Top 8 Paint And Sip Studios In Philadelphia PA United States

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Try paint and sip in Philadelphia if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend your time in the City of Brotherly Love. 

There is a growing trend of “paint and sip” events, where participants paint on canvas while sipping alcohol. If you’re an artist, you can hang out with other creative types for a fun and rewarding time. 

It’s easy to locate a sip and paint studio in Philadelphia that fits your needs, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist. 

If you’re in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area, United States, these are the top 8 paint and sip studios near you to visit.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Painting with a Twist611 South St215 278 7761
8500 Henry Ave267 331 8212
Sippin Pic’s3901 Conshohocken Ave215 310 0499
ARTrageous Brush & Flow6345 Germantown Ave267 592 7116
Fleisher Art Memorial719 Catharine St215 922 3456
Philly Art Center514 Bainbridge St215 765 2787
2333 Fairmount Ave
530 Carpenter Ln
Center City Paint Pour1730 N 5th St Studio 504732 299 5488
Project Joy Studio1241 Carpenter St954 298 1918
CREATE – Sues Art Class2119 Spruce St215 292 5270

1. Painting with a Twist

With over 300 sites nationwide, “Painting with a Twist” is one of the most widespread paint and sip chains. 

The paint and drink studio hosts birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team-building activities, fundraisers, and more, all emphasizing painting. Landscapes, animals, flowers, abstractions, pop culture, and seasonal themes are just a few options for painting subjects. 

Canvases, brushes, paints, aprons, and easels are all provided at Painting with a Twist. All you need to do is bring refreshments to enjoy while you paint. 

The paint and wine studio also features a bar where alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages can be purchased. Instructors are helpful and skilled and will walk you through the painting process. 

Anyone may join in the fun; there is no requirement for artistic skill or experience. You will leave this session with a stunning finished product you can proudly show off at home.

Painting classes range in price from $30 to $70 a session, depending on the instructor, the size of the canvas, and the subject matter. A typical two-hour drink and paint session using a 16 by 20-inch canvas costs $35 per student. 

2. Sippin Pic’s

Paint and sip enthusiasts in Philadelphia also have Sippin Pic’s. Painting parties and other events may be held in this studio, which provides a fun and creative setting. 

While you paint your masterpiece, you may socialize with other artists and have fun with dancing, games, and refreshments. Sippin Pic’s also offers mobile services so the celebration may come to you!

Kids’ parties, adult parties, lovers’ evenings, family nights, fundraisers, business events, and more may be accommodated with Sippin Pic’s wide selection of painting themes. 

Pick a painting from their collection or have them create what you envision. The sip and paint studio has everything you need for a successful paint party, including free adult drinks.

Event type, guest count, and venue all affect how much money you may expect to spend on a single session. 

For a 1.5-hour paint night session using a 16-by-20-inch canvas, you should expect to pay around $25. 

3. ARTrageous Brush & Flow

At ARTrageous Brush & Flow, you may find various ceramics, paintings, woodwork, glasswork, handcrafted goods, and retail items. It’s a great way to have fun while letting your imagination run wild. 

The paint and wine studio is available for private, public, and online paint nights. You may also hire an art instructor or arrange for unique artwork to be created for your gathering.

Painting on canvas, pottery, wood, or glass is available at ARTrageous Brush & Flow, a studio in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood that is inviting and vibrant. 

You can purchase cocktails from the studio’s complete liquor bar and enjoy them while you paint. The studio hosts events for various reasons, including date nights, ladies’ evenings, kids’ parties, wedding showers, baby showers, team-building events, fundraisers, and more, all with a unique painting theme. 

Each paint and drink session’s price is based on various factors, including the nature of the event, the number of visitors, the art medium, and the size of the canvas or item. 

Two hours of instruction on a 16-by-20-inch canvas typically costs $35 per student. 

4. Fleisher Art Memorial

Since its founding in 1898, the Fleisher Art Memorial has been a cultural hub dedicated to broadening people’s access to the visual arts. Professional artists and teachers can help you develop your skills in an encouraging and motivating setting.

