Top 6 Paint And Sip Studios In Orlando FL United States

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Discover the best 6 paint and sip studios in Orlando, FL, and immerse yourself in the heart of Florida’s thriving art and culture scene. 

Prepare to let your creative side shine, connect with other artists, and enjoy a night of painting and wine. 

Downtown Orlando’s cultural vitality complements Disney World’s renowned scenery, making the city a sanctuary for art lovers and those seeking a one-of-a-kind social experience. 

Pick up a paintbrush, pour yourself a drink, and prepare for a colorful adventure as you visit some of the top sip and paint venues near you.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paint Sip & Swirl3201 E. Colonial Drive, Fashion Sq Suite A-1407 898 3130
Painting with a Twist6700 Conroy Windermere Rd Suite 125407 601 7800
Blank Canvas Studio A1001 N Orange Ave407 902 1901
Canvas & Brushes LLCMobile studio407 719 9938
UNIQUE STROKE PAINT & SIP LLC1815 Guinyard Way302 555 0199
Abstract Orlando11062 International Dr #148689 348 8239

1. Paint Sip & Swirl

Located in the Orlando Fashion Square Mall, Paint Sip & Swirl is the biggest art studio in the city. There are painting workshops for beginners and experts and a wine bar. 

Acrylics on canvas, wood, glass, or ceramics may help you create your masterpiece under the supervision of skilled teachers. Landscapes, animals, abstractions, and more are some of the many available options.

On weekdays, you may visit between noon and 9 p.m.; on weekends, you can stop by between 1 and 6 p.m. Paint and drink sessions typically cost $25 to $45 per person. However, this might vary widely depending on the project’s scope. 

Appointments may be scheduled either over the phone or online. In addition to public classes, Paint Sip & Swirl offers private parties and team-building activities for groups of 10 or more.

2. Painting with a Twist

Located conveniently close to Universal Studios, Painting with a Twist is a national chain with a presence in Orlando. 

You may paint while enjoying some wine in a relaxed and welcoming setting. More than fifteen thousand individual painting events in various styles, genres, and subjects are available. Personalize a canvas with your choice of hues and brushstrokes to create a unique work of art.

Canvas, paints, brushes, an apron, and guidance from experienced artists are all provided at Painting with a Twist. 

You may either bring your food, place an order from one of the local eateries, or munch on something you brought from home. 

There are many places to eat, and you can even order or bring your food. Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the hours of operation at Painting with a Twist. Class fees are $35 for a two-hour paint and wine session and $45 for a three-hour paint and sip session.

3. Blank Canvas Studio A

Blank Canvas Studio A offers private paint parties and art education programs for birthday parties, company outings, classrooms, and retirement communities. 

It’s in Orlando’s North Quarter neighborhood and has a warm and friendly vibe. You may take classes taught by skilled artists and practice your newfound skills on various surfaces, including canvas, wood, and glass.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Blank Canvas Studio A is open from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.; on Saturdays, the hours are 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Each sip and paint session might cost anywhere from $25 to $100 per participant, depending on the group size and the project’s nature. Appointments may be scheduled either over the phone or online. 

Gift vouchers and memberships are also available for regular customers at Blank Canvas Studio A.

4. Canvas & Brushes LLC

To bring the fun to you, Canvas & Brushes LLC is a traveling paint and drink studio. They are available for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, or even a girls’ night in. 

They provide everything you need to get started, from blank canvases to paint and brushes to easels to aprons and tablecloths. You need to provide the location and refreshments.

Canvas & Brushes LLC has paintings with different subjects and styles, like landscapes, animals, sculptures, and flowers. You may choose a painting from their collection or commission a unique piece. 

Their teachers are kind and welcoming, walking you through each stage of the painting process. They also host henna events, where guests may receive lovely temporary tattoos applied to their hands and feet.

At Canvas & Brushes LLC, parties of 10 or more may paint for two hours for $35 per person. 


Another event-focused mobile paint-and-sip studio is UNIQUE STROKE PAINT & SIP LLC. They may arrange for you to have a birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, get-together, or date night. 

Canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, and even music are all provided so that you may make your masterpiece.

The talented artists at UNIQUE STROKE PAINT & SIP LLC can create anything from portraits to cartoons, quotations, logos, and more. 

You may pick a design from their portfolio or commission a unique one. You can expect to learn the fundamentals of painting from enthusiastic and engaging teachers who will also encourage you to let your imagination run wild. To add to the fun, they provide games and giveaways.

For parties of 10 or more, UNIQUE STROKE PAINT & SIP LLC offers a two-hour paint and wine session for $35 per participant. You may also attend their open events held at different Orlando venues. 

6. Abstract Orlando

Unique in the drink and paint industry, Abstract Orlando focuses on fluid art. The use of paint with a thin consistency to create trippy patterns and motifs distinguishes abstract art, also known as “fluid art.” Each unique creation emerges from a process that is both unplanned and impromptu.

Classes at Abstract Orlando are available for students of all ages and experience levels. Canvases, coasters, lazy susans, cheese boards, and other surfaces are all available for your artistic perusal. 

You can create your own unique look by picking your colors and methods. Their teachers are helpful and interactive; they’ll show you how to create spectacular effects by blending colors and using the Dutch technique.

Each participant in Abstract Orlando pays $35 for a one-hour session on canvas and $45 for a two-hour session on other media. 

Discounts are available for larger groups, and parties of up to 20 individuals may be reserved privately. You can bring refreshments or buy them at the studio’s snack bar.


Painting is a wonderful medium for self-expression, leisure, and enjoyment. But imagine if you could have a drink, meet new people, and get instruction from an expert all at the same time! 

Art and wine studios provide fun and social activities for people of all artistic abilities. Numerous Orlando, Florida, United States sip and paint studios exist to meet the needs of their customers. 

Orlando is home to various paint and sip studios, catering to artists with various interests and skill levels. Discover your inner artist at one of these top six Orlando paint and sip studios.

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