Top 5 Paint And Sip Studios In Richmond VA United States

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The top paint and sip studios in Richmond, Virginia, can provide you with a pleasant and creative way to spend your time there. 

In these establishments, you may take a lesson or workshop to learn how to paint a specific subject or style while sipping a beverage. You can discover something that interests you and challenges your skillset, regardless of where you stand on the expertise spectrum. 

The five top paint and drink studios in Richmond, Virginia, are listed below.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Wine & Design2707 W Broad St804 359 9149
Muse Paintbar – RichmondWillow Lawn, 1601 Willow Lawn Dr #830888 607 6873
The Painting Class1229 Bellevue Ave804 564 6979
AR Workshop Richmond9200 Stony Point Pkwy #192A,804 476 2666
Crossroads Art Center2016 Staples Mill Rd,804 278 8950

1. Wine & Design

Wine & Design is a one-stop paint and wine bar with supplies for painting, paper crafts, and more. Landscapes, animals, abstractions, flowers, pop art, and many more subjects are all available as canvases for your artistic expression. 

Other creative projects include acrylic pour, resin pour, wood signage, and sea glass mosaic. A local artist will lead you through the process while sipping wine or beer and snacking on small tapas.

Wine & Design is perfect for bachelorette parties, company gatherings, bridal/engagement showers, birthday parties, kid-friendly festivities, and more. In addition to our regularly scheduled public classes, we also offer private events for groups of five or more persons. 

The price of each drink and paint session is different based on the craft being made and the painting style being used. The typical cost of a two-hour program is $35 per student. You can register for sip and paint classes by calling or checking online to see when they are offered.

2. Muse Paintbar – Richmond

Muse Paintbar welcomes painters of all ages and experience levels to their lessons, events, and celebrations like other paint and sip studios. Nature, cityscapes, animals, the seasons, abstractions, and other topics are all available to painters. 

Adding your choice of hues, text, and imagery is also an option. While being led through the procedure by a trained artist, you may choose from a menu of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and tasty bites.

Date evenings, family fun, bachelorette parties, corporate gatherings, school field trips, and even fundraising events may all find a home at Muse Paintbar. There is no minimum participant count for the publicly available classes, and private events of up to 40 persons can be scheduled. 

Sessions cost different amounts on different days of the week and for different painting topics. The typical cost of a two-hour paint and drink lesson is $39 per student. You can register for classes by calling or checking online to see when they are offered. 

3. The Painting Class

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel painting, and sketching with pencils, pens, and inks are all taught at The Painting Class, an art studio. 

Landscapes, animals, flowers, portraits, and other options are all on the table. Food and drink are permitted to be consumed throughout the lesson.

Paint and wine classes are often scheduled during the week, either from 10 am to 1 pm or 6 pm to 9 night. All materials and resources for each workshop are included in the $35 fee. 

In addition, you may check out their Facebook page for news and pictures from their drink and paint courses.

4. AR Workshop Richmond

The AR Workshop Richmond is an intimate DIY school where students learn by doing as they construct one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and ornamentation from scratch. 

Wooden signs, canvas pillows, framed signs, circular signs, lazy susans, centerpiece boxes, canvas totes, and more are all possible to create. 

There are hundreds of templates to pick from, and each can be altered to feature your colors, fonts, and other details. You can bring your libations to enjoy as you work on your projects.

Wednesdays through Sundays (from noon to six or 6:30 to 9:30 in the evening) are typical lesson times. 

The price per student for these sip and paint courses ranges from $29 to $95, depending on the scope and nature of the project. You may also get updates and class images on their social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram.

5. Crossroads Art Center

The Crossroads Art Center is a gallery that showcases the work of new and known artists from the mid-Atlantic region to increase appreciation for and knowledge of all types of visual art. 

The gallery represents More than two-hundred-fifty artists, making it an important element of Richmond’s dynamic arts scene and a cultural resource. The gallery displays paintings for sale and hosts seminars and classes for adults and kids. 

Learn the fundamentals and more advanced skills of painting in acrylics, oils, watercolors, and mixed media with knowledgeable teachers. During the paint and sip courses, alcoholic beverages are permitted.

The typical time slots for the weekday programs are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Classes can cost anything from $25 to $150 per student, depending on their teacher, length, and required supplies. 

You may also check out their social media accounts to see photographs and read details about upcoming paint and wine sessions.


You may have a great time and express your artistic side at any of these top-notch Richmond, Virginia paint and sip studios. 

You may discover something that meets your requirements and interests at these studios, whether you’re seeking for a new talent, a way to relax, or a special present. 

So round up the gang or the special someone and come to one of these studios for a fun and exciting time. All the best!

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