Top 11 Paint And Sip Studios In San Francisco CA United States

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San Francisco is a city rich in culture and the arts, where one may discover a plethora of venues in which to exercise one’s imagination and have a good time. 

Paint and sip studios in San Francisco, where participants sip wine while learning painting techniques from an instructor, are trendy among residents and tourists. 

Paint and sip studios are great for a variety of occasions, from a night out with friends to a date night to a bonding experience for coworkers. 

Here are a few of the eleven top-rated sip and paint venues near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Earthfire Arts438 Judah St #2313415 213 5579
Terra Mia Ceramic Studio1314 Castro St415 642 9911
Sweet Arts Art Studio1643 Pacific Ave415 400 4906
Creative IQ Art Studio & CIQ Gallery3423 Balboa St415 742 4274
Chris Babcock Art5907 California St415 745 5301
C.C. Arts & Crafts Studio2381 Ocean Ave415 539 6396
Artworks Fine Art Studio360 W Portal Ave415 759 5757
The Center for Creative Exploration300 Chenery St415 333 9515
ARTroads Academy246 Romain St415 206 0960
Art School of SF Bay (San Francisco)1603 Irving St650 561 6501
SMAart Gallery & Studio1045 Sutter St415 962 7877

1. Earthfire Arts

Earthfire Arts Studio is San Francisco’s go-to paint-your-own-ceramics workshop, and it’s a source of delight for innumerable art lovers. 

Workshops at Earthfire Arts are geared toward fostering creative development and are open to people of all skill levels and backgrounds. 

Prices range from $15 to $50 per sip and paint session, with some shorter classes costing less and others more. 

Earthfire Arts also provides a venue for celebrations, workshops, and events of all ages. 

2. Terra Mia Ceramic Studio

Another fantastic spot to create your unique piece of pottery in the San Francisco area is Terra Mia Ceramic Studio. 

Terra Mia focuses on pottery painting and ceramic art rather than the more common canvas paintings. 

Numerous ceramic pieces are available for you to paint with low-fire glazes and then retrieve them once they have been baked in the kiln. 

Keepsake clay hands and footprints are another option for parents. Workshops, camps, and birthday celebrations for kids and adults are available at Terra Mia Ceramic Studio. 

Each paint and drink session costs between $10 and $40, plus a $10 studio charge per participant, depending on your selected ceramic item.

3. Sweet Arts Art Studio

Sweet Arts Art Studio is a studio that hosts art lessons, camps, seminars, and birthday celebrations for kids and adults. 

Watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal, soft pastel, and other media and techniques are available for study in the visual arts. 

This drink and paint venue offers regular painting classes, themed sessions, and courses to keep the creative process interesting and new for participants. 

You may also enroll in virtual painting courses that utilize everyday materials. The gift shop at Sweet Arts Art Studio features artwork and art supplies created by local artists. 

Paint and wine class prices range from $25 per hour to $50 per hour, depending on the level and length of the course.

4. Creative IQ Art Studio & CIQ Gallery

Creative IQ Art Studio & CIQ Gallery is a venue that welcomes people of all ages and skill levels to participate in art lessons, camps, seminars, and even birthday parties. 

Whether you’re interested in painting, sketching, collage, mosaic, mixed media, printing, or any other creative form, plenty of projects and mediums are available to help you express your inner artist. 

At this sip and paint venue, you may peruse and purchase works on paper, prints, greeting cards, and other items created by regional artists. 

This paint and wine studio gives artists easy access to San Francisco’s vibrant art scene by serving as both a studio and a gallery. 

Paint and sip class prices range from $30 to $60 per hour on average, depending on the subject matter and target demographic.

5. Chris Babcock Art

Chris Babcock, a professional portrait painter, art educator, and author of children’s books, started Chris Babcock Art in 1991, making it the oldest children’s painting studio in San Francisco. 

Chris Babcock Art teaches students of all ages how to create works using only the highest-quality, professionally-sourced materials and reference resources. 

From landscape to abstract, participants may try out new skills and approaches with the help of knowledgeable teachers. 

Private painting parties and online art workshops through Zoom are also available to schedule. Drink and paint class prices range from $35 per hour to $75 per hour, depending on the level and length of the course.

6. C.C. Arts & Crafts Studio

The C.C. Arts & Crafts Studio is an sip and paint studio that provides a wide range of creative pursuits for patrons of all ages. 

