Top 7 Paint And Sip Studios In Indianapolis IN United States

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Wine and painting are fun and creative ways to unwind with friends. Painting and drinking sessions are open to anybody, regardless of skill level. 

Several paint and sip studios in the Indianapolis area, each catering to a unique clientele with a wide selection of paintings, topics, and events. 

You may choose a sip and paint studio that fits your requirements and budget, whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, date night, girls’ night out, or simply a regular day. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best 7 paint and sip studios near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Phiri Art120 E Market St #500404 759 0530
Painting with a Twist8804 N Michigan Rd317 228 4300
Wine and Canvas1551 E Stop 12 Rd Suite F317 914 2806
Decor By Dannie Paint N’ Studio9940 E Washington St317 586 1327
Pottery By You2280 W 86th St317 337 1263
Tha 3rd ArtMobile studio317 941 3624
Fountain Square Clay Center950 Hosbrook St317 985 1212

1. Phiri Art

Phiri Art is a unique paint and drink studio featuring African art and cultural activities. 

Zimbabwean-born artist Phiri founded Phiri Art in 2014 after relocating to Indianapolis to showcase the richness and variety of African art and culture. 

Paintings depicting various facets of African cultures, such as animals, landscapes, people, and symbols, are available. 

You may pick up some helpful lingo and background on the history and significance of each picture simultaneously. Canvases, paints, brushes, aprons, and easels are all supplied by Phiri Art. 

You’re welcome to bring your refreshments or buy them at the paint and wine studio. The average price of a two-hour session is $35. You can book a session online or by phone.

2. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is a well-known paint and drink company that operates more than 200 sites around the United States, one of which is in Indianapolis. 

Painting with a Twist provides a diverse selection of paintings suitable for various situations and ability levels, including paintings of pop culture, pop art, landscapes, and flowers. 

You may choose a special theme for your private party or personalize your artwork using our customization options. 

This drink and paint venue provides its customers with all the materials necessary to create their masterpieces, such as canvas, paint, brushes, aprons, and tuition from local painters. 

You are welcome to bring your wine or beer, or you may purchase them at the bar located in the studio. Each sip and paint class lasts three hours and costs $39 for each participant.

3. Wine and Canvas

Wine and Canvas is another nationally recognized paint and sip chain with a few Indiana locations, including one in Indianapolis. 

At Wine and Canvas, you may choose paintings that suit your current mood, from playful animals to edgy patterns or everything in between. 

Paint your pet or develop your design with the help of the tutors. Canvases, paint, brushes, aprons, and easels are provided at Wine and Canvas. 

You are welcome to bring your refreshments, or you may purchase them from the venue’s vendors. A three-hour session will set you back $39 per person. 

4. Decor By Dannie Paint N’ Studio

When it comes to painting, parties, and decorations, go no farther than Decor By Dannie Paint N’ Studio. 

Canvas painting parties, do-it-yourself paint kits, a splatter paint room, the Paint & Party Bus, event space, event rentals, private parties, and more are all on the list of offerings at Decor By Dannie Paint N’ Studio. 

Abstracts, flowers, portraits, and quotations are just a few of the many types of paintings available to you. 

Your particular event might also be the subject of a commissioned artwork or theme. Canvas, paint, brushes, aprons, and expert guidance from the Decor By Dannie Paint N’ Studio staff are all provided. 

You can bring your own refreshments or use the studio’s catering service. Two hours of paint and drink sessions cost $35 per person. 

5. Pottery By You

Pottery By You is a workshop where people of all ages and ability levels may create their works of pottery, glass, and clay. 

Jewelry, bowls, coasters, and decorations are just some of the things you may make using fused glass. You may buy pottery already made, or you can take classes to learn how to produce your own clay sculptures. 

This paint and wine venue offers everything from clay and paint to brushes, aprons, and professional advice from artists. 

You’re welcome to bring your refreshments or buy them at the drink and paint studio. There is a $10 per-person session fee in addition to the price of the activity of your choice. 

6. Tha 3rd Art

Tha 3rd Art is a mobile art studio that brings the fun to you with its paint and drink services. 

You can select an existing artwork that fits your aesthetic preferences or commission a new one. 

Catering, photography, music, and other services may be added to your event as well. Canvas, paint, brushes, easels, aprons, and training are all provided at Tha 3rd Art to ensure a successful painting session. 

Food and drink can be brought in from outside sources or purchased from vendors affiliated with Tha 3rd Art. For parties of 10 or more, each paint and sip class costs $35 per person. 

7. Fountain Square Clay Center

Classes, workshops, and special events are available for potters of all skill levels at the Fountain Square Clay Center’s gallery and studio. 

Experienced teachers will teach you the ins and outs of using the pottery wheel and other hand-building techniques to create your unique pottery pieces. 

There are also weekly “sip and paint” parties where you can paint a pre-made ceramic piece while snacking on wine and appetizers. 

Clay, glazes, wheels, tools, and kilns are all available at the Fountain Square Clay Center. You may bring your food and drink or buy it at one of the many neighboring establishments. 

Two hours of teaching and one hour of open studio time are included in the $35 class fee. For $25, attendees may enjoy two hours of painting and one hour of socializing at a paint and sip event.


Visit one of the many paint and sip studios in Indianapolis if you’re seeking for a unique and entertaining way to spend your time in the city. 

A studio out there will cater to your artistic needs and financial constraints, whether you want to paint on canvas, shoes, ceramics, or wood. 

Relax with a wine, beer, or mimosa drink as you explore your creative side. Date evenings, birthday celebrations, team building, or just a night out with friends may all benefit from a visit to a sip and paint studio. 

Make haste to reserve a space at one of the best 7 paint and sip studios in Indianapolis IN, United States.

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