Top 14 Paint And Sip Studios In Los Angeles CA United States

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The top paint and sip studios in Los Angeles might be a lot of fun if you’re searching for a creative way to spend your time in the city. 

In “paint and sip” studios, patrons may paint a canvas while relaxing with a glass of wine, beer, coffee, or tea. 

To participate in a sip and paint event, you need neither creative talent nor expertise since you will be led step-by-step by an expert instructor. 

Some of the greatest paint and drink studios near you are listed below.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paint & Sip Studio LA2709 W Ave 34323 386 4700
Demi Lauren Studios1459 Venice Blvd.833 278 7789
The Art Process with Kathy LeaderHanley Ave310 339 6289
The Artsy Backyard316 S La Brea Ave323 828 4179
Ann Bridges Art Studio3923 W 6th St UNIT 415562 547 8978
The Painted PeachRose Ave, Venice424 744 8868
Paint The Grapes With Wine Sip & Paint5051 E 3rd St suite 103 a323 470 4012
Painting with a Twist21425 Devonshire St818 282 3625
Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes – Los Angeles3055 Overland Ave #201800 430 4278
These Hands Maker’s Collective13347 Washington Blvd Unit A310 980 7907
Hope Illustrated LLCMobile studioN/A
Painting and Vino Mobile studio855 410 8330
Eat Drink ArtsMobile studio818 428 9127
A Toast 2 Artistry LA256 S Locust St213 534 8096

1. Paint & Sip Studio LA

One of Los Angeles’s most well-known and cherished paint and sip venues is Paint & Sip Studio LA. 

Classes are available for all skill levels, from complete novices to seasoned artists, at Paint & Sip Studio LA. 

Landscapes, animals, abstractions, pop culture, and more are available options. Feel free to bring your own if you want to drink something during the session. 

Everything you need to make your masterpiece, from supplies to instruction, is included in the $35 fee for each paint and wine session.

2. Demi Lauren Studios

The paint and sip studio, Demi Lauren Studios, opened its doors in 2019. It is situated at Venice Boulevard, close to the core of Los Angeles. 

Demi Lauren Studios hosts weekly workshops and private events combining art, community, and fun. 

In this welcoming and lighthearted setting, you may learn from working artists while having a great time doing it. 

In addition to its other facilities, Demi Lauren Studios features an open bar. Demi Lauren Studios provides visitors with an open bar and several other conveniences.

Weekly drink and paint courses cost $65 per person, while Sunday Funday Bottomless Paint & Splash costs $80.

3. The Art Process with Kathy Leader

The Art Process with Kathy Leader is not your ordinary paint and sip establishment. It is a forward-thinking art studio that offers lessons, workshops, and retreats in mixed media art for individuals and groups. 

Kathy Leader, a seasoned professional artist, and educator with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, is the one who conceptualized and established The Art Process. Kathy thinks doing art is a great way to care for your spirit and feel better overall. 

Classes may be taken in The Art Process Santa Barbara studio or remotely through Zoom’s video platform. Using materials like collages, paint, stencils, stamps, and more, you may study how to make short abstract mixed media works. 

The price per sip and paint session might change depending on the lesson’s duration.

4. The Artsy Backyard

In 2018, a family created a paint and wine workshop called The Artsy Backyard. It’s on La Brea Avenue, not far from Hollywood. 

Classes in painting and other creative forms are available year-round at The Artsy Backyard. Acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels, and other mediums are all on the table. 

You’re welcome to bring snacks and beverages to enjoy throughout the sip and paint course. Private art events can be held at the Artsy Backyard, from birthday parties to wedding showers to company picnics. 

On average, paint and sip classes might cost anything from $35 to $55 per participant.

5. Ann Bridges Art Studio

At Ann Bridges Art Studio, you may take classes with a real artist while sipping wine and relaxing in a comfortable environment. 

Oil landscapes of Southern California are Ann Bridges’ forte, and she has won several awards for her work. She teaches students at various levels of proficiency, from newcomers to experts. Flowers, animals, landscapes, and even urban settings are available. 

Ann will work with you to transform your photograph or concept into a work of art. A maximum of six students are in each paint night class, creating an intimate and individualized learning environment. 

All supplies and a glass of wine are included in the $45 per participant. Paint and drink classes can be reserved over the phone or on the website.

6. The Painted Peach

The Painted Peach is a small business a local Los Angeles family runs. It’s housed within the local art gallery La Rusticana Art Gallery. 

The Painted Peach hosts paint and sip classes for 12 participants. There is a wide selection of paintings, including landscapes, abstractions, animal portraits, and more. You can also ask for a picture that is made just for your event. 

All supplies, a 16×20 canvas, light refreshments, and one drink ticket are included in the $35 per person. Feel free to bring your bottle of wine or beer if you’d like.

7. Paint The Grapes With Wine Sip & Paint

Spend a fun and artistic day or evening with friends and family at the Paint The Grapes With Wine Sip & Paint event. 

