How Old Do You Need To Be to Attend a Paint and Sip Party?

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There is often no set age limit for those who attend painting parties, and kids younger than 18 are often allowed to attend. There may be some regulations, such as no one under 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If alcohol is being served, and it usually is, this is a rule that must be strictly enforced. On the other hand, if the party is specifically for kids, it doesn’t really matter how young they are.

Today we are going to look at some of the things you need to think about when letting kids attend these events, whether you are a party host or you are the operator of the paint and sip business.

Let’s get started on age requirement for sip and paint events.

Can Young Children Attend Paint and Sip Parties?

I wouldn’t suggest bringing toddlers and small children to a paint and sip party, but there is no reason why older kids shouldn’t be able to attend. Of course, there are some caveats to this.

For example, if there is going to be alcohol served at the party, you may not want to have children around. It would be better to have a dry party if you want to invite kids.

Have a Kids’ Paint and Sip Party

Another option would be to host a kids’ paint and sip party. This is a great way for kids to learn how to paint in an environment that is set up with them in mind.

There will be drinks and snacks, but everything will be things that children like and no alcohol. One of the great things about a kids’ party is that you don’t have to worry about serving expensive snacks that take a long time to prepare.

Kids will be happy with chips, crackers, cookies, fruit, etc. I suggest keeping it to finger foods because kids can get messy. Drink boxes are the least messy option when it comes to beverages.

If you are going to have parties specifically for kids, consider the ages of the kids who will be attending. Teenagers will want a much more mature party theme than pre-teens and adolescents, so you will have to plan the party accordingly.

Consider the Venue

Something else you will need to think about when inviting kids to paint and sip parties are the venues. For instance, if the party is at my studio, chances are that I will be serving wine.

Parents can choose to bring their kids along, but there will be strict rules about serving alcohol to minors. If the party is to be at someone’s home, the same rules need to apply.

If the event is going to be held at a bar or a licensed establishment, you will need to ask the management if kids are allowed to enter. If not, you will either have to not invite kids or find another venue for the event.

There are many establishments where children can be inside with their parents. Others have strict rules against this.


Art parties are great for kids, as long as they are properly planned. It is usually not a problem for older children and teens to attend paint and sip parties with adults. I don’t recommend bringing little ones because they may get bored and then start getting into things.

Kids can learn a lot about painting at these parties. If they are already artistically inclined, these parties could be quite beneficial for them.

I would say that kids as young as eight years old could enjoy and benefit from painting parties. So, bring them along, as long as it is okay with the party host.

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