Top 6 Paint And Sip Studios In Buffalo NY United States

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Visit the best paint and sip studios in Buffalo, New York, and immerse yourself in the city’s thriving creative scene, where inspiration and friendship meet. 

These sip and paint studios provide an enjoyable combination of painting, drinking, and mingling for people of all skill levels. Enter a realm with unlimited creativity, where people and communities can work together to produce unique artwork.

Come with us as we visit the best six paint and sip studios near you, where creativity is encouraged, friendships are formed, and priceless memories are made. In Queen City, you can release your inner artist and discover the joy of painting.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paint the Town74 Allen St716 241 1516
Princessa’s Studio & Art Gallery1271 Hertel Ave716 222 2204
Whimsy by KellyWhimsy by Kelly (Inside Hiraeth House, 501 Delaware Ave Suite 4716 775 7770
Locust Street Art138 Locust St716 852 4562
Cone Five Pottery1508 Hertel Ave 716 332 0486
Terra Clay Studio2954 Delaware AveN/A

1. Paint the Town

Paint the Town opened in 2012 as Buffalo, New York’s first paint and drink studio. It hosts paint parties for various events, from date nights to birthday celebrations to charity events. 

You have many different personalized and painted themes to fit your tastes. Bring whatever refreshments you’d like to have on hand for the duration of the session.

You can even ask them to bring the celebration to you, no matter where you happen to be. 

Each paint and wine session costs between $25 to $40 per person but can go up or down based on the number of individuals, the painting, and the location. Online or over-the-phone reservations are available.

2. Princessa’s Studio & Art Gallery

PSAG, or Princessa’s Studio and Art Gallery, goes beyond the typical “paint and sip” establishment. 

It also functions as a gallery dedicated to recognizing and praising creative individuals from all walks of life. Artists from the PSAG family are well-known for their vibrant use of color, innovative spirit, and upbeat outlook on life. 

Join PSAG’s paint night workshops to learn how to use materials like spray paint, acrylics, and modeling paste gel to create vibrant, passionate, and exotic works of art. 

Abstract, floral, landscape, animal, and other themes and styles are all available. All ages and ability levels are welcome, and the sip and paint course fee covers all necessary materials. Each individual will be charged $35 for the drink and paint course duration.

3. Whimsy by Kelly

Whimsy by Kelly is a creative space whose mission is to bring more joy and wonder into your everyday existence. Kelly Barone, who is in charge of the site, is a certified ZentangleĀ® teacher, watercolorist, botanical alchemist, and illustrator who enjoys experimenting with and teaching others about new concepts. 

Watercolor, pen and ink, botanical alchemy, and typography are just some of the media and methods covered in Whimsy by Kelly classes. Learn how to paint realistic or fantastical versions of flowers, animals, landscapes, and more by enrolling in one of her watercolor painting seminars. 

You may also take one of her botanical alchemy classes to learn how to generate your own plant-based dyes and use them to create beautiful works of art on paper and cloth.

Whimsy by Kelly has classes for kids and adults, novices and experts alike. If you want to know about her forthcoming seminars and events, you can sign up for her email or check out her user-friendly online tutorials. She is also available for private sessions and parties.

The total cost of your paint and sip class will depend on factors like its length, the supplies required, and the number of students enrolled.

4. Locust Street Art

Locust Street Art is a non-profit company that offers art workshops to anyone interested for a small fee or for free. 

Drawing, painting, ceramics, animation, and photography are just few of the studio arts that can be studied there. They also offer unique services and specialized workshops for locals.

The Paint & Sip program is offered once a month on the third Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Each month, participants will learn how to paint a new subject while enjoying refreshments they brought themselves. 

The instructor will walk you through the process, and at the end, you’ll have created something truly unique. Registration is required in advance, and the price is $25 per participant.

5. Cone Five Pottery

Cone Five Pottery is both an exhibition space and the working studio of local potter Greg Link. He makes sculptural and utilitarian pieces of pottery for everyday use and display. 

He also features the work of more than a hundred American fine craft artists, including jewelry, candles, and other handmade things.

He also hosts Pottery Parties, where you and your friends can get together and learn how to throw clay on the wheel or create ceramics by hand. 

Have a good time with your loved ones while selecting from the many clay colors and glazes available. 

Booking at least two weeks in advance on their website is recommended, and the price is $35 per participant for a two-hour sip and paint session.

6. Terra Clay Studio

Terra Clay Studio is a contemporary pottery studio open to both adults and children. There are electric wheels, slab rollers, extruders, kilns, and glazing stations in their bright and airy factory. A gift shop selling work by regional potters is also available.

They provide a class called “Try It” where you can get a taste of what it’s like to work with clay just once. 

You will learn the basics of using a potter’s wheel and some basic handbuilding techniques as you make your very own ceramic object. Registration is required online and the cost is $40 per person for the two-hour paint and wine session.


Painting and drinking is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family while also expressing your artistic side. 

You may select a studio in Buffalo, NY, that is suitable for your level of experience and personal preferences. You may find many different classes, workshops, and events at local paint and sip studios. 

Pick one of these incredible drink and paint studios and get there as soon as possible with your paintbrush, beverage of choice, and best grin.

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