Top 12 Paint And Sip Studios In Seattle WA United States

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Some of the top paint and sip studios in Seattle may be found if you’re searching for a creative and entertaining way to spend your time in the Emerald City.

These sip and paint studios provide various painting courses and workshops, perfect for anyone looking to improve their skills, explore their creativity, and unwind with a glass or two. 

You may choose a studio to suit your needs, whether you wish to paint on canvas, pottery, glass, or mosaic. 

Here are the twelve most recommended paint and sip venues near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Ladies Paint Night3250 Airport Way SN/A
Paint the Town4611 Village Court NE206 527 8554
Brushcapades Seattle115 Prefontaine Pl S206 999 9122
Igimo Art Station4739 Rainier Ave S206 760 3797
The Miller School of Art9610 8th Ave SW206 861 9265
Seattle Artist League Art School5516 4th Ave S206 660 9713
City Art Farm-1641 United States, 3959 Renton Ave S206 327 3297
Emerald City Fired Arts3333 Rainier Ave S206 721 0450
Patrick Howe Artist, Educator, AuthorPhinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave NN/A
Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Making Workshop5414 Sand Point Way NE206 491 9965
Stir Up the Paint SeattleMobile studio858 964 8027
Dabble306 N 83rd St206 453 4708

1. Ladies Paint Night

Ladies Paint Night is a traveling painting and drinking event. They will provide everything necessary for a successful private event to your house, place of business, or other location. 

Landscapes, animals, flowers, and abstractions are some of the painters’ many subject matter options. 

Create a unique work of art using the colors and text you choose. Over 500 activities for women of all ages and walks of life have been held at Ladies Paint Night since it began in 2016. 

The number of participants determines the final price, the selected painting topic, and the venue. You may reserve your party or get additional information via their website.

2. Paint the Town

Paint the Town is an adult art program where participants may paint ceramics while enjoying a cocktail. 

Hundreds of ceramic items, including cups, plates, bowls, vases, figurines, and more, are available to paint. 

You’re welcome to bring your beverage of choice to sip as you paint. Each paint and wine session costs anything from $10 to $60, depending on the ceramic item you decide to make. 

The paint and drink studio charges $8 for adults and $6 for children under 12. Studio time costs include using all studio supplies such as paints, glazes, fire, etc. 

Reservations are recommended for parties of six or more, although walk-ins are welcome during business hours.

3. Brushcapades Seattle

Brushcapades Seattle is a digital art studio that offers virtual art workshops in acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sketching, and caricature drawing to students worldwide. 

Brushcapades works with some of the most well-known companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, to facilitate the collaboration of remote teams through the medium of painting.  

Brushcapades has been in business since 2014 and has taught over 6,000 students online. 

Each drink and paint session’s price is calculated individually, considering the number of artists, the medium, and the length of the session. To get a price quotation or learn more, visit their website.

4. Igimo Art Station

Everyone of any age will thrive in the stimulating and supportive atmosphere of Igimo Art Station. 

They teach both children and adults how to draw and paint. They also provide portable art lessons for institutions, including schools, community centers, and retirement communities. 

Because they handle the materials, you won’t have to clean up afterward. Sally Brucker, the founder of Igimo Art Station, spent 15 years teaching in the Eastside areas of Seattle, where she inspired approximately 6,000 kids. 

The price of each sip and paint class varies depending on the type, level, and how often it meets.

5. The Miller School of Art

The Miller School of Art is an inviting studio that welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. 

The experts in the field will teach you all you need to know to create your masterpiece. 

Landscapes, animals, flowers, abstractions, and more are all available options. You’re welcome to bring your beverage of choice to sip as you paint. 

All supplies and training for each sip and paint class are included in the price of $35 per participant. You have the option of making reservations either via the website or the phone.

6. Seattle Artist League Art School

People who love to learn and make art go to Seattle Artist League Art School. Paint and sip classes are available for people of all skill levels in media, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, printing, and more. 

Expert and enthusiastic teachers are available to assist students in improving their knowledge and self-assurance. Workshops, camps, and events on various topics and skills are also available. 

The Seattle Artist League Art School studio is large, light, and conveniently located in the Georgetown area of Seattle. 

Costs range from free to several dollars for each paint and drink session, with memberships and discounts available for students and the elderly. 

