Top 15 Paint And Sip Studios In Calgary AB Canada

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Are you prepared to completely submerge yourself in creativity and fun? There are several paint and sip studios in Calgary, Alberta, where artists may express themselves. 

Calgary is home to various studios that offer a fun and memorable experience for painters of all skill levels by combining painting with mingling and drinking. 

Come with us as we discover the best 15 paint and sip studios in Calgary, from the city’s core, highlights to its hidden jewels in the suburbs. 

Prepare to let your creative side shine through as you sip your drink of choice and let your imagination run wild.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Neon Milkshake Art Studio7640 Fairmount Dr SE #3403 200 5760
Paint it! Mobile Painting Parties1327 Lake Michigan Crescent SE403 660 3931
Paint Escape91 Millbank Dr SW403 589 9283
Pinnovate DIY Art Studio137 Mahogany Plaza SE403 278 9065
Design Your Wine Glass69 Prestwick Heights SE403 466 3322
Vin Gogh Paint – Sip – Studio7160 Fisher St SE403 475 4644
Color Me Mine – Uptown1504 11 St SW403 270 4386
Raw Canvas609 Confluence Way SE587 433 1131
Color Cafe Kensington (Calgary)334 14 St NW403 249 4386
Aliki’s Art House551 Northmount Dr NW403 667 7020
B-Side Art Studio & Classroom644B 1 Ave NE403 265 8961
Fire Escape2835 23 St NE #211403 457 1857
Colour On Fire Art Studio & SchoolStrathcona Community Association, 277 Strathcona Dr SW403 542 0178
InFused Art Work5003 21 St SW403 701 3378
La Palette Art Studio23 Millside Dr SW403 992 5531

1. Neon Milkshake Art Studio

Situated in Calgary’s southeast, the Neon Milkshake Art Studio hosts painting and sketching lessons for students of all ages. 

The sip and paint studio’s founder is a professional painter and Concordia University fine arts and jazz alumna Danielle Bartlette. She has painted large-scale public murals and has worked for the likes of Cirque du Soleil and Hollywood film and television.

The paint and drink studio aims to make learning the fundamentals of painting and drawing a pleasurable experience. 

Students are encouraged to use everyday objects, such as combs, toothbrushes, sea sponges, culinary utensils, spatulas, ornamental rollers, etc., to express their individuality and creativity. 

They understand music theory, contrasts, color theory, movement, rhythm, and emotion.

The studio provides paint and sip classes for students of all skill levels and ages, starting at 5 years old. The lessons are conducted in a big and light studio with groups of 6-8 students at a time. 

Each session’s price is different based on its length and quantity. 

2. Paint it! Mobile Painting Parties

Although they are not really a “paint and sip studio,” Paint it! Mobile Painting Parties will come to you and host a painting party anywhere you choose. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, business events, and fundraisers are just few of the many events for which Paint it! Mobile Painting Parties hosts painting classes. 

Acrylic painting fundamentals, including color mixing, brushwork, composition, and perspective, will be covered in these sessions. Students can select from various topics and approaches, including abstract, landscape, floral, and animal subjects.

Participants in the sessions are encouraged to bring their food and drinks to enjoy while they paint in a relaxed and social setting. The provider provides canvases, paints, brushes, and aprons. 

Each drink and paint workshop has a different price tag because of factors like the number of attendees and location. 

3. Paint Escape

Paint Escape is a Calgary art studio that hosts a variety of painting lessons, seminars, paint nights, and other art-related activities for both adults and children. 

Alexandre Ivanov is a professional educator and artist with more than 30 years of teaching expertise, and he offers classes in a wide range of painting methods. 

Good lighting, large studio spaces, and manageable painting groups provide a soothing environment. 

Since 2016, it has been in operation, providing regular sessions and private event venues. 

Each sip and paint session is price differs based on the kind of class or event being attended and how long it lasts.

