Top 7 Paint And Sip Studios In Cambridge England United Kingdom

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Those searching for an entertaining and artistic evening can consider visiting one of the city’s many paint and sip studios in Cambridge. 

Painting and wine-tasting classes, which have been increasingly popular recently, may be abundant in Cambridge. 

Prepare to let your imagination run wild as we explore the seven best paint and sip studios near you!

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Cambridge Art Classes309 Milton Rd01223500909
Cambridge Art Salon1 Thrifts Walk01223301163
Unit 1313, Barnwell Business Park01223414685
Cam Rivers Arts33 Trumpington St01223862974
Cambridge DrawingBuchan Street Neighbourhood Centre, 6 Buchan St01223571816
KILN CAMBRIDGE57 Ditton Walk01223778080
Cambridge Artworks5 Green’s Rd01223309393

1. Cambridge Art Classes

Cambridge Art Classes have been a staple for the city’s artistic community for many years. This center provides various sip and paint courses for students of all skill levels. 

The paint and drink studio is conveniently located in the city’s heart, making it available to everyone interested in developing their creative skills.

You may take acrylic, watercolor, or oil painting lessons at Cambridge Art Classes. 

The instructors at this studio are seasoned artists who share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their students. 

Participants receive individualized attention, insightful criticism, and thorough technical tuition to help them develop their talents and reach their full creative potential. 

This studio provides various drink and paint classes, each with a timetable and associated fees. 

2. Cambridge Art Salon

At Cambridge Art Salon, you may hone your artistic abilities by taking classes in various mediums and processes, including painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, jewelry making, and more. 

They have a staff of knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors that can instruct various classes and seminars for children and adults. In their roomy and well-equipped studio, you can work on your projects or participate in their social painting sessions. 

The Cambridge Art Salon provides all necessary supplies for the paint and drink lessons, including beverages, snacks, and refreshments such as tea, coffee, and water. 

Paint and sip classes cost different amounts depending on their level and length.

3. Unit 13

Unit 13 is known for its experimental painting style and welcomes anyone who wants to test the limits of their creativity.

A variety of sip and paint courses, including modern painting methods, mixed media, and conceptual art, are available in Unit 13. Artistic conventions will be pushed, and participants will be encouraged to use nontraditional media, create abstract works, and think beyond the box. 

Contemporary art is reflected in the studio’s energetic and exciting classroom setting.

The professors at Unit 13 are themselves well-known contemporary artists, so that they can share their knowledge with their students. They help people find their creative voice, test out new ideas, and experiment with alternative approaches to art-making. 

Our seminars encourage students to think critically and creatively by providing an intellectually challenging environment.

4. Cam Rivers Arts

Cam Rivers Arts provides a tranquil and inspirational environment for artists and art lovers in Cambridge’s attractive riverfront neighborhood. For years, this drink and paint studio has catered to city dwellers who wanted to get away from it in a more artistic setting.

Cam Rivers Arts specializes in landscape painting, which captures the splendor of the natural landscapes and rivers in the local area. Participants will study various painting methods, including conveying texture and mood. 

The studio’s classroom has views of the serene river, creating a relaxing and creatively stimulating environment for artistic discovery.

The sip and paint studio instructors are professional landscape painters with a genuine love for the outdoors. 

Cam Rivers Arts charges different rates for their painting classes based on the number of hours and the supplies required. 

5. Cambridge Drawing

Paint and sip lessons and workshops in various mediums are available at Cambridge Drawing in Cambridge, England. 

You will study various models in a wide range of stances and settings. While you sketch, we’ll provide refreshments and entertainment. Cambridge Drawing provides everything you need for the session, including paper, pencils, charcoal, chalk, boards, and clips. 

The classes cost £10 per participant and are appropriate for novice and seasoned artists.


KILN CAMBRIDGE is a pottery studio that provides seminars and workshops on ceramic painting, clay manufacturing, and using the pottery wheel. 

You can paint various clay pieces, including mugs, plates, bowls, vases, etc. Clay and a pottery wheel are the primary tools for making pottery from scratch. 

The paint and drink studio will provide all the materials, equipment, and instruction required to bring out the artist inside you. 

At the café, you may also choose from various hot and cold beverages, pastries, sandwiches, and salads to satisfy your hunger. 

Kiln Cambridge is open every day of the week except Monday from 10 am to 5 pm, and it costs £5 per person in addition to the cost of the ceramic item.

7. Cambridge Artworks

Cambridge Artworks is a well-known paint night studio in the heart of Cambridge’s vibrant arts community. 

Paint and wine workshops at Cambridge Artworks cover various mediums, from acrylic to watercolor to oil. The classroom at the studio is roomy and well-appointed, making it a pleasant and creatively stimulating workplace.

All of the instructors at this sip and paint workshop are professional artists who enthusiastically share their knowledge and experience with their students. 

Cambridge Artworks offers a wide range of drink and paint classes, each with a unique price tag based on class size and length. 


The seven best paint and sip studios in Cambridge, England, each provide a unique artistic experience. 

You may enjoy the pleasure of painting while chatting with friends in one of these convivial settings, a very original concept. 

Studios like this are great places to express your artistic side, meet like-minded people, and learn about new techniques because of the knowledgeable teachers and friendly atmospheres they provide. 

Let the lively Cambridge paint and sip studios inspire you to paint your masterpiece and make memories that will last a lifetime, whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner eager to launch on a creative adventure.

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