Top 2 Paint And Sip Studios In Fremantle Western Australia Australia

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Fremantle is a thriving and creative city with plenty to see and do for tourists and locals alike. However, the top paint and sip studios in Fremantle are worth checking out if you’re searching for a new and entertaining pastime. 

If you enjoy painting and drinking, visit a paint and drink wine studio. 

In sip and paint studios, you may hang out with others who share your interest in painting and alcoholic beverages.

You don’t need any skill or expertise, as skilled painters will walk you through making your masterpiece. This post will introduce you to the best two paint and sip studios near you, each offering various classes tailored to artists of all skill levels. To learn more, keep reading!

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Frida’s Sip n’ Paint Fremantle 0401273017
Pinot & Picasso Fremantle 1300414329

1. Frida’s Sip n’ Paint 

This is the first studio of its kind in Fremantle, providing a unique and sophisticated kind of entertainment. 

A professional artist will guide you through a 2.5 hour session during which you will learn how to create your work of art. 

This sip and paint studio has a luxurious setting with chandeliers, glassware, a lounge area, and a red carpet entrance; guests are welcome to bring refreshments or purchase from the studio’s menu. 

Sessions at the studio range in subject matter and technique, with topics including “Frida Blooms,” “Havana Nights,” “Paint Your Pet,” and more. 

If you’re looking for a classy place to spend the evening and let your imagination run wild, go no further than this drink and paint studio.

2. Pinot & Picasso 

This paint and sip studio offers a unique night out with friends, including painting while drinking wine or beer. You may enjoy painting on canvas while eating or drinking anything. 

The hosts at Pinot & Picasso are professionals, but you don’t have to be to make your own masterpiece. Kaleidoscope Love, Paint Your Vase, Textured Art, and more are just a few of the studio’s many programs. 

This paint and drink studio may also be reserved for birthday parties, girls’ nights, and corporate team-building exercises. 

If you’re in Hobart and want to have fun while channeling your inner Picasso, this is the place to go.


Finally, Fremantle is filled with some of Western Australia’s most exciting and energizing paint-and-sip studios. 

These studios provide various services to meet your needs, whether you’re seeking an exciting evening with friends or a particular way to commemorate an occasion. You will learn significantly from their knowledgeable instructors while enjoying their high-quality materials and relaxing space. 

Why hold off? Gather your pals and try out one of these highly regarded paint and sip studios for a night to remember.

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