4. Pinnovate DIY Art Studio

For those interested in creating their works of art, “Pinnovate DIY Art Studio” is a paint and sip venue that caters to amateurs and professionals alike. 

The studio may be found toward the southeast of Calgary, exuding a sense of contemporary warmth. Wood, canvas, yarn, paint, glue, and other art items are available at the studio.

The drink and paint studio hosts do-it-yourself art courses where participants may learn techniques including string art, wood sign making, canvas painting, macramé, and more. Professional instructors lead the sessions and walk participants through the whole process. 

Participants bring their food and beverages to the sip and paint sessions and have a good time while they do art. 

The paint and wine studio provides everything from tools to templates to instructions. Workshop fees are calculated on a per-project basis and can range widely. 

5. Design Your Wine Glass

You may paint your wine glass in various styles and colors at the one-of-a-kind Design Your Wine Glass workshop. 

Start from scratch or use one of the many templates to make something unique. To further enhance your painting experience, feel free to bring your favorite beverage. 

The drink and paint studio gives you all of the materials and tools you require, in addition to the helpful direction of the staff. You can find Design Your Wine Glass close to Calgary International Airport in the city’s northeast. 

Each sip and paint session costs $35 per person and includes a glass of wine and as much paint as possible.

6. Vin Gogh Paint – Sip – Studio

Vin Gogh Paint – Sip – Studio is an urban art space where people may participate in painting and other creative classes while enjoying wine. 

There are many artworks to draw inspiration from, or you may create your own. While you paint, treat yourself to some tasty fare and wine at the cafe next door. 

The studio provides all the equipment and supplies you’ll need and guidance from experienced painters. 

Paint night sessions cost between $45 and $65 per person, depending on the day of the week and the painting.

7. Color Me Mine – Uptown

At Color Me Mine – Uptown, you may paint your ceramic using a variety of colors and styles. 

Hundreds of ceramic products, including cups, plates, bowls, vases, figurines, and more, are available for your selection. 

Bring any refreshments you’d like to have while you paint. That southwest of Calgary may find Color Me Mine – Uptown on 17th Avenue. 

Sip and paint classes and special events have been regularly held since 2008. Each session might cost anywhere from $10 to $80, depending on the item selected.

8. Raw Canvas

Raw Canvas is an unpretentious art studio where you can have a good time with friends and family while making a custom work of art to take home and place on the wall. 

Pick an existing masterpiece to copy, or let your imagination run wild. While you’re there, get some tasty tapas and a drink at the adjoining café. 

Since its opening in 2012, the venue has hosted public classes and special events. 

Depending on the painting and time of day, the paint and drink session cost might be anything from $20 to $50 per person.

9. Color Cafe Kensington (Calgary)

The Color Cafe Kensington is a clay painting and coffee shop that hosts a number of creative events and classes for people of all ages. 

You may choose from over a thousand ceramic bisque forms to paint, or you can attempt glass fusion and transform little pieces of glass into beautiful kiln-fired works of art. 

You may use a pottery wheel to spin clay into pots and bowls, or you can use your hands to form clay into sculptures. 

The drink and paint studio has everything you need to create your own works of art, including paints, tools, kiln firing, and instructions. While you work, help yourself to a cup of coffee (hot or cold), a pastry, or some finger food. 

10. Aliki’s Art House

Adults and kids can use Aliki’s Art House’s painting and drawing lessons. Whether you’re interested in drawing or painting, you may study many different mediums. 

You have your pick of landscapes, portraits, still lifes, animal portraiture, and abstracts, among other options.

Although this paint and wine venue is not a bring-your-own alcohol establishment, you can enjoy free beverages on the house. Bring your refreshments if you like. 

Studio rates are $35 for a two-hour session or $150 for the whole six-week program. Everything you need, from materials to equipment to lessons, is included in the price.

Aliki’s Art House operation hours are 9 am – 9 pm, Monday through Saturday. You can reserve a space by calling the studio or signing up on the website. 

