Top 4 Paint And Sip Studios In Scottsdale AZ United States

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There are four great paint and sip studios in Scottsdale, Arizona, which you should visit if you’re seeking a fun and creative way to spend your time there. 

In paint and sip studios, working artists teach patrons painting techniques while they sip on a beverage of their choosing. Classes are available for people of all experience levels and learning trajectories. 

Listed below are some of the top sip and paint venues near you.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Creative Color Art Studios8300 N Hayden Rd A100480 478 8121
The Brush Bar7010 E Main St480 947 8700
COLORME Art Spa9313 E Altadena Ave480 221 3161
Scottsdale Artists’ School3720 N Marshall Way480 990 1422

1. Creative Color Art Studios

Creative Color Art Studios is an art school run by a family that hosts various art-related events such as lessons, seminars, and birthday parties for adults and children. 

Creative Color Art Studios offers various art classes for all skill levels, painting camps for kids, and adult “sip and paint” parties. Landscapes, animals, abstractions, flowers, and other motifs and styles are available as canvases. Wine and beer are welcome to be brought in, or you may buy them at the bar. 

The teachers are helpful, well-versed, and enthusiastic about passing on what they’ve learned to you. The paint and wine studio is huge and lovely, and it’s situated next to a lake, a brewery, an ice cream parlor, a pizza joint, and a famous deli. 

Paint and drink classes range in price from free to several hundred dollars, depending on their length, focus, and accompanying resources. See their website for up-to-date information on times, costs, and availability. You may reserve a space by calling, or you can do it online.

2. The Brush Bar

In Scottsdale, the Brush Bar is another excellent venue for artists and wine lovers to have fun together. The Brush Bar is a neighborhood painting studio and bar serving beer, wine, and cocktails. 

They host in-person and online events for businesses and private parties. Join a Van Gogh Vino class and paint with a professional instructor while sipping your favorite beverage and listening to music. Painting your pet’s picture or a unique piece of art is another option. 

Canvas, brushes, paints, aprons, and easels are all available at The Brush Bar. The teachers are wonderful people who go out of their way to aid students.  

Each drink and paint class has a different price tag because of factors, including subject matter, number of participants, and venue. 

3. COLORME Art Spa

COLORME Art Spa is an arts organization that injects a dose of fun, fresh ideas, and creativity into every gathering. 

Canvas, wood, glass, metal, and even furniture are all viable painting mediums. Your personal artwork may be tailored to your tastes by using your choice’s hues, subjects, and ornamentation. 

COLORME Art Spa is where you may get art instruction, have a team event, or purchase artwork. A private paint and sip party may be booked for various events, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, marriages, and even girls’ evenings out.

COLORME Art Spa is a warm and welcoming establishment that can host up to twenty guests. There are easels, paints, brushes, aprons, and whatever else aspiring artists need to realize their vision. You’re welcome to bring in your refreshments to enjoy while you paint.

Sip and paint sessions at COLORME Art Spa are priced differently based on the artwork’s complexity and size. On average, prices vary from around $35 to $65 per person. For up-to-date information on times and locations, see their website.

4. Scottsdale Artists’ School

Scottsdale Artists’ School is a charitable institution that offers courses in fine painting to people of all ages and experience levels. There are some of the greatest teachers in the nation to learn from, and they cover a wide range of topics and media types. 

Oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, drawing, pastel painting, portrait painting, landscape painting, still life painting, figure painting, and many more options are available.

Scottsdale Artists’ School only hires the most talented and inspiring teachers. They have won several awards and shown their work all around the world. 

They are also wonderful role models who will encourage and inspire you to develop personally and professionally. The website also includes brief biographies of each teacher.

The 10 Scottsdale Artists’ School studios are equipped with various features, including windows, high ceilings, ventilation systems, easels, tables, chairs, sinks, and storage cabinets. In addition, there is a library with more than 3,000 books on art theory and practice. The gallery is also open and features the art of students and teachers.

Scottsdale Artists’ School has varying paint and drink session costs based on the class’s duration and difficulty. The average cost might vary from $75 to $600 per person. You may see the latest catalog and registration information on their website.


Enjoy your trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, by participating in a painting and drinking session. Four fantastic paint and wine studios are available, each with its unique selection of painting courses, teachers, amenities, and pricing points. 

Studio prices vary widely, so it’s important to do some research to locate one that works for you. In addition to public classes, you may also schedule a private party for any occasion. 

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, has several fantastic paint and sip studios where artists of all expertise levels and styles may have a fantastic time.

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