Top 5 Paint And Sip Studios In Fort Wayne IN United States

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Visit one of five fantastic paint and sip studios in Fort Wayne if you’re looking for a relaxing and artistic evening out. 

While sipping your beverage, you may enjoy painting your pottery, canvas, or other creative project at a “paint and sip” workshop. They are fun for gatherings of all kinds, whether with friends, family, or yourself. 

Five of the top paint and drink venues near you are listed here.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Painting with a Twist6425 W Jefferson Blvd260 436 7928
Paint & Sip4605 W Jefferson Blvds419 413 0544
The Art Loft4430 Coldwater Rd260 484 5550
Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio7605 Coldwater Rd260 490 0506
Pancner’s Art School9831 Silver Lake Ct260 497 0721

1. Painting with a Twist

Wine, creativity, and good times all come together at Painting with a Twist, a popular sip and paint franchise. Blacklight painting, trivia night, paint your pet, a couples event, and many more are just some of the weekly offerings. 

Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, team-building events, or weddings with an exclusive private event. Canvases, paint, brushes, and aprons are all supplied by Painting with a Twist. 

The paint and wine studio also sells alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, and water. The teachers are quite kind and will show you how to make your masterpiece step by step. You may put your spin on the artwork by picking the hues and accents.

Depending on the occasion and the size of the canvas or wood, the price might vary from $29 to $70 per person. 

2. Paint & Sip

Another fantastic Fort Wayne venue for wine and art is Paint & Sip. The Paint & Sip studios are independently owned and operated, not franchises. 

On their website, you may choose from pre-existing paintings or commission a unique piece for your special occasion. To further enhance your painting experience, feel free to bring your favorite beverage. 

Canvases, paint, brushes, and easels are all provided for you at Paint & Sip. The instructors are professional artists who can help you hone your skills and produce works of art.

Depending on the complexity of the painting and the size of the canvas or wood, fees might vary from $30 to $50 per participant. 

3. The Art Loft

Paint and sip events in Fort Wayne now have a new venue to enjoy them at: The Art Loft. In addition to being a place to paint and drink, the Art Loft may also serve as a location for other events, such as parties, showers, and business gatherings. 

Painting workshops on canvas or wood with the help of a teacher are available at The Art Loft. The paint and wine studio also sells alcoholic beverages, nonalcoholic beverages, and water. Canvases, paints, brushes, and even aprons are available at the Art Loft.

Depending on the occasion and the size of the canvas or wood, charges might vary from $34 to $70 per person. 

4. Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio

Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio is a great location for people of all ages to have fun and express their creativity, from individuals to large groups, from families to scout units to office parties. 

You may choose from many types of pottery, from functional tableware to ornamental things, and then paint them however you want. 

The helpful staff will guide you in selecting the ideal color scheme and pattern without requiring prior art knowledge or talent. You may add your personal touch to your pottery by decorating it with stamps, stencils, stickers, and more.

The paint and wine studio can host various parties, including birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, scout groups, youth groups, church trips, and company events. 

All materials and guidance are provided for up to two hours of party time. Feel free to bring your own refreshments to enjoy during the celebration.

Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio has varying prices for its ceramic painting services. Each item costs between $5 and $50. You get limitless paint, glaze, firing, and studio time for $8 per adult and $6 per kid (ages 12 and under).

5. Pancner’s Art School

Fine art instruction is available in the studio of European masters Ales and Renata Pancner, known as Pancner’s Art School. 

Drawing, watercolor, acrylic, art of the XXth century, printing/engraving, collage, and advanced studies are only a few fine art courses offered throughout the six semesters. 

In courses as small as six students or one-on-one sessions, they instruct learners of all ages and skill levels. Classes are available for both adults and homeschooled students.

Depending on the schedule, lessons may occur before or after regular school hours. Each paint and drink lesson provides two hours of teaching with all the necessary materials. 

The teachers will lead you through art theory and technique fundamentals while encouraging you to find your unique voice. Famous artists and their works will be discussed, as will the cultural context of art. Tuition at Pancner’s Art School varies with each course’s difficulty level.


Sip and paint studios can be found all across Fort Wayne, IN, and they provide a unique and entertaining way to spend an evening with friends or family. 

You may select a sip and paint studio that fits your requirements and tastes, whether you want to unwind, meet new people, or learn something new. These establishments include works in various mediums and subject matters, from wine and painting to ceramics and glass. 

Gather your friends, family, or date and reserve a space at one of these five excellent Fort Wayne, IN paint and sip venues.

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