Paint and Sip Ideas and Themes for Your Next Party

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Hosting or attending a sip and paint party is loads of fun, and it is a very popular activity these days. Paint parties give people an opportunity to hang out, share creative ideas, and enjoy a paint class taught by a professional artist.

If you have never been to a paint party, you may be wondering what to expect at a paint and sip event. More importantly, what will you be painting?

A lot of people create landscape paintings at these events, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many painting ideas to choose from.

The most important thing is that the painting be within the skill level of everyone at the party. That way, everyone is on the same page and will enjoy the paint experience.

Keep reading to learn more about some really cool paint and sip ideas.

What is a Painting Party?

When a group of people get together and each person creates an acrylic painting, it is known as a painting party. Wine is usually involved, hence the term “paying and sip” or “sip party”.

A professional artist teaches the class, and provides all of the art supplies needed. These parties can take place in one’s home, community centers, schools, etc.

Often, they are hosted at art studios. This means that there is no cleanup for the host later on.

Cool Paint Ideas for Painting Parties

As I already mentioned, the skill level will determine the sip and paint ideas. Another thing to consider is something that everyone will enjoy painting.

Everyone Paints the Same Picture

At painting parties, everyone works from the same image. So, technically all of the paintings will be the same picture, but each will be painted in one’s own style.

Everyone has Their Own Space to Paint

Each person will have their own space to work. They will begin with a blank canvas, and paint the same image that the instructor uses as an example.

What are Your Paint Party Ideas?

If you have a great idea for a painting to do, don’t hesitate to suggest this to the instructor. If your guests are more advanced painters with some painting skills, you can choose more complicated paintings to work on.

What Do You Need for a Paint and Sip Party?

In order to have the best paint experience, there are certain materials that will be needed. The instructor will provide all of the art supplies.

Painting Supplies for paint and sip classes

These supplies can include acrylic paints, a canvas for each of the painters, a paint palette for each guest, paint brushes, etc. Some artists make painting kits for partygoers.

Other materials they will supply may include paper plates, cups for paint water, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

Canvas Ideas

Sometimes, they even supply pre-drawn canvases. If the guests have no prior painting experience, they may even do an adult paint by numbers painting.

Hosting a Paint Party

The host will also need to provide a few things. For instance, they need to provide food and beverages. I usually suggest snack foods, along with a wine bottle (or two or more), and a wine glass for each guest.

The host also needs to provide space for each artist to work on their art project. The instructor will set up each art station with everything needed for guests to flex their creative muscles.

What to Paint at a Paint and Sip Class

Okay, so let’s talk about some of my favorite sip and paint ideas. Dragonflies and butterflies are always popular subjects, and they can be created using primary colors.

Since the original painting will be prepared prior to the party and long before guests arrive, you really need to think about a fun project that will be within the skill level of your guests.

I suggest talking to everyone who will be at the party, and get some input from them as to what they want to paint at the party. Then, take those ideas to the instructor and narrow it down to something everyone will enjoy painting.

Creative Drawing Ideas for What to Paint at a Painting Party

I already mentioned dragonflies and butterflies for drawing ideas. Let’s take a look at some more popular subjects for a sip and paint party. I will list them for now, and then discuss the most popular subjects later on.

Here’s what to paint at a sip and paint event and some drawing ideas for beginners:

  • Landscape painting
  • Still life painting
  • Flowers
  • Animals (this is more for advanced painters)
  • Lighthouses
  • Birds
  • Trees
  • Sunsets and silhouettes
  • Vehicles (cars, trucks, bicycles, etc.)
  • Paint and Pour

These are just a few ideas that can be created at a paint event. Can you think of other ideas that will get everyone’s creative juices flowing?

Landscape Painting

A landscape can be an easy painting to do, as long as it isn’t too detailed. I have taught at many paint night parties, and this is always a popular subject to do with acrylic paint.

Still Life Painting

Almost anything can be used as a subject for a still life painting. For beginners, I like to set up a couple of items, and then create the example painting. The guests at the paint party can choose their own background colors.


Flowers are always a popular subject when it comes to acrylic painting ideas. I often choose sunflowers, as I find they are among the easiest flowers to paint.


Animals tend to be subjects for more advanced painters, but there are options for beginners. For instance, cartoon animals are easier to draw and paint than the real thing.


Who doesn’t love a beach scene with a lighthouse? Paint party hosts and guests often ask if I will teach them how to paint a lighthouse scene.


Some birds, such as peacocks and flamingos, are relatively easy and fun to paint. They are popular with a lot of my clients.


You can never go wrong with trees for beginner sip classes. The fun part about trees is that no two trees look alike, so every painting will be different.

Sunsets and Silhouettes

Here is a great acrylic paint project for beginners. You only need a few paint colors to create a beautiful sunset. Add some black details and you have easy silhouettes.


I’ve taught at many paint parties where people want to paint vehicles. In my experience, bicycles are the best vehicles to begin with.

Paint and Pour

Here is a painting party idea that requires no skills or training. The paint is mixed with a special medium, and then different paint colors are poured onto the canvas. Then the canvas gets moved around to swirl the paint colors. It’s easy, and no two paintings are ever alike.

Paint and Sip Party Themes

Often, a wine and paint party is simply an excuse for friends to come together and have fun with paint and canvases. But, some people choose to make it a themed party.

For instance, if this party is for your co-workers, you might want to use a theme that revolves around the workplace. Maybe it is a retirement party for one of your co-workers. Or, maybe one of your co-workers is having a baby. There are lots of workplace themes you can use.

Here are some more sip and paint theme ideas:


If the sip and paint party is taking place around Christmas, it only makes sense that the party have a holiday theme.


There are so many ways to use Halloween as a paint party theme. You could even make it a pumpkin painting party.

Birthday Party

Maybe the party is part of a birthday celebration. This is a great theme for a sip and paint party.

Check this comprehensive guide on sip and paint for birthday parties to learn more.

Date Night

Get a few couples together, and have a date night-themed sip and paint party. Come up with some sip party ideas that revolve around dating and romance. Valentine’s Day is a great time to have a paint and sip event for couples.

Check these Valentine’s day paint and sip ideas you can try.

Virtual Paint Night

You don’t have to be there in person to have a paint party. Simply have a virtual paint party, and everyone can join in online.


Some painting parties involve attempting to recreate art masterpieces. Sure, no one is going to be the next Rembrandt, but you will have loads of fun coming up with your own take on classic art.

These are just a few of the many fun themes you can have for your paint and sip party. Anything can be a theme if you want it to be. What kind of themes would you like to see at your next paint party?

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What to Bring to Paint and Sip Night

If you are invited to a paint and sip night, the only thing you need to bring is yourself. Of course, you will likely want to bring a bottle of wine for the host.

As mentioned, all materials will be supplied for every painter, and the host usually provides food and some beverages. You may be asked to bring something to eat if this is a potluck painting party.

The most important thing to remember is not to wear your best clothes. You could spill paint or wine, and then your outfit will be ruined.

Final Thoughts

A paint party is loads of fun. There are so many great ideas for art projects, and you can paint and drink, and have lots of fun with your friends.

If you have an idea for a sip and paint party, the next step is to find someone who can lead the guests through each step of the painting process and supply everything needed for a successful paint and sip night.

Don’t forget to check my article “3 Painting Tips for Beginners at Paint and Sip Classes” for more guidance.

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