Paint and Sip for Kids Ideas and How to

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Instead of a traditional birthday party for your kid, sign up for a sip and paint for kids, or even a family sip and paint night.

Keep reading to learn more ideas and tips on how you can set up a paint and sip art class for children, or a family paint night party.

What is a Paint Party?

A paint party is a private event where people create their own canvas painting. These paint and sip parties are fun for all ages.

This includes young children, older kids, and adults, with plenty of laughter.

The focus of these parties is to have fun with paint while learning a new skill. It gives everyone a break and a chance to create a canvas painting masterpiece in a fun, family atmosphere.

Paint parties are fun activities for children. They get to create their own art, make a mess, and relax.

These parties are even fun for the little ones.

You can invite their friends to paint parties. Or, make it a family painting class.

In fact, family and kid friendly paint nights are becoming popular events.

Why Host a Kids Paint Party?

Most youngsters love canvas painting, even if it is only finger painting. Children can sign up for their own family painting party.

In Person with Friends

These classes are a great way for children to hang out with their peers and family and have a blast. These painting birthday parties are loads of fun for kids of all ages and skill levels.

For All Types of Occasions

You can also have kids paint galas for other upcoming events.

A Family-friendly Paint Party is for Everyone

These sip parties are fun for all ages. Kids can sip on their own beverages in the art studio.

A sip and paint party for kids is a great way to celebrate a calendar birthday.

Do It Anywhere

You can host a painting sip event at an art studio. Turn your home into a studio. Or, host the painting sip event outdoors.

No Screen Time

Today’s kids seem to only want screen time. Turn screen time into easel time with a party.

They will learn a new skill at these sip events, and they love art and painting.

Who Teaches at a Paint Party for Children?

You could set up a paint party for your children and their friends. Or, you might want to enjoy a family painting class.

You need to consider who the painting instructor will be.

Family Members or Friends

If anyone in your family is into painting, ask them to be in person instructors at the paint and sip party.

Professional Artist

You can also hire a professional artist to teach the kids how to focus and create their own paintings at the painting party.


Another option is to use an online video painting tutorial that will focus on the skill levels of the children who will be at the party.

How to Host a Kids Paint Event

Setting up a paint party for kids is fun and easy. If you are not hiring an instructor, you will need to purchase enough art materials for each of the kids and adults/parents.


You will need to stock up on the following art supplies for each person:

  • Child safe paint (tube or pan paint)
  • Canvas
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water cups
  • Cleaning materials

Set Up the Art Stations

Be sure to set up enough art stations for everyone. There should be enough materials to go around.

Paint Parties: Fun for the Whole Family

A private event for your family is a great way to enjoy free time together. Kids paint according to their skill level.

These events are great for kids of all ages, including the little ones. You can turn your family home or yard into a paint studio, and the whole family will love your painting event.

Everyone will have their own beverages to sip while creating their masterpiece during the painting event.

Adults can sip some wine at paint parties, while the kids can sip on non-alcoholic drinks in the “studio”.

Let’s look at how a canvas sip painting event can be an ideal party for kids.

Creating is fun!

These alcohol-free sip classes let kids show off their creativity in their painting projects on canvas.

It’s not like school!

Most kids don’t care for school, but they do love to paint. Instructors will focus on how to paint with projects created for kids to paint in a family atmosphere or studio.

Their creativity shines through!

These in person kid-friendly sip events are great for letting a youngster show off their creativity. At the end of the sip paint class, each child will have a work of art to take home to show off what they have painted.

Sip Paint parties are fun for all ages!

Kids paint in person at these parties, just like adults. A painting event is a great time for the family, with lots of laughter and creativity.

Painting brings out creativity!

Every painting will be different at these events. Their creativity will shine through.

Painting Supplies Goodie Bags Make Parents and Kids Happy

If you are hosting a paint party for kids and teaching them yourself, you don’t need to hire an actual artist. But, you will need to buy all of the art materials.

Luckily, painting materials are available at most dollar stores.

Art materials instead of candy are free for all guests

In fact, this would also be a great idea for goodie bags.

Instead of sending the guests home with candy and cheap toys that break, give them their own paint kits with art supplies, along with the canvas paintings they painted.

Youngsters love paint parties

It would cost around $10 per person to get a canvas, brushes, and paint. Parents will love you for not sending their youngsters home with junk food, and you won’t have to spend much.

Sign Up for a Paint Party Today

For any upcoming events on your calendar, consider hosting paint parties. This can be in person or virtual. It may be a private event for the family or a painting event for a group of youngsters.

Mark Your Calendar

Make sure you choose a date that fits with everyone’s schedule, and mark it on your calendar. Invite your guests, and let everyone know if they need to spend money to attend the family party.

No Cost for Youngsters

If this is a paint party for a birthday celebration, of course, kids paint free.

Final Thoughts about Kids Sip and Paint

When planning a party for kids, paint is a great option. They get to make something special and use a variety of materials.

These events are great for the entire family. A party can be live or virtual, whichever you prefer.

Celebrate Special Moments

These activities are ideal for the whole family, and a great way to celebrate the special moments in your life.

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