7. City Art Farm

Paint-your-own pottery, clay art, mosaics, and glass fusion are the mainstays of City Art Farm, a fired arts workshop. 

Mount Baker’s convenient location provides quick access from West Seattle, Renton, and Mercer Island, as well as all of Seattle’s Central and Southeast areas. 

Both children and adults may participate in City Art Farm’s afternoon workshops or summer camp to learn how to create works of art from scratch using the farm’s homegrown and repurposed materials. 

Needle felting using wool from their angora goats is taught with oil painting workshops for adults. 

At City Art Farm, we encourage you to explore the world with fresh eyes, where even the smallest details are taken in and valued. Imaginations are fostered here since the garden and surroundings provide inspiration and new perspectives for the artistic process. 

Based on the format and materials used, paint and wine class fees might range from $15 to $45 for each session.

8. Emerald City Fired Arts

Another place to get your creative juices flowing is at Emerald City Fired Arts, where you can make your own pottery, clay art, mosaics, and glass fusion. 

Newly built with plenty of natural light and easy access to plentiful, free on-street parking, this sip and paint studio’s location is another plus. 

Visitors are always welcome, and parties can be reserved for special occasions, including birthdays, company outings, baby showers, and charity events at Emerald City Fired Arts. In addition, they hold lectures and classes taught by well-known local artists. 

Over eighty different glaze colors, including brushes, stamps, stencils, glass supplies, cutting tools, and more, are all available at Emerald City Fired Arts. 

After ten trips to the drink and paint studio, you’ll be eligible for a 10% shop credit for a future project as part of their customer loyalty program. 

The price of your project will vary according to its size and the medium you select, but they won’t charge you anymore for painting or using their studio space.

9. Patrick Howe Artist, Educator, Author

Patrick Howe is a skilled painter, teacher, and author. Since 2003, he has been giving painting lessons in Seattle. 

At his shop, he teaches oil painting, acrylic painting, and watercolor painting to people who are just starting and those who are more experienced. 

He also teaches online paint and wine classes and workshops on color theory, composition, perspective, and landscape art. 

Patrick Howe’s classes aim to help students find their style and gain confidence as artists while they learn from his experience and advice. 

His office is a warm and friendly where students can feel comfortable and get help. 

The price of each paint and drink class depends on how long it lasts and what supplies are included, but it’s usually between $35 and $75 per lesson.

10. Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Making Workshop

Art workshops for kids, teenagers, and adults are available at Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Making Workshop at Sand Point Village. 

Classes in anything from soap making to mono-printing to painting to Indian cuisine are all available. They also provide family-friendly activities, such as lessons for kids of all ages. 

The Squirrelly Art Studio + Gift Making Workshop is a place to get creative, explore beautiful art materials, acquire new abilities, and produce works that will make you happy and increase your confidence. 

Gifts can be purchased or sold in the gallery’s gift shop. The price of a single paint and drink lesson might range from $25 to $65 based on its format and the resources made available to students.

11. Stir Up the Paint Seattle

According to their website, Stir Up The Paint Seattle is the premier paint and sip host in the United States. 

Live and online events are available for various occasions, including date nights, girls’ nights, team development, and more. 

They take you step-by-step through a masterwork and cover fundamentals like dry brushing, stippling, layering, blending, and color mixing. 

You can select a painting from their extensive collection or commission one, especially for your occasion. 

Depending on the nature of the paint and sip event and the available resources, the price might range from $35 to $65 per person.

12. Dabble

Dabble is a web-based application that streamlines the process of producing fiction books. Did you know they also have “paint and sip” parties? 

Dabble collaborates with local artists and spaces to arrange painting events where writers and non-writers can have fun and be creative together. 

You may either sign up for one of their public events or request a private party. Fantasy, romance, mystery, and more genres and topics are all available to you as you create your masterpiece. 

Dabble gives expert supervision and coaching and all the necessary tools and resources. 

Prices range from $45 to $75 for each sip and paint session, depending on the event style and materials given.


Here are the top twelve paint and sip studios in Seattle, Washington, United States, where you can have fun alone or with a group. 

They provide a variety of painting techniques, degrees of complexity, delivery options, and costs to meet your specific requirements. 

Creating your own work of art can be a lot of fun and a great way to unwind, so pick one and get started!

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