Top 2 Paint And Sip Studios In Garland TX United States

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Looking for some interesting and unique things to do in Garland, Texas? Do you enjoy creating art while enjoying your favorite beverage? 

If so, you might be interested in these two paint and sip studios in Garland, which provide events and workshops for painters of all experience levels and interests. There’s something for everyone at these studios, whether you’re looking to unwind with a bottle of wine and a blank canvas or learn how to construct your furniture and other home decor out of wood and other materials. 

This article will summarize each sip and paint studio near you, including its services, location, and pricing. To learn more, keep reading!

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Painting with a Twist330 N 6th St #F972 468 9370
AR Workshop Garland3003 N President George Bush Tpke #600972 532 0158

1. Painting with a Twist

Wine, creativity, and good times all come together at Painting with a Twist, a popular franchise. Follow along with a helpful tutor as you paint your choice from hundreds of landscapes, animals, abstractions, and pop culture scenes. 

You can use hues, phrases, and decorations to make your masterpiece unique. The studio offers a bar where you can buy drinks or bring your own. The drink and paint studio will meet your painting needs, from aprons to brushes to paint to canvases.

The paint and wine studio offers sessions every day of the week (except Monday) at various times and on a wide range of topics. You can reserve a time slot by calling the office or looking at the online booking calendar. 

Each paint and drink session costs between $35 and $45 per person, fluctuating depending on the painting and how long it lasts.

2. AR Workshop Garland

DIY lessons for making unique furniture and ornamentation for the house are offered in a relaxed, comfortable setting at AR Workshop Garland. 

Some options include wooden signs, canvas cushions, chunky knit blankets, cornhole boards, serving trays, candles, and more. 

Add flair to your creation using a motif, color scheme, typeface, or stencil. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol or use the studio’s bar. You may get everything you need to finish your project from the sip and paint studio.

Class times and topics vary at AR Workshop Garland, which is open Tuesdays through Sundays. Each paint and sip session might cost anything from $40 to $85 per person, depending on the scope and scale of the project.


In Garland, Texas, you can have a good time while letting your inner artist shine at a paint and sip event. 

There are two fantastic paint and drink studios to pick from, each with various programs and projects to suit various interests and budgets. You will have a wonderful day and leave with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind souvenir from any of the studios. 

Make your reservation now, and get ready to paint while you drink!

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