Best Types of Paint and Sip Kits for Your Next Party

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In most of my articles, I talk about various tips, techniques, how to host paint and sip parties, etc. This article is going to be a bit different.

As a sip and paint teacher, I have many people asking me about paint and sip kits as opposed to going out and buying all of the art supplies for a painting party individually. 

For many paint party hosts, kits are becoming more and more popular, because they include most of the art supplies needed for painting parties.

In this article, I am going to review my top three paint and sip kits for at-home events. That way, you will have a pretty good idea of the best kit to order for your next painting party.

What is a Sip and Paint Party?

A paint and sip party involves getting a group of people together to learn how to create a painting and enjoy each other’s company (along with snacks and a few glasses of wine). 

This is a great way to get one’s creative juices flowing and help them to decide if painting is right for them.

At a paint and sip party, each guest will receive all of the art supplies they need to create their works of art. They follow along with an art instructor, either in person or via an online video tutorial.

At the end of the event, each guest will have their painting to take home with them. They can display their paintings, or give them as gifts. If the paintings are good enough, they may even try to sell them.

What is a Paint and Sip Kit?

The term “paint and sip kit” is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a sip and paint kit for adults or kids that has all of the supplies needed for a paint night. 

Some of these kits have enough supplies for multiple people, whereas other kits are made for one person.

Depending on the type of paint and sip kit, you may find that there are only outlines to follow in some, while others include painting supplies. 

These are the kits I tend to prefer, simply because they take a lot of guesswork out of shopping for the party host (if I am not providing the painting supplies myself).

Type of Paint and Sip Party Kits

If you are considering buying a paint and sip party kit, there are three different types to choose from: paint by numbers, outlined images, and art supply kits that include video tutorials. 

Let’s take a closer look at what is included in each of these three types of paint party kits, along with my top choice for each type.

Paint By Numbers

First, we will take a look at paint by numbers kits. These kits are much like the ones you see at any department store in the art and toy sections.

If your guests are absolute beginners at painting, I often recommend paint by numbers kits. This is a great way to learn about color theory.

Paint By Numbers Take Longer than Other Tutorials

One of the things I dislike the most about paint by numbers kits is that the paintings take much longer to complete than those that are taught by an instructor. You might want to schedule two paint nights for your guests to be able to finish their creations.

Another option is to have each guest do as much as they can during the party, and then take their work home to complete it at their leisure.

No Stretched Canvas

There is one more thing that I don’t like about paint by numbers kits: most only come with a flat canvas. This means that you will either need to frame the finished product or stretch the canvas yourself.

Dimensions Home at Sunset Paint By Numbers Kit

So, you are probably wondering which paint by numbers kit I would recommend for beginners. Seeing as how landscapes, particularly sunsets, are popular for painting parties, I would like to talk about the Dimensions Home at Sunset Paint By Numbers Kit, which is available on Amazon.

This kit comes with a 16X20 printed art board and includes acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and all of the instructions needed to complete the painting.

You will be able to create a beautiful sunset painting that you will want to proudly display in your home. This kit is ideal for adults and older kids who love to paint but don’t know how to get started.

Outlined Images

Next, we are going to talk about outlined images. While these are a great way for beginners to learn how to paint, these images don’t always come in kits. All you get are the images themselves, and you will have to buy all of the necessary art supplies for the paint party.

Many Images are Not Available with Painting Supplies

I often use outlined images when I teach at paint and sip parties. But, there are no actual painting kits that come with these images.

When you do a Google search for outlined image painting kits, you will find plenty of drawings that you can purchase. I often use Etsy as my go-to for these images.

Some of these images come in sets of two, four, or even five or more. So, if you are having 20 guests at your paint party, you will need to purchase several of these kits, as well as the art supplies.

I have found that most of these images can cost anywhere from $3 and up, depending on the amount of detail in the designs.

One of the things I like the most about using outlined images is that painting students aren’t limited by specific colors. This is a great opportunity for students to use their imaginations and go wild with their color schemes.

Paint and Sip Every Queen DIY Painting Kit

If you are looking for a complete kit with an outlined image, I suggest checking out something like “Paint and Sip Every Queen DIY Painting Kit on Etsy. This kit costs around $91 and has everything you need for six painting students.

The materials in this kit include pre-drawn canvases, 24 paint pots in various colors for this painting, and six paintbrushes.

Painting Kit with Video Tutorial

If you want to be economical about planning your sip and paint party, you can forgo the option of having an artist come in and teach the class. There are plenty of great painting tutorials online that you can use, including Bob Ross videos.

Everything You Need

Or, you can purchase a painting kit that comes with a video tutorial. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching on YouTube for a tutorial for your next paint party.

In addition to a video tutorial, these kits come complete with everything students need to recreate the painting that is being taught in the video.

Art Studio Live – Acrylic Paint Kit

I like this painting kit because it offers plenty of artistic freedom. It comes with an 11X14 stretched canvas, six colors of acrylic paint, a paint palette, and three different types of paintbrushes.

Along with the art supplies I already mentioned, this kit also offers access to an online tutorial that you can stream. This video can be played as many as 10 times, so you can use it for several paint and sip classes, or simply go over certain steps that your guests are unsure of.


If you are new to the world of sip and paint parties and you want to host a painting party without hiring an artist, I recommend purchasing paint kits for your guests. Most of these kits have everything you need to create a beautiful work of art in just a couple of hours (except some of the paint by numbers kits).

I even use these kits on occasion myself, especially if I am teaching beginner painting classes. Paint and sip kits are a great way for students to learn about blending colors, mixing colors, and the supplies needed for acrylic paintings.

*image by anabgd/depositphotos