Paint and Sip Food Ideas: What Snacks To Bring

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Are you planning a fun painting party night for a large group of friends? If so, you will need to think about the types of food and wine you plan to prepare for your guests for a fun paint night.

A sip night painting party is much like a wine and cheese party, so obviously, these are two items that you will want to have on hand. If you are fixed for time, you can get a store bought deli tray loaded with cheese, crackers, meat, fruit, and other snacks.

Some people like to prepare a nice evening dinner with wine for their guests to eat before they start painting. If you are feeding a crowd, I suggest a hearty goulash for dinner. Look at recipe books for inspiration.

Let’s take a look at some of the best snacks to have on hand for your sip night.

Best Snacks for Your Painting and Wine Class

Painting can be hungry work, so your friends will want to have something to eat while they create during paint night. I often suggest simple food items that guests can eat with their fingers. 

Some of the most popular party finger foods to go on the table include:

  • Cheese
  • Cheese ball
  • Crachers
  • Veggies (tomato, carrots, etc)
  • Hummus with chickpeas and olive oil
  • Other irresistible dips
  • Chips
  • A bottle or two of wine
  • Pop
  • Other snacks

I also like to serve snacks on a stick or skewer. You can combine tomato, cheese, carrots, and other items for cool kebabs, with crackers on the side.

You may want to set up a snack table in a separate room, away from the painters. Once your friends have eaten some cheese, veggies, and other snacks, they can get back to their art.

What Type of Snacks Should I Bring to Paint and Sip Class as an Attendee?

To keep your hands clean and your focus on your artwork, it’s best to choose easy-to-eat and mess-free snacks. 

You can satisfy your taste buds with some delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies, or indulge in some savory crackers and cheese. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can munch on some chocolate, crunchy nuts or dried fruit, crispy chips, cookies, or brownies. Whatever your taste buds crave, these snacks are sure to make your paint and sip experience even more enjoyable!

Don’t Forget the Wine

Make sure that you have at least one bottle of wine to serve to your guests. After all, this is the whole point of a sip night, and wine pairs great with cheese and crackers!

In addition to wine, it is a good idea to have other drinks available for friends who do not drink wine. You can serve other alcoholic beverages with mix, and it is wise to have some pop as well, especially if kids are attending.

See my list of best wines for paint and sip parties.

Art Supplies

In addition to snacks, art supplies will be needed. Most of the supplies will be provided by the instructor, including canvases, brushes, and various other art materials.

You will need to provide the cleaning supplies, such as paper towels, water cups, and tablecloths.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a painting party is loads of fun. You and your friends get to create with paint and canvas and enjoy a snack or two as you paint.

Begin with painting with a paint instructor, and then take a break to have a nice snack and some cool wine. Keep plenty of crackers and hummus around for quick snacking, and have other drinks available for friends who don’t like wine.

With the right snack foods, lots of good wine, and something to create, you can be sure your paint and sip night will be a successful one, and loaded with fun. You and your friends can mix and mingle, drink wine and paint a picture, and get inspiration from each other along the way.

After the painting is over and everyone has eaten, with any luck some of the painters will stick around to help clean up around the room.

And as a final reminder, don’t forget to learn how to dress for a sip and paint party to avoid having unintended mess on your clothes.

*image by ivankyryk/depositphotos