Top 5 Paint And Sip Studios In Virginia Beach VA United States

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The paint and sip studios in Virginia Beach are a lot of fun if you’re looking for a way to be creative while having a good time. 

Paint and sip studios are locations where you can relax and have fun painting while sipping on your favorite drink. There is a studio for everyone, from complete novices to seasoned veterans, no matter their skill level or budget. 

We’ll tell you about the five best paint and wine venues near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Muse Paintbar – VA Beach4500 Main St #105888 607 6873
Art Studio on the Boulevard3500 Virginia Beach Blvd #210757 675 3580
Splash House311 17th St757 937 0646
Potts N Paints2720 N Mall Dr #148757 904 3888
Fun Funky Mixed Media3621 Virginia Beach Blvd757 761 4145

1. Muse Paintbar – VA Beach

Located in Virginia Beach’s Town Center and across Tupelo Honey Cafe on Main Street, you’ll find Muse Paintbar. It’s like going to a pub and restaurant that also happens to be a painting studio. 

Classic landscapes, themed parties, and seasonal artworks are all on a carefully organized schedule. You may also hold a private event with them if you want something more exclusive.

You may paint on a canvas and wear an apron, compliments of Muse Paintbar. The drinks are chosen to inspire you to be creative, and the cuisine is designed for those who want to do both as they eat. 

You don’t need prior experience to sign up for their lessons; expert artist-teachers will show you the ropes from scratch. After the paint and drink session, you can take home your finished product.

Muse Paintbar is open every day of the week except Sunday, with varying hours each day. You can get all the necessary information and even reserve your tickets online at their website. 

Depending on the day of the week and the artwork, a sip and paint session might cost anything from $29 to $45 per participant.

2. Art Studio on the Boulevard

Paint and drink courses, seminars, and multi-media studio instruction are all available at Art Studio on the Boulevard, a comprehensive art school. 

For over 20 years, it has fostered the artistic development of young people and encouraged them to develop an appreciation for the arts.

Watercolor, sketching, ceramics, acrylic, and oil painting workshops are available for kids and adults alike at Art Studio on the Boulevard. Gift vouchers, parties for kids, group seminars, and other get-togethers are also available. They have teachers committed to helping their pupils develop as individuals and artists.

The hours of operation at Art Studio on the Boulevard range from Monday through Saturday, depending on the day and the paint and wine classes’ schedule. 

For additional information, visit their website and sign up over the phone. Each drink and paint session’s cost is calculated individually and is based on the kind of class and its length.

3. Splash House

While not quite a paint and sip studio, Splash House is a poolside music series that has hosted some of the world’s top house and disco DJs.  

Although the main event is in Palm Springs, California, a similar festival, Splash House VB, is hosted in Virginia Beach. The Margaritaville, Renaissance, and Saguaro Resorts host this summer event.

A festival pass is available for purchase for the duration of Splash House VB, enabling you to access all three pools. A combination ticket will let you into the after-hours events at the Air Museum, where you can dance beneath the desert sky.

You won’t have to worry about driving or finding parking at each resort since Splash House VB offers transportation between them. 

They also provide hotel packages to stay near all the fun. Listen to cutting-edge music while you snack on light fare and sweet treats by the pool or at the Air Museum.Passes cost anywhere from $165 to $499 per person, with the price fluctuating based on the kind of ticket and the weekend.

4. Potts N Paints

Pottery, clay, canvas, and glass fusion are just some mediums available at Potts N Paints, a world-class art studio. Choose from various colorful and practical bisque pieces to paint your unique pottery. 

You may fashion your clay works of art using hand-building tools or pottery wheels. Painting on canvas is another option, and you can have it in whatever size or shape you choose or sign up for a class whenever it suits your schedule. 

Glass of all colors and textures may be fused to create stunning works of art. Everything from glazes to paints to stamps and stencils to paint pens is available at Potts N Paints. You may have your finished works fired there and then take them when you leave.

Potts N Paints is a fantastic location for many celebrations, whether birthdays, anniversaries, team-building events, or simply a day spent with loved ones. 

You can bring your food and drink to enjoy at your seat. Open Monday through Sunday, with irregular hours each day. You may stroll in any time or call ahead or go online to make a reservation. Each paint and wine session’s price will differ based on the nature and scope of the work.

5. Fun Funky Mixed Media

Using various materials and approaches, Fun Funky Mixed Media is an upbeat and enjoyable approach to the creative process. 

Acrylic paints, watercolors, pastels, collage materials, stamps, stencils, and more may all be used to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Classes at Fun Funky Mixed Media are available for students of all ages and ability levels.

Abstract, floral, landscape, animal, and mandala are some of the themes and styles available. Your lesson may be tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Fun Funky Mixed Media is a great celebration venue, including birthdays, dates, kids’ camps, ladies’ evenings out, and more. While you’re painting, feel free to bring some refreshments of your own.  

Your class reservation may be made over the phone or online. Each two-hour drink and paint session costs $35 per participant.


Paint and sip studios in Virginia Beach are a wonderful place to socialize, unwind, and unleash your inner artist. 

It’s up to you to choose a project, medium, and topic that interest you and are within your skill set. Enjoy your favorite refreshments and munchies while you paint. 

You may select a paint and drink studio that suits your requirements and preferences, regardless of whether you want to go alone, on a date, with friends, or with family. 

One of the best ways to learn to express yourself creatively is by taking a lesson at one of Virginia Beach’s five paint and sip studios.

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