Top 7 Paint And Sip Studios In Bakersfield CA United States

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Indulge your inner artist and prepare to have your mind blown in Bakersfield, California. Find out how the best 7 paint and sip studios in Bakersfield are changing how people express themselves creatively. 

Bakersfield art studios provide all you need to mix creativity with camaraderie: friendly, knowledgeable teachers and inspiring spaces. 

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing activity to inspire your inner artist, go no further than one of these amazing sip and paint places near you. 

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Corks and Strokes2623 F St m661 381 1180
Brush & Blush Easel Events95 Spruce St661 747 4243
Painted Lady’s Garden3912 Jerome WayN/A
Schilling Art Studio12426 Jomani Dr STE B661 587 4400
Color Me Mine9000 Ming Ave #H3661 664 7366
Sketch-NStudio LlcMobile studio661 304 3778

1. Corks and Strokes

The party comes to you with Corks and Strokes, a mobile paint and drink workshop. Many subjects, such as nature, animals, flowers, and abstractions, are available for your next painting. Make your unique artwork or choose a subject matter. 

Canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, and tablecloths are all supplied by Corks and Strokes. The only things you’ll be responsible for are the location, the attendees, and the liquid refreshments.

Pricing for each paint and wine event is unique and is based on factors such as the number of participants, the chosen painting topic, and the venue. 

There should be at least 10 visitors and at most 40. The typical cost is $35 per person. Appointments may be scheduled either over the phone or online.

2. Brush & Blush Easel Events

Brush & Blush Easel Events is a mobile paint party and do-it-yourself workshop that travels to your home, office, or other preferred location. 

Event types range from the more common paint nights and board signs to more innovative ones that use acrylic pours, resin, wood flowers, 3D laser wood cutouts, and more. In addition to art and design camps, they host art and craft activities for youngsters.

Skilled and approachable teachers host Brush & Blush Easel Events, where you may make your one-of-a-kind artwork with their help. 

They give you everything you need to create your masterpiece, including aprons, paint, brushes, easels, canvases, boards, stencils, tools, and decorations. All you have to do is bring some beverages and some energy.

Depending on factors including event kind, project scope, and attendance, the price of a single session might range widely. Private paint and sip events need a minimum of six attendees, whereas public events require ten. 

Costs vary from $25 to $65 per person, on average. You may visit their website to learn about future events or to make reservations for one of your own.

3. Painted Lady’s Garden

If you’re interested in learning how to paint or draw, Painted Lady’s Garden is a home drink and paint studio where you can do just that. 

Some options include watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media, portrait, landscape, floral, animal, and abstract paintings. You may also specify the topic or writing style you’re interested in.

Lisa Barton, also known as The Painted Lady, Popizazzi, and Bakersfield Live, is the proud owner of The Painted Lady’s Garden. She’s been painting for more than 30 years and has won several awards for her work. 

She enjoys teaching people how to unleash their creative potential while having a good time with art. She performs live painting exhibitions on Facebook, displays her art, and interacts with fans.

Various factors, including class type, session length, and student count, contribute to the overall cost of each meeting. Group lessons (up to 6 people) cost $20 per student on average, whereas individual lessons (one on one) cost $40 per student. 

4. Schilling Art Studio

You may feel at ease bringing your kid or yourself to Schilling Art Studio for sip and paint lessons. Drawing, grayscale, value, perspective, painting, color theory, and the color wheel are just a few topics covered in the weekly art lessons. 

Acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and other painting mediums will all be covered. As your ability increases, you will be exposed to increasingly complex methods and mediums, such as sculpting, oils, mixed media, and more.

All of the teachers at Schilling Art Studio are certified professionals with a minimum of 25 years of experience teaching art. 

Their goal is to provide students with a well-rounded art education that encourages them to use their unique skills to their utmost potential. They provide summer camps, kid-friendly activities, and parties.

The cost of each paint and drink session is variable and is based on factors such as class type, class length, and student enrollment. The typical paint and sip lesson cost varies from $25 for a class of up to eight people to $40 for an individual lesson.

5. Color Me Mine

At Color Me Mine, you may choose from hundreds of different pieces of pottery and paint them in the style of your choice. 

You’re welcome to bring in your refreshments to enjoy while you paint. Color Me Mine gives you everything you need to make your unique piece of pottery, from clay to paints to instructions. Parties, events, and seminars may be reserved for any occasion.

At this paint and sip venue, you may choose from various ceramic items to decorate, including cups, plates, bowls, vases, figurines, decorations, and more. 

Some themes and styles available include animals, flowers, geometric patterns, seasonal motifs, and more. The helpful staff and knowledgeable teachers may also help you improve your skills.

Each paint and wine session at Color Me Mine costs between $17 and $35, depending on the clay item you choose. The studio charge, which includes paints, glazing, and firing, is $9.75 per adult and $6 per kid (12 and under). 

Kids Day on Wednesdays, Ladies Night on Thursdays, Date Night on Fridays, Pajama Party on Saturdays, and Family Fun Day on Sundays are just a few of the weekly offerings you may take advantage of.

6. Sketch-NStudio Llc

Sketch-N-Studio LLC is a drink and paint studio that provides a wide range of services, including but not limited to face painting, art lessons, and custom artwork creation. 

While working on your masterpiece, help yourself to any refreshments you’d like. Sketch-N-Studio LLC has all the supplies, equipment, and training you’ll need to realize your creative potential.

Portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and even cartoons are some of the many painting styles that may be created at Sketch-N-Studio LLC. 

In addition, there are other media from which to choose, including acrylic paint, watercolor, oil paint, and more. There are also skilled painters and teachers available to teach you new methods.

The specific service you want will determine Sketch-N-Studio LLC’s sip and paint session cost. 

7. The Playful Space

The Playful Space is where women looking for friendships may get together to learn how to inject more play, creativity, and pleasure into their daily lives. 

They provide paint and wine seminars where participants can express their creativity while practicing mindfulness and relaxation. You can bring your food and drink to enjoy during the game.

Intuitive painting, mandala painting, vision board painting, and more are some of the painting styles that may be done at The Playful Space. Topics like self-care, gratitude, emancipation, and many more are available. 

Motivating facilitators and instructors may teach you various strategies for improving your health and happiness.

Prices at The Playful Space vary with every paint and drink session based on your chosen service.


Painting and drinking is a great way to spend an evening in Bakersfield, California, if you’re searching for something artistic and entertaining to do. 

Many paint and wine studios specializing in various painting styles, materials, and subject matters are available. You’re welcome to bring in your refreshments to enjoy while you paint. 

These top 7 Bakersfield, CA paint and sip studios provide something for everyone, so no matter your skill or interest level, you’re sure to find a class that fits you.

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