In addition to public exhibitions, Aliki’s Art House welcomes private events and parties for up to 20 guests.

11. B-Side Art Studio & Classroom

The B-Side Art Studio & Classroom is a modern art space where students may take lessons in painting and mixed media. 

You can take sip and paint classes in acrylic, watercolor, or oil painting, as well as in collage, printing, and sculpting. There are several styles to select from, including pop art, graffiti, abstract, and realistic.

Feel free to bring your refreshments. The studio’s rates are $40 for a two-hour session or $180 for six weeks. Everything you need, from materials to equipment to lessons, is included in the price.

The hours of operation for B-Side Art Studio & Classroom are 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Paint parties and gatherings for up to 15 people can be held privately at B-Side Art Studio & Classroom.

12. Fire Escape

The lessons at Fire Escape may be taken on either ceramic or canvas. Mugs, plates, bowls, vases, and figurines are some clay items you can personalize with paint. 

You may also sign up for a canvas painting class and, with the help of the instructor, learn to paint a masterpiece.

Bring your wine or beer while painting at Fire Escape, since it is a BYOB venue. Attendees might bring food with them or get it delivered from nearby restaurants. 

There is a $10 studio fee for ceramic painting and a $35 studio fee for painting on canvas. All equipment, supplies, firings, glazes, and lessons are included in the studio cost.

The hours of operation for Fire Escape are 11am-9pm, Tuesday through Sunday. You may reserve a place ahead of time online, or you can just show up. Private parties and events for up to 40 people can also be arranged at Fire Escape.

13. Colour On Fire Art Studio & School

People of all ages and skill levels may find something to their liking at Colour On Fire Art Studio & School (COF), an approved art studio that hosts a variety of classes, workshops, camps, parties, events, and art-to-go kits.

At COF, students may take classes in drawing, color theory, and art technique while working with glass, ceramics, and canvas. 

You can experiment with a wide range of aesthetic options, including abstract, landscape, animal, floral, and more. Teachers at COF are highly trained professionals who focus on each student. 

Painting supplies are included in their art-to-go kits, which may be ordered online and delivered to your door.

Sessions at COF range in price based on the nature of the program, its length, and the resources employed. 

For comparison, the cost of a six-week you-and-me art class for an adult and a child is $275, while the cost of a six-week kids art education session is $140. For additional information and to sign up, visit their website.

14. InFused Art Work

Jeweliyana Reece runs the glass art, painting, and design firm InFused Art Work. By cutting and arranging pieces and strips of specialized glass, you may make your own fused glass artwork, jewelry, decorations, sun catchers, and more. 

Plates, mugs, bowls, figures, gnomes, and more are just some of the ceramic bisque shapes that may be painted on. 

Everything you’ll need to create one-of-a-kind works of art is available at the paint and sip studio, including paints, glazes, equipment, and instructions. 

While you get your job done, treat yourself to some pastries and a refreshing drink.

15. La Palette Art Studio

Students of all ages are welcome at La Palette Art Studio, where they can participate in a variety of art-related courses, from beginner to advanced. Different kinds of art are taught in the drink and paint studio. 

Adults may attend paint evenings to learn how to use acrylic paints to create paintings of landscapes, flower arrangements, trees, cityscapes, abstractions, and more. 

Everything from canvas to paint to expert instruction is available at the sip and paint workshop. 

Painters are welcome to bring their own refreshments to enjoy during the session. La Palette Art Studio is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight on Saturdays at 23 Millside Dr. SW in Calgary.


In the bustling city of Calgary, AB, art enthusiasts, and socializers alike are spoilt for choice with the array of top-notch paint and sip studios. 

Whether you want to unleash your inner artist, celebrate a special occasion, or simply unwind with friends, these studios provide the perfect blend of creativity and entertainment. 

So, gather your friends, grab a paintbrush, and let the vibrant art scene of Calgary ignite your creativity. 

Get creative in one of the city’s best 15 paint and sip studios and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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