Ladies Night Paint and Sip: Enjoy Wine and Art with Friends

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If you are looking for ideas for a fun thing to do for a girls night out, a paint and sip party may be just the thing you are looking for.

A sip party is a great way for friends and family to spend time together, laugh, enjoy a few glasses of wine, and learn some new painting skills.

I can say from experience that no one leaves a paint party unhappy. All of the sip parties I have taught at have been so much fun.

One of the best things about these parties is that guests get to sit and learn how to paint in a relaxing atmosphere.

A great night is had by all, and everyone gets to take home a piece of art that they have created themselves.

Girls Night Paint and Sip

Paint and sip is just one of the themes for these girls night parties. I have taught at many parties where the host combined two or more themes.

For example, seeing as how wine is generally served at paint and sip events, some hosts have combined the sip girls night with a wine and cheese theme.

When you combine good food and drink with a creative activity, it’s definitely a win-win.

What is a Sip Party?

A sip party is a great way for friends and family to come together and learn how to paint a picture with step by step instructions from an art teacher.

All of the art supplies are provided by the instructor or the host.

Each guest pays a fee to attend the paint and sip night. This fee covers all of the painting supplies they will need.

Sometimes the host provides the food and beverages. I have also taught at many girls night painting parties that are BYOB.

Quite often, the guests are beginners. But, there is usually at least one person in the group who has some experience.

Some people even prefer to bring their own canvas to paint on. This usually happens when they want a larger or smaller canvas than what I normally provide.

What Do You Need for a Fun Paint Night?

There are a few ways that you can host a painting party. One of the first things to think about is who is going to provide the step by step instruction.

While there are all kinds of online tutorials to use for an event such as this, I always find that it is better to have an actual instructor leading the class.

Of course, I may be a bit biased about this, considering I make part of my living by teaching these painting classes.

Who Provides the Art Supplies?

In most cases, I prefer to provide the art supplies for this type of creative activity. That way, I know that everyone is going to have the proper materials for their paintings.

Sometimes the host will provide the materials. This usually happens when a video tutorial is used instead of an instructor.

What Do I Bring to the Party?

I always make sure that I bring everything that each guest needs to complete a painting. This includes a variety of paint colors, paint brushes, palettes, easels, and water cups.

Of course, there is a canvas for each of the ladies.

I set up all of the painting stations with all of the materials each student will need to complete a painting.

If the party is taking place in my studio, I usually include a few drinks and some snacks. This depends on what I have charged for the event.

What Does the Host Provide?

Unless the party is BYOB, the host generally provides wine and/or alcoholic beverages. They make sure there are enough wine glasses for everyone.

Of course, they offer plenty of snacks to make it a truly great night.

I also usually ask that the host provides the cleaning materials needed for cleanup after the event. They also have to do most of the cleaning.

I will provide tablecloths, drop cloths, and paper towels, but the rest is up to the host.

What Happens at a Paint and Sip Party?

The main purpose of a paint and sip night is hanging out with friends and family and have lots of fun. There is usually a fair amount of drinking going on.

Everyone is relaxing with a few drinks and snacks, and they get to discover their inner artist through this painting experience.

Usually, everyone will want to spend a bit of time together before they begin the art lesson. After they socialize for a while, the lesson begins.

The Painting Experience Begins

One thing I always tell the guests is not to worry if they have never done any paintings before. This is their chance to discover a hidden talent they didn’t know they had.

At the very least, it is a relaxing way to spend an evening with girlfriends.

All that matters is that they want to play around with fun painting ideas.

There are many paint and sip ideas for a ladies night out.

Discuss the Sample Painting

I usually start the class by showing a sample painting. I talk about why I chose the painting, and how I created it.

Then I discuss the materials that I used, such as the size of the canvas.

Talk about the Materials Everyone Will Be Using

Then, I discuss the materials they will be using. I will admit, I don’t usually use my own paint for these classes.

Instead, I purchase inexpensive beginner paint sets that can be reused for many paint events.

Now It’s Time to Paint!

Finally, we dive into the actual painting. Every instructor has their teaching methods, and I am no different.

I like to begin by getting the class to paint the background. Then, we can start getting creative with the details.

By the end of the party, everyone leaves with paintings that often end up hanging on their walls.

Final Thoughts

No two sip parties are ever the same. I always make sure that I have a different painting to work from for each paint and sip party I teach.

Everyone creates something unique, using different paint colors. They grab something to drink and some snacks and enjoy the painting process.

The whole idea is to have fun with friends and get the creative juices flowing. Find an instructor and sign up today for a fun night with your girlfriends.

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