Top 9 Paint And Sip Studios In Liverpool England United Kingdom

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Liverpool is a city well-known for its rich cultural life, and as such, it provides a wealth of intriguing options for those interested in the arts. 

Many paint and sip studios in Liverpool provide the ideal setting for combining creative outlets with social interaction. These studios offer a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable experience, letting you release your inner artist while enjoying your drink of choice. 

Join us as we explore the top paint and sip studios near you, where art and fun meet!

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paintvine – Paint and Wine EventsMobile studio07541735129
Liver Sketching Club14 Water St07913164244
Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery268 Smithdown Rd01517350043
Zap Graffiti9 Oldham Pl01515382176
UrbanCanvas15 Cumberland Ave01512803648
Lark Lane Pottery ClassesLark Ln07779592337
The Pot Factory Ceramics Studio LtdProspect St07773653624
Baltic Clay69 Regent Rd07931286105
Make. North DocksUnit 1, 34 Regent St01516018665

1. Paintvine – Paint and Wine Events

Paintvine is a paint and sip studio that hosts unique and entertaining events at various locations in Liverpool, such as The Baltic Social, The Richmond Hotel, The Shipping Forecast, and The Florist. 

These sip and paint activities will teach you how to paint in various styles and subjects, such as Starry Night, Sunflowers, Poppy Field, and Abstract Art. 

During the painting session, you can snack on snacks and drink wine or beer. Canvases, paints, brushes, easels, and aprons are all provided for each session at Paintvine. 

There is no requirement for skill or training to participate in their activities; all you need is a love of exploration and originality. Prices at Paintvine start at £25 per person.

2. Liver Sketching Club

The services provided by Liver Sketching Club extend beyond simple figure drawing. It delves into the ideas behind body politics and other facets of human life. 

Professional artists will lead the workshops and teach you their methods and approaches. Drawing tutorials include a variety of models in various settings and attitudes. 

While you draw, relax with a beverage and listen to some tunes. Everything you need, including paper, pencils, charcoal, chalks, boards, and clips, will be provided at each Liver Sketching Club session. 

Participants of all skill levels are welcome to attend these £10 per person paint and drink workshops.

3. Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery

The pottery studio known as Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery is located in Liverpool, and it is there that both children and adults can take part in ceramic painting classes and workshops. 

You can paint a wide range of pottery products, including mugs, plates, bowls, vases, and more, all available here. Clay and a pottery wheel are the two primary tools needed to make pottery from scratch. 

The drink and paint studio will give you all the materials, tools, and instruction required to bring out the artist within you. You may also choose from various hot and cold beverages, cakes, sandwiches, and salads to satisfy your hunger at the cafe. 

It costs £5 per person in addition to purchasing the pottery item to paint at Frankie’s Paint-It Pottery.

4. Zap Graffiti

In Liverpool, you may find a graffiti studio known as Zap Graffiti. They host paint and sip classes and workshops for all ages, including children. 

Spray cans, stencils, markers, and stickers will be covered in this lesson, which will teach you how to make graffiti art from scratch. You are also welcome to create your graffiti mural on canvas or on the sip and paint studio walls. 

The paint and drink studio will give you all the materials, tools, and instruction required to bring out the artist within you. While working on your project, you may also have a drink and some food. 

Zap Graffiti is open every day from 11 am to 6 pm, costing £20 for each individual.

5. UrbanCanvas

UrbanCanvas is a paint and wine studio in Liverpool that hosts workshops and classes for people of all ages interested in street art. 

You may get instructions on using spray paint, stencils, markers, and stickers to make your unique street art works. 

The drink and paint studio walls and canvases allow you to create your street art mural. You’ll find everything you need to explore your creative side at the sip and paint studio. While you’re at it, get yourself something to eat and drink. 

From 10 am to 5 pm daily, you can pay £25 per person to paint at UrbanCanvas.

6. Lark Lane Pottery Classes

You will find that your time spent learning pottery at Lark Lane Pottery Classes is both delightful and fruitful. 

You may manufacture your pottery products by learning to work with clay and a pottery wheel, regardless of whether you have prior experience or are just starting. You might even paint them in the colors and patterns most appealing to you. 

The paint night workshop includes everything you might require, from supplies to tools to beverages such as tea and coffee. You’ll find it on Lark Lane, a charming neighborhood with various stores and restaurants. 

These sip and paint classes is accessible every day of the week except Monday from 10 am to 5 pm, and the cost is £10 per hour in addition to the price of the ceramic item.

7. The Pot Factory Ceramics Studio Ltd

Pottery and ceramics enthusiasts can find solace at The Pot Factory Ceramics Studio Ltd, in the middle of Liverpool. 

It hosts clay painting courses and workshops for both adults and kids. Various ceramics, including cups, plates, bowls, vases, and more, are available for your artistic touch. 

You may make your pottery from scratch using clay and a pottery wheel. You’ll find everything you need to explore your creative side at the paint and drink studio. 

While painting, have a beer or glass of wine and snacks. It costs £5 per person, in addition to the price of the ceramic item, to visit The Pot Factory Ceramics Studio Ltd, which is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

8. Baltic Clay

Baltic Clay is a drink and paint studio where serious potters can learn new techniques and hone their existing ones. 

Making your own pottery from scratch is possible with some practice using a pottery wheel and some clay. They are also open to being painted in various colors and designs. 

The paint night studio features a well-appointed, airy workspace with windows, easels, models, and props. It has everything you need to get the job done. 

While you’re at it, help yourself to some tea, coffee, and baked goods. Baltic Clay may be found in the heart of the city’s cultural and artistic district, the Baltic Triangle. 

Costing £15 per hour in addition to the price of the clay item.

9. Make. North Docks

Make. North Docks is a community arts center that hosts various classes and workshops for people of all ages. 

They have a staff of knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors who can train you in various artistic disciplines, including but not limited to painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, jewelry design, and more. 

You can work on your projects or participate in social painting sessions in their large, well-equipped studio. The drink and paint lessons at Make. North Docks are all-inclusive, so all you have to bring is yourself and an appetite for making. 

The cost of the courses varies with their length and difficulty.


This post has shown you the top 9 paint and sip venues in Liverpool. 

These are the venues where you and your loved ones can let loose creatively while having a great time. Various artistic skills, from pottery making to sketching to painting, are all within your reach. Wine or beer and nibbles are welcome company while you work. 

Painting and drinking are a fun way to mingle with others and benefit your physical and mental well-being. 

Don’t think twice about it, and start your own paint and wine event immediately!

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