Top 6 Paint And Sip Studios In Fremont CA United States

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A paint and sip studio in Fremont is a great option if you’re searching for a social and relaxing way to spend some time. 

You may take art classes in a paint and drink studio while sipping your favorite beverage. Both your alcoholic beverages and those sold at the studio are welcome. It’s a great place to take a group, so invite your loved ones or wow that special someone. 

The list includes some of the most highly recommended sip and paint studios near you.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Ichen Art Academy43319 Mission Blvd510 353 0860
Ran’s Art Studio3909 Stevenson Blvd # A510 565 0069
Shivalaya Arts4050 Stanley Ave510 402 7861
Can Art Studio (火山画室)43014 Christy St510 366 0025
Fremont Art Association37697 Niles Blvd510 792 0905
CalColor Academy47816 Warm Springs Blvd408 818 8818

1. Ichen Art Academy

Ichen Art Academy is a WASC-accredited art college that offers K–12 pupils and adults a thorough and systematic art education. 

Many art programs are available, including digital art, animation, oil painting, watercolor, and more. Birthday celebrations, seminars, and summer camps are also held there.

The Paint and Sip Night at Ichen Art Academy is among the most well-liked events. During this two-hour session, you can paint a previously chosen image with acrylic paints on a 16×20-inch canvas. 

To enjoy while painting, bring your wine or beer (21+ only). An expert tutor will lead you and show you the tricks and methods for producing a stunning painting. For this event, you don’t need any prior knowledge or expertise. 

You may take your final artwork home after receiving all the necessary supplies. Ichen Art Academy charges $35 per attendee for their Paint and Sip Night event.

2. Ran’s Art Studio

Ran Mu is a multi-award-winning visual artist as well as an art educator. He is the founder of Ran’s Art Studio. She has worked as an art instructor for over ten years at various art centers, including the Mountain View Art Center (CSMA). Her studio provides lessons for children, paint and drink workshops for adults, clay classes, birthday parties, and summer camps.

The Paint Party is one of the most entertaining events that can be participated in at Ran’s Art Studio. You will have an hour and a half to paint a picture of your choice using acrylic paints on a canvas that is 12 inches by 16 inches. You are welcome to bring food and beverages to enjoy while painting. 

Paint Parties at Ran’s Art Studio cost $25 per person to participate in. You have the option of making reservations either online or over the phone. The activities are often held on Saturdays or Sundays in the afternoons between 2:00 and 3:30. 

3. Shivalaya Arts

Located in Fremont, California, Shivalaya Arts was established in 2008 and follows a traditional curriculum. Classical techniques in drawing, painting, and composition are taught in these courses. Irvington Library and Fremont Main Library have student art shows as well.

The Ceramic Club is a great way to unwind at Shivalaya Arts. You’ll get two hours to decorate a piece of bisque-fired pottery with your chosen glazes. You’re welcome to bring in your refreshments to enjoy while you paint. 

Poonam Sharma, the founder of Shivalaya Arts, will guide you as you learn to apply glazes to your ceramics to get various looks. To participate in this activity, you need both special knowledge and training. They supply everything you need, and when your piece is ready in the kiln, you may come to pick it up.

It costs $25 per person to join the Ceramic Club at Shivalaya Arts. Sign up on the website or by phone. The typical event time is 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Fridays. 

4. Can Art Studio (火山画室)

Fine art workshops for children and adults are available at Can Art Studio. A lot of adults enjoy coming here for their drink and paint workshop. 

Landscapes, animals, florals, and abstractions are just some of the options available. You may create your own unique motif if you have a specific event or request. The teacher will give detailed instructions on how to make a work of art. 

Each participant may expect to pay $35 for the drink and paint session, which includes all supplies and a beverage. Both your alcoholic beverages and those sold at the studio are welcome. 

The paint and wine course may accommodate novice and experienced artists in two hours of running time.

5. Fremont Art Association

The Fremont Art Association is a charitable group that works to increase awareness of and support visual artists in Fremont and the surrounding community. 

They feature local artists’ works in their gallery and shop and provide seminars and classes. Monthly, they organize “paint and sip” parties where people may unwind while painting and chatting with others. 

There are many options, including landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. The teacher will show you some methods and tricks that will allow you to make your own original art pieces. 

The paint and drink event fee, which includes supplies and a single beverage, is $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Both your alcoholic beverages and those sold at the studio are welcome. This two-hour sip and paint session welcomes artists of all skill levels.

6. CalColor Academy

CalColor Academy is a top-tier art institution that teaches young people traditional and contemporary media. They also provide courses and lessons for adults interested in developing their creative abilities. 

You may enjoy painting with acrylics at their “paint and wine” course while sipping your favorite beverage. 

There are many options, including cityscapes, seascapes, and florals. The course will provide a foundational understanding of color theory, composition, and brushwork. 

All materials and refreshments for the session are included in the $40 registration fee. Wine and beer are welcome, and the studio even sells its own. This two-hour drink and paint course is designed for both novice and experienced artists.


You should check out one of these top-notch paint and sip studios in Fremont, California. They are wonderful locations to have fun, meet new people, and let your imagination run wild. 

Professional artists and teachers will also be there to teach you their techniques and methods. Any couple, group of friends, or family may choose an activity that fits their interests and budget at one of these studios. Reserve your seat at the upcoming paint-and-drink event right now.

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