Acrylics and glazes are great for decorating your ceramics, canvas, wood, and glass. Candles, soap, jewelry, and even slime may all be created at home with the right supplies and molds. 

C.C. Arts & Crafts Studio is a great place to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, holidays, fundraisers, team building, and more with a party, class, or event.  

Depending on what you’d want to do, the price per person might be anywhere from $10 to $30.

7. Artworks Fine Art Studio

At Artworks Fine Art Studio, students of all ages and ability levels may take advantage of a curriculum focused on the fundamentals of drawing and painting. 

Charcoal, graphite, pastels, watercolor, oils, and acrylics may be learned from expert artists who teach drawing and painting classes. 

Alternatively, you can enroll in an online art course or workshop focusing on a particular study area, such as anatomy, perspective, color theory, composition, and more. 

Students applying to art schools or universities can use Artworks Fine Art Studio’s portfolio preparation services. 

This paint and sip studio provides a thorough and professional approach to fine art painting under the direction of a team of established artists, each with their area of specialization and instruction method. 

Paint and drink class prices range from $25 to $50 per hour, depending on the level and length of the program.

8. The Center for Creative Exploration

The Center for Creative Exploration is a painting studio that takes a different approach to the art form, one that is grounded in process painting. 

In process painting, the artist prioritizes the creative process over the final product. You don’t have to worry about satisfying anyone’s expectations or criticizing your work when you paint. 

Having the guidance of professional facilitators who are also artists can make it easier to use color and shape to delve into one’s inner world and discover one’s sensations and emotions. 

Retreats, workshops, and other individual development and creative expression activities are often held at the Center for Creative Exploration. 

Depending on the nature and duration of the paint and wine session, prices might range from $40 to $100 per attendee.

9. ARTroads Academy

ARTroads Academy is a school that shows you all the different ways to get creative. Drawing, watercolor, pen and ink, oil painting, and other mediums are taught in their courses, retreats, and tours. 

Their teachers are hand-picked for their creative prowess and dedication to imparting knowledge in a welcoming, encouraging, and stimulating atmosphere.

Enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles while learning to paint a gorgeous landscape or still life in one of their most popular offers, the “paint and sip” session. This drink and paint session will have no prerequisites, and all necessary materials will be given. 

You may also host a private paint and drink party with a theme and venue for your friends, family, or coworkers.

Paint and sip events often cost between $45 to $75 per person. However, this can vary widely based on the event’s location, size, and number of attendees.

10. Art School of SF Bay (San Francisco)

Art School of SF Bay provides a contemporary education in fine arts by studying the masters. 

Their curriculum is intended to extend students’ views and cultivate important artistic talents, and their lessons are entertaining and informative. 

They provide courses in art history, manga, design, illustration, portrait and human figure drawing, painting, sculpting, digital art, and more for children, teenagers, and adults.

Their paint night class is a terrific way to have fun with friends or a date while learning the basics of painting a beautiful masterpiece. 

The program is available to artists of all skill levels, and each week has a new selection of topics, including animals, flowers, landscapes, abstractions, and more. 

You can bring your own drinks and refreshments to enjoy while following the instructor’s step-by-step instructions as you paint. Individuals should expect to pay $35 for each sip and paint session.

11. SMAart Gallery & Studio

The SMAart Gallery & Studio is a clay art studio where you can take ceramics workshops, join a ceramics studio, have an off-site corporate event, and much more. 

Their clay paint nights, where you may paint your ceramic artwork while sipping wine and mingling with others, are quite well attended. 

No experience is necessary for this event, making it ideal for first-timers. Bisque ware adds a unique flair to everyday items like mugs, bowls, plates, vases, and more. 

The teacher will offer advice and guidance to help you create a work of art that is your own. The drink and paint studio staff will glaze and fire your finished ceramic after the event, and you can pick it up whenever you like.

 Every clay painting night will set you back $45 per participant.


Going to a paint and sip studio is a wonderful way to unwind, have some fun, and use your creative side. 

San Francisco has a wide variety of accommodations to suit various needs and budgets. You shouldn’t visit San Francisco without stopping by one of these top-notch paint and drink establishments. 

They have excellent teachers, a welcoming environment, and stimulating assignments that will spark your ideas. Reserve your time now for a once-in-a-lifetime event!

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