3 Best Paint and Sip Franchises in England, United Kingdom

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If you’re someone with a passion for painting and a desire to bring people together, then the exciting realm of paint and drink franchises in England, United Kingdom, awaits your exploration. 

With a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, paint and wine franchises have emerged as the go-to destinations for those seeking a delightful blend of art, relaxation, and social connections. 

The growth of this industry in England has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

List of Sip and Paint Franchises in England UK

These unique businesses have been making waves nationwide in recent years, captivating art enthusiasts and social butterflies alike.

Franchise NameWebsiteUp-front franchise fees and set-upOngoing feesNumber of existing franchise units
Pinot and Picassohttps://www.pinotandpicasso.uk/ £36,50012% 80
Brush Party https://brushparty.co.uk/ No upfront fee6%N/A
Art-Khttps://www.art-k.co.uk/ £15,000N/A34

Pinot and Picasso

Their franchise offers a more affordable entry price compared to other widely adopted franchises. With Pinot & Picasso, you won’t encounter any hidden fees. They provide competitive and regulated pricing for stock, ensuring you get the best deals. 

Their royalty system is based on a percentage, encouraging close collaboration between headquarters and franchisees for optimal results. The leasing team is dedicated to securing the best commercial agreement for you. 

A 12% royalty fee is applicable, which includes comprehensive support, dedicated full-time marketing specialists, and a creative team focused on continuous innovation. 

As a result, the head office takes responsibility for top-of-funnel brand advertising, allowing you to have a marketing package and budget that you can manage within your studio. 

They provide outstanding support, including web and digital content management, financial fundamentals, training materials, job training, marketing and creative teams, and operations. 

By joining the franchise, individuals can benefit from the brand’s established reputation, support, and guidance to operate their studios successfully. 

Brush Party

They will collaborate with you to determine the best area for you to focus on. You can start small and expand as you gain confidence and popularity. 

They have developed a proven formula to kickstart your business and provide ongoing support. You’ll have access to necessary supplies, systems, and a team of experts offering guidance and assistance at every step. 

Their pricing structure is simple and transparent. You will be charged an annual license fee and only 6% of your listing price. There are additional charges for equipment rental and your contribution to national marketing. 

The annual license fee can be spread over the year’s first six months. Their licenses are offered for a minimum term of two years.

The UK marketing team will contribute to promoting the Brush Party brand as a whole, benefiting all licensees. To help you get started, they even provide free consumables for your first three events!

The Head Office Team is dedicated to generating fresh and exciting ideas to keep your business vibrant. You can rely on us to support you throughout your business growth journey.


The business sources most supplies from Jackson’s Art, a trusted partner who has developed art-K branded products, including acrylic paints and canvases. As a franchisee, you can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 65% on all art-K products purchased through Jackson’s. 

This ensures that you have access to high-quality materials at a significantly reduced cost, further enhancing the value and profitability of your franchise.

The Franchisee is expected to conduct classes for a minimum of 1.25 hours four days a week and two sessions of 1.5 hours each on Saturdays. 

Regarding fees, working as an art-K Franchisee does not entail a fixed minimum monthly payment. Instead, a percentage fee is applied to sales, aligning our interests as we both benefit from the growth of your branch.

Being an art-K Franchisee provides an exciting purpose in life and unprecedented motivation. Their program allows Franchisees to share their passion for fostering artistic development.

Following the initial week, you will be invited to participate in weekly live Zoom sessions called “art mentor” sessions. You can review the art projects created with the Creative Director during these sessions. 

These sessions typically involve a group setting, where other art leaders also in the early stages of their art-K journey participate. It is a supportive and encouraging environment, with the Creative Director available to provide guidance and assistance. 

Steps to Owning a Paint and Wine Franchise in England, United Kingdom

General process

Becoming a franchise owner in the UK may seem daunting, but fear not! We’ve simplified the process to help you navigate the path to success. 

Firstly, potential franchisees should research and identify a franchise that aligns with their interests, skills, and financial capabilities. 

They should review the franchise’s initial investment requirements, which may include an upfront fee, equipment costs, and working capital.

Once a suitable franchise is chosen, the next step is to apply to the franchisor. This usually involves filling out an application form and providing relevant information about your background, experience, and financial standing. 

The franchisor will evaluate the application and may conduct interviews or meetings to assess your suitability as a franchise owner further.

Financing options

When it comes to financing options, potential franchisees have several choices. 

They can explore traditional bank loans, seek funding from investors or venture capitalists, or utilize personal savings. 

Additionally, some franchisors may offer in-house financing or partner with financial institutions that provide specific franchise financing programs. 

It is important to thoroughly evaluate the available financing options and choose the one that best suits your financial situation and long-term goals as a franchise owner.

In Conclusion, 

Embarking on a sip and paint franchise journey in England, United Kingdom, can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for those passionate about art and social connections. 

Paint and wine franchises have gained significant popularity, offering a unique blend of creativity, relaxation, and community engagement.

Pinot and Picasso, Brush Party, and Art-K are just a few examples of the diverse franchise opportunities available in this thriving industry. 

Aspiring franchise owners can create a fulfilling and profitable venture in this flourishing industry with the right franchise, support, and dedication.

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