Top 7 Paint And Sip Studios In Honolulu HI United States

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Visit a paint and sip studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, for an entertaining and artistic evening. It is possible to have a good time at a paint and sip studio by painting and drinking simultaneously. 

A studio exists for every taste and degree of expertise, so everyone can benefit from going there. 

Here, you’ll learn about the greatest sip and paint studios near you and what they offer. Keep reading to learn how to let your creative side shine while still having a great time!

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Clay Cafe1960 Kapiolani Blvd #208808 589 1808
Break’N Anger1008-A Kawaiaha‘o St808 888 2630
Zwick Academy of Fine Art1109 Maunakea St #213808 938 3861
Oahu Bright Lab2804 E Manoa Rd808 798 7501
Rainbow Art Studio Hawaii4348 Waialae Ave #200808 497 4488
Arts of Paradise Gallery -working studio/gallery offering affordable art and art lessons2161 Kālia Rd808 927 0452
Hawaii Potters Guild2480 Bingham St808 941 8108

1. Clay Cafe

At Clay Cafe, you may choose from more than 500 pieces of clay pottery and paint them to make them uniquely yours.

With the aid of the helpful staff and teachers, you may paint various ceramic items such as mugs, plates, bowls, figures, decorations, and more. 

At Clay Cafe, you’ll find everything from clay and tools to glazes and firings. Bring any refreshments you’d like to have while you paint. 

Birthday parties, group outings, charity events, and chill days may all be easily accommodated at Clay Cafe. 

Each paint and drink session has a $10–$50 price range, depending on your chosen painting. After a week or so in the kiln, your final work will be ready for pickup.

2. Break’N Anger

The first of this kind in Hawaii, Break’N Anger is a safe and joyful environment for releasing pent-up wrath, tension, and anxiety. 

A crowbar or sledgehammer may destroy various household items in a rage chamber. Throwing paint on a wall or canvas is another form of creative expression. 

Everything you need to smash things or paint them is provided by Break’N Anger. You’re welcome to bring your stuff to obliterate, too. 

Depending on your interests and budget, Break’N Anger has a variety of packages and experiences to offer. You may pay $25 for the Smash & Dash game or $200 for the VIP package, $75 for the Rage & Splatter Combo, or $63 for the Splatter Art Studio. 

Packages may include time in the Smash Lab, the Zen Lounge, or the Splatter Art Studio.

3. Zwick Academy of Fine Art

Classes and seminars in classical drawing and painting are available to students of all experience levels at Zwick Academy of Fine Art. 

Jonathan Zwickel is the academy’s founder, an accomplished artist, and educator who has held positions at several of the world’s top art schools. 

The fundamental elements of drawing and painting are taught at Zwick Academy of Fine Art in a manner that is both accessible and thorough. 

The school offers paint and wine classes on a wide range of art-related themes, including the fundamentals of drawing and painting, portraiture, still life, figure, landscape drawing and painting, and an introduction to classical oil painting. 

The price might vary widely depending on the workshop’s length and what resources are included.

4. Oahu Bright Lab

At Oahu Bright Lab, children and adults may participate in various creative activities to foster curiosity, creativity, and expression. 

The lab provides opportunities to create art and discover new ideas via age-appropriate seminars, specialized workshops, and art-themed birthday celebrations. 

Create prints or stamps from fruits and vegetables, design jewelry and accessories with beads and clay, whip up some slime and play dough with common household items, and more with the help of the instructors at Oahu Bright Lab. Prices for drink and paint lessons and workshops vary by age group and topic.

5. Rainbow Art Studio Hawaii

You may change your life via the arts and start young at Rainbow Art Studio Hawaii. All ages, from children to adults, are welcome at Rainbow Art Studio Hawaii, where they will get positive reinforcement and instruction in a fun and creative environment. 

They have developed engaging and informative curricula to ensure that all students get an adequate art education and are encouraged to develop their creative potential.

At Rainbow Art Studio Hawaii, students may study art theory, try out new mediums, and research the approaches of famous painters. 

There is a wide variety of subject matter and creative endeavors to choose from, including but not limited to animals, landscapes, portraits, cartoons, abstractions, and more. 

Students of Rainbow Art should expect to gain more than just motor skills from the program.

The sip and paint session cost varies by target demographic, session length, and resources used. 

6. Arts of Paradise Gallery -working studio/gallery offering affordable art and art lessons

Affordable artwork and painting classes may be found at the Arts of Paradise Gallery in Waikiki. 

Susan Brooks, the owner, has been a resident of Hawaii since 1981 and has spent that time painting and photographing the state’s stunning scenery. Since 1988, when she and two friends opened this sip and paint venue, she has actively participated in community arts projects.

You may take art classes with Susan or shop for one-of-a-kind pieces at the Arts of Paradise Gallery. At her Waikiki art gallery/studio, she instructs students of all ages in the fundamentals of visual art. 

Watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, clay, jewelry, sculpture, and replicas are just a few of her areas of expertise. She can also paint murals specifically for your house or company.

The type of art instruction you receive will determine how much each paint and drink session costs. 

7. Hawaii Potters Guild

Classes and courses in pottery are available at Hawaii Potters Guild, a ceramics facility in Honolulu. Its mission is to broaden participation in clay-related activities. 

It was established in 1967 by a group of potters who saw a need for a shared studio dedicated to the study and practice of clay.

You may learn how to manufacture both utilitarian and ornamental pottery at the Hawaii Potters Guild, with classes covering skills including wheel throwing, hand building, glazing, and fire. 

Participating in their open studio hours allows you to use their facilities and resources for your creative endeavors. The Hawaii Potters Guild holds events year-round, including exhibits, sales, demonstrations, and guest lectures.

Membership, class level, and length all play a role in determining how much a given session will cost. 


Finally, the greatest paint and sip studios in the United States may be found in Honolulu because of the city’s spectacular natural beauty and dynamic culture. 

These seven paint and wine studios provide an excellent opportunity for island residents and visitors alike to indulge their creativity. You’ll have a wonderful time painting thanks to their skilled teachers, a wide selection of lessons, and friendly environment. 

In one of Honolulu’s many fantastic paint and sip studios, you can relax with a drink while letting your artistic juices flow.