Top 8 Paint And Sip Studios In Norfolk VA United States

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Visit a paint and sip studio in Norfolk, VA, for an entertaining and artistic evening. Wine, beer, coffee, or tea are just some beverages that may be enjoyed in “paint and sip” studios, where patrons can also enjoy painting a canvas. 

Attending a sip and paint session requires both creative ability and expertise. There are many other designs and themes to select from as well. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to paint a landscape, a portrait, an abstract, or something entirely else; a paint and drink studio will have something to inspire you.

We have collected a list of some of the most well-known paint and wine studios near you to assist you with your search. And here they are:

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Pinot’s Palette240 W 21st St757 386 4679
Tutoring Art, Vivian Davis740 Boush St, Norfolk, VA 2757 612 8899
Kreative Design & Wellness Paint n Sip Art Studio3584 B N Military Hwy757 998 9631
Board & Brush Creative Studio – Norfolk336 W 21st St757 627 1520
Color Me Mine1300 Colley Ave757 625 1666
Ocean View Arts209 W Ocean View Ave Suite 201757 961 0808
Kate Thomas Art1701 Colley Ave757 285 3945
757 Makerspace237 W 24th St757 301 1118

1. Pinot’s Palette

There is a studio of the popular paint and sip chain Pinot’s Palette in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s a great way to spend a night with good company, drinks, and creative expression via painting. 

It’s easy to choose a painting that expresses your feelings or complements your decor by browsing their online calendar. You may also plan a private party for any celebration, be it a birthday, anniversary, business gathering, or something else. 

Canvas, brushes, paints, and aprons are some items that may be found at Pinot’s Palette. Just bring your food and drinks. 

Prices range from $30 to $49 per person for these events, depending on the artwork and the time they last.

2. Tutoring Art, Vivian Davis

Vivian Davis, an artist and art teacher with over a decade of expertise in the field, launched the Tutoring Art painting studio. 

Her studio is in Norfolk’s d’Art Center, where she hosts several art classes and seminars. She also organizes social gatherings where people may learn to paint while drinking wine or watercolor. 

Landscapes, animals, flowers, and abstractions are just some of the many available subject matters and aesthetic options. Vivian will supply you with everything you need to complete your masterpiece, including the canvas, brushes, paints, and wine glasses. 

You’re welcome to bring your wine or other drinks. Each drink and paint session will set you back $35.

3. Kreative Design & Wellness Paint n Sip Art Studio

Kreative Design & Wellness is a sip and paint art studio hosting events for kids and adults. Cartoons, superheroes, princesses, animals, flowers, and more are some of the themes and styles available. 

You may also choose your colors and layout to make it your own. The canvas, brushes, paints, and aprons for your painting session are all provided by Kreative Design & Wellness. 

You can bring your food and drinks or purchase something from their menu. Each paint and drink session can last between 2 and 3 hours, with the longer option costing $25 per person and the shorter option costing $35 per person.

4. Board & Brush Creative Studio – Norfolk

At Board & Brush Creative Studio, you’ll have a great time in a relaxed, instructor-led environment while making a one-of-a-kind wooden sign or project. 

Hundreds of different patterns are available, from seasonal to personalized to rustic classics. You will discover how to distress, sand, stain, paint, and wax wood to get a stunning finish.

Board & Brush Creative Studio offers a variety of session schedules from Tuesday through Saturday. Each drink and paint session might cost anywhere from $35 to $75, depending on the scope and nature of the undertaking. 

All participants are welcome to bring food and drink to enjoy during the program. The instructors are incredibly supportive and encouraging, and the studio has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

In addition to being a paint and wine studio, Board & Brush Creative Studio also serves as a do-it-yourself wood sign workshop.

5. Color Me Mine

At Color Me Mine, you may pick from various ceramics to decorate in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Cups, plates, bowls, vases, miniatures, decorations, and even banks are all fair game for a paint job. 

They provide supplies for making art, such as paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, and more. Painting methods, including spatter, bubble, marbling, and masking, provide additional opportunities for expression.

Depending on your selected ceramic item, session fees range from $10 to $60. Studio fees of $10 for adults and $6 for children under 12 include all studio supplies (paints, glazes, and firing).

Indulge in some paint and sip time at Color Me Mine with your loved ones. Coffee, tea, soda, juice, water, chips, candies, and cookies are all available for purchase, and guests are welcome to bring their own. 

Fun and savings await you at their Canvas Painting Class, Lady’s Night Out, and Kids’ Night Out activities. Feel like a kid again at Color Me Mine, an adult pottery-painting class.

6. Ocean View Arts

At Ocean View Arts, you may take classes in various painting techniques, including charcoal, oil, pastels, and textile impressionism, which will teach you how to create realistic and modern works of art.  

Sip and paint workshops and classes are available at Ocean View Arts for those with all degrees of experience, from complete novices to seasoned veterans. You can take private classes either in-person or online or participate in online group seminars that cover a variety of subjects and methods. 

Paint parties, art displays, and art demos are just a few of the spectacular activities at Ocean View Arts.

7. Kate Thomas Art

Fine art studio Kate Thomas Art focuses on abstracted landscapes and flowers created in watercolor and mixed media on canvas. 

Kate Thomas is a fine artist who enjoys bringing people together through art and is happy to take on stress-free custom commissions and sell originals and giclee reproductions. 

Kate Thomas Art also offers paint and drink sessions where participants can learn how to use watercolors to paint an abstract landscape or flower arrangement on canvas. 

Kate Thomas will lead you through the process, instructing you on color theory, layering techniques, and finishing touches. Champagne and nibbles will be served as you paint.

8. 757 Makerspace

The 57 Makerspace is not your ordinary paint and wine venue. It’s where designers, technologists, inventors, artists, and other creative types can get together and use the facilities to make their ideas a reality. 

Since its inception in 2013, 757 Makerspace has provided its members with access to a broad array of resources, including a wood shop, metal shop, sewing room, jewelry studio, pottery studio, electronics lab, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D printers, mold, and casting stations, prop and costume making areas, and more. 

You may become a member and have access to the facilities at all times, or you can enroll in various seminars and activities that cover a wide range of topics and abilities. They provide sessions where people may learn to use acrylics on canvas while snacking on cheese and crackers and sipping wine. 

You’re welcome to bring your booze if you’d like. All supplies and training are included in this drink and paint session’s $35 price per person.


Indulging in a little paint and wine while spending quality time with loved ones is a great way to unwind and express your inner artist. 

You may locate a paint and sip studio in Norfolk, VA, that fits your preferences and budget, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned artist. 

Several paintings, topics, and teachers are available to help you feel at ease and confident as you embark on your journey. While you’re there, you can paint and snack on some tasty treats. 

Register for a great time by reserving a spot at one of these top 8 Norfolk, VA sip and paint studios.

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