Top 6 Paint And Sip Studios In Detroit MI United States

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Check out a paint and sip studio in Detroit, Michigan, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spend some time. 

The term “paint and sip studio” refers to an establishment where patrons can purchase alcoholic beverages and paint at the same time. 

You can also have a terrific time meeting new individuals who share your interest in the arts. There is a wide variety of paint and sip studios in Detroit, MI, each with its own unique focus, approach, and experience to offer customers. 

Six of the top sip and paint studios near you are listed here.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Painting with a Twist1420 Washington Blvd313 960 4793
Tipsy Easel, LLC.Mobile studio313 788 8180N/A
PaintingVibeMobile studio248 308 5149
The Craft Cafe’ Detroit15641 E Warren Ave313 658 8414
Paint’d Party Services & The Paint BusMobile studio313 268 1147
Puff N Paint6716 Michigan AveN/A

1. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is a well-known paint and sip business that operates over 240 sites in the United States, including one in the heart of Detroit. 

At Painting with a Twist, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself while painting with a fantastic bunch of individuals while enjoying a beverage of your choice.

You can participate in any painting activity, including painting your pet, girls’ night, dating night, quiz night, and more. You can also book a private party for a more intimate experience.

Painting with a Twist gives you the tools you need to create a masterpiece on canvas, including the paints, brushes, and aprons, as well as detailed instructions from some of the most talented artists in the world. 

To participate in the fun, you do not need any prior expertise or creative talents at all. You only need an open mind and the courage to try new things to succeed.

The price of each sip and paint session varies according to the painting event; nevertheless, it is often in the region of $25 to $45 for each participant.

You are also welcome to bring your refreshments or place an order from one of the eateries that are located nearby.

2. Tipsy Easel, LLC.

Tipsy Easel is a painting party service that travels to your chosen location, bringing all the supplies and art supplies needed for a memorable painting experience. 

Tipsy Easel caters to many parties, including weddings, anniversaries, family get-togethers, and even business functions. You may have a paint party wherever you like: at home, at the workplace, at church, in a restaurant, etc.

There is a wide selection of landscapes, abstracts, animals, flowers, and more to paint in Tipsy Easel. Create your unique design or commission a special piece of artwork. 

You can get everything you need to do art, from canvas to paint to brushes to easels to aprons to music, all in one place at Tipsy Easel. Both photography and catering are available on demand.

Each event’s price is based on specifics, including the number of participants, the subject matter of the paintings, and the venue. For parties of 10 or more, Tipsy Easel costs $35 per person. 

They charge $45 per person for private paint and drink lessons or sessions with smaller groups. The Tipsy Easel welcomes outside food and drink and its menu items.

3. PaintingVibe

PaintingVibe is a firm that hosts online painting parties so that you can explore your artistic side without leaving the house. 

PaintingVibe provides exciting online painting events for patrons in 48 states and its popular mobile painting parties in the Detroit region. 

Birthday parties, bachelorette parties, employee appreciation events, ladies’ night out events, fundraisers, team-building activities, and more are all made easier with PaintingVibe.

This paint and drink service hosts painting events on Facebook Live, sells painting party kits, and hosts online painting events. Select the most convenient alternative for you regarding time, money, and personal taste. 

PaintingVibe gives you the tools to create masterpieces, including paints, brushes, canvases, and step-by-step video tutorials. 

Depending on your preference, the price of each paint and wine session might range from $0 to $90. The price of admission to a Facebook Live Event, which is limited to guests only, is $25 per person. 

Kits for hosting a painting party cost $35 per person and include a shipment of supplies and access to a video tutorial. Pricing for Virtual Painting Parties starts at $45 per participant and includes all materials and live video instruction from a trained artist.

4. The Craft Cafe’ Detroit

The Craft Cafe’ in Detroit is a hub for artistic expression. Canvas and wine glass painting, vision boards, and the use of the studio’s private event space are just some of the options for art parties that may be arranged here. 

Live music, karaoke, poetry readings, stand-up comedy, and more can all be experienced at The Craft Cafe’ Detroit.

The Craft Cafe’ Detroit equips its customers with easels, paints, brushes, aprons, and the guidance of professional painters to help them create works of art. 

There is no requirement for talent or expertise to participate in this activity. You only need an open mind and the courage to try new things to succeed.

The price of each drink and paint session might range from $25 to $35 but is often in that ballpark. You can either bring your alcohol or buy it at the bar. 

5. Paint’d Party Services & The Paint Bus

Paint’d Party Services & The Paint Bus is a mobile sip and paint party service that takes the art and all the supplies needed for a memorable painting event to the location of your choice. 

Birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, company outings, and more are all areas of expertise for Paint’d Party Services & The Paint Bus. You may have a paint party wherever you like: at home, at the workplace, at church, in a restaurant, etc.

You may select from landscapes, abstracts, animals, florals, and more when you book a party with this drink and paint service. 

Create your own unique design or commission a special piece of artwork. Canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, and even music are all provided by Paint’d Party Services & The Paint Bus so that you can focus on making your masterpiece. 

The cost of each paint and drink class varies depending on how many people will be there, what they will be painting, and where they will be painting. 

Groups of 10 or more pay $35 per person at Paint’d Party Services & The Paint Bus. They charge $45 per person for private lessons or sessions with smaller groups. It has a menu where you can order beverages and snacks or bring your own.

6. Puff N Paint

To explore your creative side without leaving the house, check out Puff N Paint, a startup that hosts online painting parties. Clients in the Detroit region may join in on the excitement of Puff N Paint’s mobile painting parties. 

At the same time, those in the other 48 can participate in the company’s online painting activities. You may use Puff N Paint for anything from a birthday party to a bachelorette party, a girls’ night out, a fundraiser, or a team-building activity.

Paint parties may be held in one of three ways using Puff N Paint: in-person gatherings, online, or with a painting party kit. Your best bet depends on your availability, finances, and personal preferences. 

Puff N Paint equips its customers with the tools and knowledge to create works of art, including paints, brushes, canvases, and instructional videos. There is no requirement for skill or knowledge to participate. 

Paint and sip session prices are customizable based on your needs. A Painting Party Kit costs $35, including transportation of the goods to your door and access to an online video tutorial. 

Having a Virtual Painting Party with a professional artist and all the supplies sent to your door is only $45 per participant.


In Detroit, MI, you can have fun and be creative by painting and drinking. Painting socials are a terrific way to spend time with friends, relax, and express your creativity on canvas. 

You may find various paint and sip studios in Detroit, Michigan, each with unique offerings. In Detroit, Michigan, you may choose a drink and paint studio that fits your taste and budget, whether you like a traditional studio, a mobile service, or a virtual event. 

Reserve your spot at one of Detroit’s top paint and wine studios and unleash your creativity.