Top 4 Paint And Sip Studios In Oakland CA United States

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Explore the exciting world of art and leisure at one of Oakland, California’s finest paint and sip studios. 

These sip and paint studios are wonderful places to spend time, whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice wanting to discover your inner creativity. Enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating painting session under the direction of experts in a welcoming and warm environment. 

Discover the four best paint and sip studios near you, where creative expression and fun activities for all ages meet.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Wine & Design204 Broadway510 251 9463
Studio One Arts Center365 45th St510 597 5027
The Crucible1260 7th St510 444 0919
Pinky’s Painting PartyMobile studio510 329 7347

1. Wine & Design

There is a Wine & Design franchise paint and drink venue in Oakland, among others. They provide private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and team-building activities, and they also offer lessons for kids and adults. 

Landscapes, animals, abstractions, pop art, and other genres are available. Bring your beverage of choice and relax with it while you paint.

At Wine & Design, you’ll find inspiration and the resources to create your works of art. The professors there are talented painters who are patient and willing to explain everything in detail. Your artwork may be tailored to reflect your tastes and interests.

The class size and number of participants determine the paint and wine session price. You may reserve a place by calling ahead or making a reservation online. 

2. Studio One Arts Center

Studio One Arts Center is a public building where individuals of all ages and walks of life may take creative courses. Their big, contemporary studio can accommodate various creative endeavors and media types. In addition to it, they hold events, exhibitions, and community programming throughout the year.

Watercolor, acrylics, oils, mixed media, and other painting workshops are offered at the Studio One Arts Center for adults and teenagers. 

Skilled and dedicated teachers can show you the art world’s ropes. Also, it’s a great place to experiment with your unique sense of style and originality. 

The total cost of each drink and paint lesson is based on its length and the difficulty it presents. You may preregister by calling or registering online to enroll in a course. 

In addition, inhabitants of low-income households and elderly citizens are eligible for scholarships and discounts from this paint and sip venue. 

3. The Crucible

Paint and sip classes and workshops in glass, metal, clay, wood, and other materials are available at The Crucible, a non-profit institution dedicated to the industrial arts. They have a diversified faculty filled with brilliant individuals who are specialists in their respective disciplines.

Spray painting, mural painting, stencil creation, and other painting lessons are available for adults and teenagers at The Crucible. 

Professional painters are available to instruct students in the art’s background, theory, and technique. In addition, it’s a great place to work on individual projects or team up with like-minded individuals.

Each paint and drink course has a unique pricing structure, considering its duration and required materials.

4. Pinky’s Painting Party

To bring the painting party to you, Pinky’s Painting Party is a service that travels with all the supplies. Birthdays, fundraisers, showers (bridal and baby), anniversaries, couples’ nights, and any other nights are all catered to. They have everything you need to give your visitors an amazing experience.

Pinky’s Painting Party provides everything you need, from supplies to tunes, to host a successful event. 

You may choose a painting from their gallery or suggest a subject or style. Pinky, the class teacher, is full of life and laughter and will easily lead you through each stage of the painting process. She’ll bring the glitz and the dancing skills to liven up the festivities.

The price of each drink and paint event is different based on the number of individuals involved and the location of the celebration. 

To schedule your party in advance, please contact Pinky through email or phone. While Oakland, California, is the home base for Pinky’s Painting Party, the company will happily go to other locations.


Painting is a satisfying pastime that provides opportunities for expression and relaxation. However, visiting a “paint and sip” class may also be a pleasant and entertaining activity. 

Studio-goers in Oakland, California, may find a place to practice their chosen art, socialize with like-minded others, or have a good time. 

Everyone may find their niche in this dynamic city, home to a thriving wine and design scene and a thriving graffiti and mural art scene. Pick one of these four fantastic sip and paint studios, and explore the pleasure of painting with your friends and a glass of wine.

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