You may attend a public event or reserve a private paint party space. Flowers, fruits, animals, and other subjects are all represented in the available artworks. 

Their kind and skilled teachers will guide you while you make your painting. 

A 16×20 canvas, all painting equipment, refreshments, and a glass of wine are included in the $40 per participant. 

8. Painting with a Twist

One of the best-known names in the drink and paint scene is Painting with a Twist. 

Various content is available, ranging from wizards and zombies to sunsets and seascapes. You may also make your design or paint your pet. 

Trivia evenings, karaoke nights, and charity events are also hosted at Painting with a Twist. Prices range from $25 to $45 per person, depending on the painting and the venue. 

It comes with a blank canvas, paints, brushes, and a teacher to walk you through the process. 

9. Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes – Los Angeles

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes is a good art school that provides a welcoming space for students of all ages to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting. 

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes hosts weekly drawing and painting lessons to teach students how to draw and paint realistically in various media, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and more. 

Paint and wine workshops are available on various subjects, including portraits, landscapes, still lives, animals, and flowers. There are several Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes studios in the Los Angeles area and 14 other sites in California and Texas. 

Since their founding in 1975, they have helped thousands of people develop their artistic skills. Each session ranges from $25 to $50+, depending on the instructor and course length.

10. These Hands Maker’s Collective

There are sip and paint workshops and activities for makers of all skill levels and interests at These Hands Maker’s Collective. 

Jewelry, candles, carpets, perfume, shoes, ceramics, macramé, weaving, screen printing, shibori, punch needle, batik, drawing, cyanotype, and many other techniques may all be learned. You may also buy carefully compiled kits and handmade goods made by local craftsmen. 

The sunlight space at These Hands Maker’s Collective is perfect for gatherings, workshops, artists-in-residence, maker work tables, and the sale of handmade goods. 

They also accommodate special occasions like birthday parties, bridal showers, corporate outings, and more. 

The price per participant might range from $30 to $150, depending on the class and the teacher.

11. Hope Illustrated LLC

Hope Illustrated LLC is a one-of-a-kind paint and drink studio focusing on charitable giving. 

The mission of Hope Illustrated is to fundraise for tools to help underprivileged pupils learn. They aim to help underprivileged kids get the education and training they need to break out of their socioeconomic ruts.

Hope Illustrated LLC provides various services to suit various needs and tastes. You may have a paint and sip party at your place, and the hosts will bring everything they need. 

You may also purchase your paint kit online and participate in a paint and drink session from the convenience of your own home by signing up for a virtual paint night event.

The number of participants, the duration, and the location all have an impact on the price of each service. 

Group paint and wine events typically cost $35 to $45 per person, private events for two cost $225, and online events cost $150 to $200 to arrange. Schedule your service by phone or online.

12. Painting and Vino 

The city of Los Angeles is only one of the many that Painting and Vino serve with their sip and paint events. 

Venues include the OC Tavern in San Clemente, Puesto in Huntington Beach, the Vegan Pop Up in Venice, and, more often, hold Painting and Vino events. 

You may check out their schedule on their website and find something that suits your time and geographical preferences. 

Private paint parties may be booked for any celebration, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding shower, business meeting, or other event. 

Enjoy some wine and nibbles from the venue as you create a masterpiece at Painting and Vino.

13. Eat Drink Arts

Bringing the fun to you, Eat Drink Arts is a mobile paint and sip studio. They provide private events at your home, place of business, or other location, complete with all necessary materials and guidance from their staff. 

Paintable pictures are available in a wide range of subject matter, and you may also commission a unique illustration to go along with your party’s theme. 

Eat Drink Arts also holds public events in various venues in and around Los Angeles County, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Painting and mingling with other visitors is a great way to spend an evening. 

The Eat Drink Arts bar and restaurant in Northridge, California, has been open to the public since 2015. 

14. A Toast 2 Artistry LA

In Los Angeles, A Toast 2 Artistry LA is the go-to for paint and sip events for adults and kids. They host in-person and online courses, as well as special-occasion private parties. 

You have your pick of landscapes, animals, abstractions, celebrity portraits, and more! Everything from canvas to paint to brushes to aprons to easels to glasses is provided at A Toast 2 Artistry LA. 

Your favorite beverage and a good mood are the only things you’ll need to bring. In Inglewood, California, close to LAX and the Forum, you’ll find A Toast 2 Artistry LA. 

The price per participant ranges from $35 to $55 for every drink and paint session, depending on the painting and the venue.


In Los Angeles, you can unwind with some paint and wine at a painting and drinking event. There are various opportunities available to you, whether you want to organize a private gathering or attend a public one. 

You may customize your experience by trying out a variety of settings, topics, visuals, and teachers. You may also give to local organizations and businesses whose mission is to improve the world through the power of art. 

Get your paints and beverages ready because one of the top paint and sip studios in Los Angeles is waiting for you to release your inner artist!

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