything they need to recreate the example painting.

You can read my guide on what it’s like being a paint and sip instructor.

The host takes care of setting up the food and drink, as well as the music for the event. This can include wine and other beverages, and finger foods for the guests. They must also provide a big table for guests to work at.

Are the painting classes difficult?

These classes are a great way for beginning painters to see if they enjoy painting. They learn many techniques, including mixing paint colors and brush strokes and easily complete a lovely painting by the end of the class.

Bob Ross himself would tell you that these classes are fun and easy. You can expect to learn a lot in a fun party atmosphere with good friends and good food and drink.

How much is a paint and sip party?

A paint and sip event typically costs between $25 and $70, depending on the company and package you book, the studio location, the size of the party, and the sort of painting you want. Except for the drinks, this price normally includes all of the painting supplies.

How much do paint and sip teachers make?

A paint and sip teacher may earn between $30,000 to $35,000 per year. This figure, however, can vary depending on factors such as whether the instructor is working part time or full time, their hourly rate and experience, the number of classes taught, the size of classes, and the commision structure.

Instructors who work for larger paint and sip franchises or operate their own businesses may be able to earn more money, but this frequently necessitates a major investment of time, effort, and money. 

You can read our guide on how to start a paint and sip business.

What do you do at a sip and paint party?

So, what will happen at a sip and paint class is that you’ll be given all of the required tools as well as supervision from an experienced artist. You will also be able to keep your painting. You’ll be able to express your creativity and meet new people.  

What to do with finished paintings?

It’s up to you to choose what to do with paintings after paint and sip events finished. You can display it at home, give it to someone or sell it online.

One Class Can Inspire a New Hobby

I’ve seen it many times. Someone who has never taken art classes in their life attends a fun sip party, and they leave with a desire to start a new hobby.

These fun parties are a great way to find out if you have an interest in painting. I love that many people have become painters after attending my classes. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have opened them up to exploring new ideas.

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