Top 5 Paint And Sip Studios In Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom

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Painting is a beautiful pastime, hobby, and form of self-expression. However, it might be a lonely and tedious experience to paint by yourself. Because of this, paint and sip studios in Glasgow garner increasing customers. 

Wine, beer, coffee, or tea can all be enjoyed in sip and paint studios, as can various other beverages. You may get instruction from seasoned artists, make some new friends, and take home a work of art of your creation.

Glasgow is home to some of the top paint and sip studios in the United Kingdom, each with its unique atmosphere, activities, and themes. These studios provide a wide array of techniques, topics, and experiences. 

Here is a list of five sip and paint studios near you that you need to look into more.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
The Glasgow MenagerieThe Studio Club, 567 Dumbarton Rd, Partick07963446605
The Craft PotteryGround Floor, Suite 16, Axiom Building, 48-54 Washington St01412432823
Vine & Canvas1/1, 15 Hope St01412222911
Splatter Art Studio15 Osborne St07930997019
Boozy Brushes142 Renfrew St07464595494

1. The Glasgow Menagerie

The Glasgow Menagerie is a creative space that hosts workshops for kids and teens in art, design, storytelling, and puppetry. 

The sip and paint studio focuses on nurturing critical design thinking and technical proficiency. Artists and designers, including Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and more, are honored weekly. Puppet-making and storytelling classes are also available at the studio. 

You’re welcome to bring your food and beverages to the lessons, and they’re appropriate for all levels of interest and motivation. Teachers at this paint and drink studio are kind and encouraging as they guide students in developing their unique styles and narratives. 

All materials and equipment are included in the £15 price for each session. 

2. The Craft Pottery

For those in Glasgow interested in pottery, The Craft Pottery is more than simply a paint and sip workshop. The studio hosts pottery workshops and provides painting instruction for those interested in expanding their artistic horizons.

The drink and paint workshop at The Craft Pottery is warm and inviting, with shelves brimming with exquisite ceramic works. Gentle music in the background contributes to the laid-back vibe. 

The Craft Pottery’s knowledgeable teachers sincerely appreciate ceramics and art. They show people how to make their masterpieces in their style and give advice as they go. 

Class prices at The Craft Pottery are flexible and fair, based on the length and content of the lesson plan. It’s a no-hassle experience for participants because the fee includes everything from supplies to fire to glazing for their clay creations.

3. Vine & Canvas

At Vine & Canvas, you can take painting lessons with a twist! You may sip wines from all over the world as you paint your masterpiece in a workshop that mixes the two activities. 

Acrylics, watercolors, oils, and mixed media are just a few mediums covered in available painting lessons. Landscapes, animals, florals, and abstractions are some options available. 

Anyone can join the paint and sip classes, regardless of prior experience, and refreshments are welcome. The instructors at the studio are well-versed in both art and wine, and they share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their students. 

Each course costs £35 per person and includes all supplies and equipment. 

4. Splatter Art Studio

A nexus for the arts, Splatter Art Studio hosts various courses and events for creative types. 

It’s not just a “paint and sip” place, but it does provide a wide range of creative activities, including classes for painters of all experience levels and styles. 

The paint night studio is open and cheery, filled with bright artwork and motivational furnishings. 

Splatter Art Studio’s skilled instructors are seasoned creatives who like imparting their expertise to students. The instructors strongly emphasize group work and peer tutoring, and the instructors actively foster these conditions. 

Classes and workshops at Splatter Art Studio have several price points. The drink and paint studio provides alternatives for both ad hoc sessions and more organized courses. 

The fee usually includes all necessary art materials, and discounts may be offered for scheduling several sessions or a large group.

5. Boozy Brushes

Boozy Brushes is an establishment that hosts drink and paint events for adults. 

The sip and paint studio hosts themed events where patrons may paint alongside a live teacher while sipping on a beverage of their choosing. All sorts of options are available, including those based on popular culture (Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, Friends, etc.). 

You may bring your own food and drinks to the courses, and they are appropriate for all ability levels. There are decorations, games, prizes, and karaoke in the paint and drink studio, creating a fun and communal environment. 

The instructors at the paint night studio are both fun and informative as they walk you through each stage of creating a masterpiece.

All materials and equipment are included in the £30 price for each session. 


We put up a list of the top 5 paint and sip studios in Glasgow, and you might find it fascinating. 

One of these paint and drink studios is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to paint in a laid-back, fun setting. The painting seminars span a wide variety of media, including acrylics, watercolors, oils, mixed media, graffiti, and ceramics.

Bring your own food and drink to make the experience more enjoyable. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned veteran, you will find something to your liking at one of these studios. 

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