How to Host a Virtual Paint Party Successfully

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Did you know that you don’t need to hire an instructor for paint parties? You can actually host your own virtual painting party, using an online tutorial.

There are so many great video tutorials available that you can use on YouTube or other platforms. Some even have links where you can purchase painting kits.

You can easily host your own virtual paint party, and save money since you aren’t bringing in an instructor.

In fact, virtual parties are a great way for beginner artists to learn new ideas and have fun.

What Are Online Paint and Sip Parties?

At virtual paint parties, there is no instructor. Instead, video tutorials are used for virtual paint and sip. There are many available on YouTube, so you will never run out of ideas.

Since there is no instructor, the host or event coordinator will be responsible for purchasing the painting supplies and putting together painting kits for guests.

Everyone will get to enjoy the virtual paint and sip party, even if they can’t be together for whatever reason.

Hybrid Paint Parties

You may want to invite guests who live in different cities or countries. With hybrid paint parties, anyone can attend, no matter where they live.

Often you will find some guests attending in person. Some guests may have to attend virtually, making the event a fun hybrid virtual paint and sip event.

All you need for a hybrid paint party are the necessary supplies, as well as wine and snacks for the guests who are going to be there in person.

Hosting Virtual Sip and Paint Events

There are a few reasons to host online paint parties. Maybe you don’t want to spend money on an instructor, or there are none in your area.

A virtual sip party is the answer to all of your problems, and a great social event.

A Team Building Event

Maybe you want to host a virtual paint party as a team building event. This is a great way for co-workers to get together and bond while learning new skills.

Painting parties are ideal team building events, and an event coordinator can easily put one of these parties together.

Bachelorette Parties

Virtual painting parties are great for bachelorette parties and bridal showers. Each guest can paint and sip, and enjoy online painting classes.

Corporate Events

If you are planning a corporate event, consider hosting a paint night. Look for a video tutorial that suits the theme of the event.

Any Party Can Be a Paint Party

You never need an excuse to drink wine, create awesome art, and have fun. Grab all the art supplies you will need, and come up with some painting ideas that everyone can do.

What Will You Need for a Virtual Sip Night?

You will need painting supplies for your paint party. If there are guests will be attending virtually, they will need to get their own paint supplies.

Let’s take a look at some of the supplies each person will need.


First of all, each person needs paint. In most cases, they will be using acrylic paint, which you can find at most dollar stores, or at an art supply store.

Paint Brushes

Everyone will need to have their own paint brushes. It’s a good idea to watch the video tutorial in advance. That way, you can let everyone know what brush sizes they will need.

Paint Palette

A paint palette is necessary for mixing paints. A paper plate will also do the trick nicely, and you can get a package of paper plates for around the same price as one palette.

Water Cups

The brushes need to be cleaned frequently. So, water cups are necessary for each person taking part in the paint party.

Standing Easel

Some people find it easier to work with an easel. Others prefer to use other surfaces. Let each guest decide what they want to use for their painting.

Paper Towels

You are going to need paper towels and other cleaning supplies for cleaning up after the virtual painting party. Each person at the virtual paint and sip will need to clean up their own messes afterwards.

Paint Party Kits

Another option is to purchase paint party kits, which will include all of the virtual paint night supplies you will need.

These painting kits include acrylic paints and all of the rest of the painting supplies needed for everyone to create their own work of art at virtual painting classes.

Where is the Class Held?

So, you may be wondering where an online paint and sip class is held. Well, it is held anywhere that the students are located.

Some students may actually be at the host’s home, while others may be in other locations. That’s the great thing about paint and sip. You can do it from anywhere and still enjoy professional painting instruction.

You can use platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype to livestream your party.

Hosting Your Own Paint Party

If you have been considering hosting your own paint night, but you don’t have a lot of room, consider a virtual paint party. This is a great way to be able to hang out with friends and have fun, even if you can’t physically be together.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to have a group of people in the same room for a sip party. As long as everyone has a device and has access to the Internet, a virtual paint and sip party is easy to organize.

Once everyone is online for the paint and sip event, it is time to start learning and start painting. Virtual paint and sip is no different from regular paint and sip, with the exception that not everyone is in the same room.

If you are interested in hosting your own virtual paint night, come up with some paint party ideas, gather up all of the necessary paint supplies, and be ready to have loads of fun.

*image by Krakenimages/depositphotos