What Are Soft Pastels and How to Use Them?

soft pastels

Soft pastels are so much fun to use, and I always recommend them to art students. You might be surprised to see just how quickly you can create a beautiful painting with pastels. It takes much less time than it does if you are working with acrylic paint or oil paint. Soft pastels are ideal …

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3 Easy Soft Pastel Drawing Ideas For Beginners

soft pastel drawing ideas

Are you considering trying soft pastels for some of your art projects? A lot of people are afraid to try using soft pastels for a couple of reasons. First, they are worried that they do not have drawing skills. Don’t worry about this, because you don’t necessarily need to be able to draw using soft …

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Turpentine vs Paint Thinner: Which is Safer to Use?

paint thinner vs turpentine

If you are looking for the safest solution for cleaning oil painting materials, turpentine is the best option. This doesn’t mean that paint thinners are not going to do the job just as well, only that turpentine is the least hazardous. That’s one of the differences when it comes to turpentine vs paint thinner. There …

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Soft Pastels vs Chalk Pastels: Are They the Same?

soft pastels vs chalk pastels

Chalk pastels and soft pastels are not one and the same. In fact, the only thing that they truly have in common is the fact that they are both called pastels. Both types of pastels are fun mediums to work with, but they have many differences are are used for different purposes. The biggest differences …

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Paint and Sip Cruise: Make It Your Next Vacation

paint and sip cruises

Did you know that you can spend your vacation immersed in art classes while enjoying cruising on the open water? There are all kinds of fun, themed cruises, including paint and sip cruises and cruises that are dedicated to art classes. Even many cruise lines that don’t offer art-themed cruises often offer art classes, led …

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