In addition, you can paint on canvas, pottery, wood, or glass at the studio or one of the many other places located across the city. 

The art studio offers all the necessary painting supplies, wine, and refreshments for adult lessons.

Class fees can range from free to several hundred dollars, depending on the teacher, the subject matter, and the canvas size or item being worked on. 

A typical two-hour drink and paint session using a 16 by 20-inch canvas costs $25 per student. 

5. Philly Art Center

Paint and sip workshops at the Philly Art Center are yet another enjoyable way to connect with your creative side while having a good time. 

Drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and various other art programs are just some options available to children, teenagers, and adults at the Philadelphia Art Center. 

You can get instruction from knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers who will assist you in developing your abilities and confidence.

Fairmount, Queen Village, and Cherry Hill are the three neighborhoods in Philadelphia where you may find the Philly Art Center. 

Each site features studios that are not only huge but also light, and they are stocked with creative supplies and instruments of the highest possible quality. In addition, you may have fun painting on canvas or other surfaces at the studio, at home, or even at your workplace. 

The paint and drink studio offers adult sessions that include complimentary wine and cheese in addition to providing all of the necessary painting tools.

The price of each paint and sip session is different based on the kind of class being taught, the number of participants, and the venue in which it will be held. For a paint and wine session that lasts two hours and covers a 16-by-20-inch canvas, the typical cost is $35 per person. 

6. Center City Paint Pour

Acrylic paint pouring is the studio’s specialty at the fun and social Center City Paint Pour. 

Abstract patterns and motifs may be made using the acrylic paint pouring technique, in which various colors are poured onto a canvas or other surface. 

To participate in this enjoyable and simple art production, you need neither painting experience nor expertise.

At their Philadelphia studio or other locations across the city, Center City Paint Pour organizes both public and private events. Booking a mobile event in your residence or another venue is also an option. 

Canvas, paints, cups, gloves, aprons, and equipment are all provided for you in the sip and paint studio. To have a good time while painting, all you need to do is bring some refreshments.

The sort of event being held determines the cost of each session, the number of visitors, and the size of the item or canvas being painted. A typical two-hour drink and paint lesson on a 12×12-inch canvas costs $40 per student. 

7. Project Joy Studio

Project Joy Studio is a paint and sip studio run by a family that aims to bring others happiness via the creative process. 

Painting workshops are available for various events and celebrations at Project Joy Studio, including birthday parties, date nights, ladies night out, team-building activities, fundraisers, and more. 

You have various options for painting subjects, such as animals, flowers, landscapes, abstractions, and seasons. You can also request a one-of-a-kind artwork for your exclusive occasion.

The Project Joy Studio offers customers all necessary painting tools, including canvas, brushes, paints, aprons, and easels. You must bring your beverages and snacks to enjoy while you are painting. 

The paint and drink sessions are directed by kind and skilled instructors who will walk you through the many stages of the painting process step by step. You do not require any previous painting skills to participate in the fun. You will leave this session with exquisite artwork you can proudly display in your house.

The price of each paint and wine session is different since it is determined not only by the subject matter of the painting but also by the class length and the canvas’s dimensions. 

For a drink and paint session that lasts two hours and covers a 16-by-20-inch canvas, the typical cost is $30 per person. 

8. CREATE – Sues Art Class

CREATE – Sue’s Art Class is a fantastic local art studio that hosts private art lessons, workshops, birthday parties, and other special events for its students. 

Acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastel, and mixed-media painting workshops are all available to you. Attend a one-day art session with refreshments, a DJ, and dancing! 

Sue Roche, an established artist and art educator with over two decades of expertise, runs the studio. She’s the key to unlocking your inner imagination and having a good time. 

A 10-week adult course costs $215, a 10-week children’s course costs $195, and a one-day workshop costs $40-$50.


Some of the best paint and sip studios in the world are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, and the above are some of the best. 

Finding a drink and paint studio that fits your requirements and expectations is easy, whether you want to unwind, have fun, gain new knowledge, or commemorate a particular occasion. 

Get together with your pals, stock up on liquid courage, and prepare to make art!

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