Top 8 Paint And Sip Studios In Fort Worth TX United States

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Welcome to the creative city of Fort Worth, Texas, which is full of life and art. If you want to express your creativity while sipping your favorite beverage, you’re in luck! 

We’ve selected the eight finest paint and sip studios in Fort Worth for a night of painting and fun. These studios provide seminars and workshops for beginners and experienced painters. 

Listed below are eight of the top paint and wine venues near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Studio Sabka3411 W 7th St817 870 0003
The Little Art Bus5128 Birchman Ave StatesN/A
The Crazy Canvas Fort Worth5512 Bellaire Dr S e214 724 9851
Board & Brush Creative Studio 4620 Bryant Irvin Rd #524817 953 0933
Pinspiration Fort Worth3700 Vision Dr Suite #108682 267 6283
Painting with a Twist2605 S Cherry Ln817 886 0515
Cloth & Glaze Painting Studio8901 Tehama Ridge Pkwy #125972 979 1384
MYT Art Studio & Gallery3740 S University Dr #204817 945 1388

1. Studio Sabka

Studio Sabka is an abstract painting studio that hosts paint and sip events. 

All levels of artists are welcome to Studio Sabka’s events and courses. You may sign up for their regularly scheduled sessions to master the fundamentals of abstract painting, including color theory, composition, texture, and more. 

You may arrange a private party for special events like birthdays, bachelorette parties, team-building events, etc. 

You may bring your food or order it from one of their catering companies.

Studio Sabka has different rates for each of its classes and events. The $35-$55 pricing per participant includes all painting materials and supplies. 

2. The Little Art Bus

The Little Art Bus is a sip and paint workshop that travels from location to location, bringing pleasure. Tara Perez, a former educator who wanted to share her passion for painting with others, launched the company in 2015. 

A former school bus that has been given a facelift and made over into a warm and vibrant art studio is known as the “Little Art Bus.” 

It has room for up to sixteen guests, and the patio may accommodate even more. It has a stereo system, a television screen, a small refrigerator, and an awning.

Participate in one of their open events and paint everything from wildlife to floral arrangements to scenic vistas. 

Weddings, baby showers, school fundraisers, and other private events are just some of the many occasions for which the bus may be reserved. Either you or they will be assigned a painting topic at random. 

You may either bring your refreshments or place an order with one of their catering partners. 

The Little Art Bus’s prices vary every session based on the specifics of your paint and drink event. All painting supplies are included in the base price of $35 per participant for public events and $400 per hour for private events.

3. The Crazy Canvas Fort Worth

Paint and sip studio The Crazy Canvas Fort Worth has many themes and techniques for patrons to experiment with. 

You may sign up for one of their regular programs and learn how to paint styles as varied as pop art, graffiti, cartoons, and more. 

You may also attend their themed activities, such as paint-and-movie nights, karaoke nights, and trivia nights. 

Date nights, wedding showers, birthday parties, and other special events may all be accommodated with a private party booking. 

The Crazy Canvas Fort Worth has varying paint and wine classes and event prices every session. Prices per participant range from $25 to $45, including all the paint and canvas you can use.

4. Board & Brush Creative Studio – Fort Worth

Wood signs and other wooden decorations are the specialties of Board & Brush Creative Studio, a drink and paint venue. 

Paint and sip classes and workshops are available for novice and experienced crafters at Board & Brush Creative Studio. 

Attend one of their regularly scheduled sessions and pick from over 400 different wood sign designs, spanning the gamut from traditional to contemporary. 

Other wooden items like trays, boxes, clocks, and the like may be crafted during their special events, which you can attend. Private parties may be booked for various events, including family get-togethers, girls’ nights out, business functions, and more.

Attending a class or event at Board & Brush Creative Studio will determine the session price. The $35-$75 price per participant includes all crafting materials and supplies. 

5. Pinspiration Fort Worth

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, Pinspiration Fort Worth is a paint and sip studio with a wide selection of Pinterest-inspired DIY activities. 

Canvas paintings, wood signs, string art, jewelry, candles, and more are just some of the more than fifty DIY options available at Pinspiration studio

Wine, beer, and soft drinks are all acceptable beverage options. Everything you need to complete your craft project is available at the sip and paint studio.

Regular classes are offered where you can acquire new skills and get support with your projects from helpful instructors. You may bring your food or order it from one of their catering companies.

The DIY craft you choose will determine Pinspiration Fort Worth’s session fees. The $15–$65 pricing per participant includes all necessary craft materials and supplies. 

6. Painting with a Twist

Franchised since 2007, Painting with a Twist hosts paint-and-wine events in various locations. There is a Fort Worth, Texas, site among its more than 300 establishments nationwide. 

Painting with a Twist has paint and drink events and workshops for novice and experienced artists. You may sign up for their regularly scheduled sessions, where they teach various painting techniques using over 10,000 paintings covering various topics (animals, landscapes, pop culture, etc.). 

Join them for a unique event and paint while listening to music or watching a film. Any private party—from date nights to bachelorette parties to birthday celebrations for the little ones—can be arranged. 

Costs range from $25 to $45 per person, including all paints, brushes, and other equipment. 

7. Cloth & Glaze Painting Studio

Paint your canvas or ceramics at the Cloth & Glaze Painting workshop, a paint and sip workshop. 

You may paint anything from a mug to a plate to a bowl to a vase to a figure and more at Cloth & Glaze Painting Studio. After that, you may give them your design by painting it on them with non-toxic glazes and brushes. 

The staff is here to offer advice and strategies to help your creation appear at its best. Your pottery can be left in the workshop for fire and glazing once you have finished painting it. After a week, you may pick it up or send it to your house.

Painting with acrylics on canvas is another skill you may acquire. Many original paintings are available for your selection, or you may make your own. 

Wine, beer, and soft beverages are welcome to be consumed throughout the painting session. The paint and wine studio provides all of your painting supplies and equipment.

8. MYT Art Studio & Gallery

A paint and sip studio, an art gallery, and a gathering place are all rolled into one at MYT Art Studio & Gallery. While you paint, feel free to sip on some wine, beer, or soda. Everything you need to create a work of art is available in the sip and paint studio.

Amateurs and professionals may take advantage of MYT Art Studio & Gallery’s many events and classes. 

Regular lessons are available, teaching various painting techniques (portraiture, still life, impressionism, etc.). Celebrations, including weddings, anniversaries, class reunions, etc., can be accommodated with a private party booking. 

Participation fees at this drink and paint venue fluctuate from event to event and class to class. Everything you need to create a masterpiece is included in the $35–$65 per person fee. 

Those in the Fort Worth area may find MYT Art Studio & Gallery at 3740 S. University Dr. #204. Its business hours are 10 p.m. to 10 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. 


In conclusion, Fort Worth is a great place to visit if you love the arts or are just looking for a good time. 

High-quality paint and wine studios allow you to express your creative side, connect with new people, and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Whether you’re an experienced artist or starting with art, you’ll find a class or workshop to suit your needs among these 8 paint and drink studios. 

Get a group of friends together, open your minds, and allow the exciting environment of San Jose’s paint and sip studios to bring out your inner artist. 

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