Top 6 Paint And Sip Studios In Irvine CA United States

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You can have a lot of fun and get some creative juices flowing at one of the many paint and sip studios in Irvine, California. 

Wine, coffee, or tea are just some beverages that may be enjoyed in “paint and sip” studios, where customers can also paint a canvas as they relax and unwind. You may improve your skills under the guidance of experts, make some cool new friends, and let your creative side shine. 

The top six paint and drink venues near you are listed below.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
THE ARTIST LAB5311 University Dr949 293 2380
Aspire Art Studios6829 Quail Hill Pkwy949 857 1688
Irvine Fine Arts Center14321 Yale Ave949 724 6880
Mission: Renaissance4606 Barranca Pkwy800 430 4278
Studio H Fine Art2691 Richter Ave #108949 430 7020
Artology Studio4860 Irvine Blvd #203949 860 1543


THE ARTIST LAB is an all-ages sip and paint studio that offers classes to kids, teens, and adults. Their lessons are unusual because they are taught by art professors who are experts in many different forms of artistic expression. 

Among the many courses available are those in traditional media, digital art and concept design, 3D modeling and printing, portfolio building, and more. Fun and educational summer programs and activities are offered for people of all ages.

Learn the fundamentals of acrylic, watercolor, oil, pastel, and more at THE ARTIST LAB. Landscapes, portraits, animals, abstractions, and other subjects may all be investigated. 

Class packages come in various price points and time commitments to accommodate your needs. The paint and drink studio provides everything you need for your painting sessions.

2. Aspire Art Studios

If you’re looking for a fantastic paint and sip venue in Irvine, Aspire Art Studios is another excellent choice. For youngsters of all ages and ability levels, they provide art courses. 

Paint and wine classes focus on providing each student with constructive criticism and guidance to help them grow as artists. And for individuals interested in learning how to make digital art, they provide workshops utilizing iPads and Apple pens.

There’s no better place to spend a day painting with loved ones than at Aspire Art Studios. While you’re here painting, feel free to bring some refreshments. 

You may also reserve the space for private parties and gatherings for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, team-building events, etc.

3. Irvine Fine Arts Center

The city-run Irvine Fine Arts Center hosts events, exhibits, open studio programs, and art lessons for people of all ages. 

You may take courses in pottery, jewelry design, photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, painting, and many other art forms. They also provide parents with early childhood and family courses for their young children.

At Irvine Fine Arts Center, you may take drink and paint classes taught by professionals to help you develop your unique artistic voice. 

You may use their open studio programs to hone your craft, work on projects, or collaborate with other creative types. Their special events include festivals of the arts, seminars, talks, and more.

4. Mission: Renaissance

Mission: Renaissance aims to provide quality art instruction to students of all ages. Oil, pastel, watercolor, and charcoal are just a few options. 

You may also sign up for weekly seminars where you’ll learn to paint a new topic every week, whether a landscape, a portrait, an animal, or something entirely different.

Renaissance’s mission is to provide a welcoming community where students may learn at their own pace and benefit from individualized attention from teachers. 

The teachers have extensive expertise in developing and instructing in the visual arts. They will teach you how to paint each step, from planning to finishing touches. 

You may sign up for a free trial class to determine whether their method suits you. Schedule a special event or party in their sip and paint studio and have fun painting with your loved ones.

5. Studio H Fine Art

Studio H Fine Art is a fully-equipped fine arts studio that encourages students to develop their artistic skills and experiment with new mediums.

Studio classes are offered in various artistic mediums, including sculpture, drawing, painting, and craft making. Classes and seminars are available for people of different ages, backgrounds, and interests. Fun and educational summer programs are available through this organization.

Iris Heffes, an artist residing in Orange County, opened Studio H Fine Art to provide a space that encourages using one’s ideas and creativity. She and her teaching staff will guide you as you experiment with new techniques and media to find your voice as an artist. 

You may try out a paint and drink session for free to see whether you like the teaching style and materials. From birthdays to baby showers to adult get-togethers, parties may be held in their paint and wine studio.

6. Artology Studio

The Artology Studio is a creative space where people can simultaneously have fun and learn about art and visual perception. 

This drink and paint studio offers classes in various mediums, including drawing, painting, making crafts, and ceramic painting. 

All ages and skill levels can enroll in their many seminars and workshops. Participate in their art-making and recreational summer programs.

Two Irvine, California, moms formed Artology Studio. They deeply appreciate art and want to spread it to others.

They have a staff of teachers who are both qualified and interested in art education. They will provide direction and ideas to help you create meaningful work. You may exhibit your creations in their gallery as well.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to learn something new, go beyond the paint and sip studios in Irvine, California. 

You may choose the perfect studio, whether searching for a way to unwind, an opportunity to express yourself creatively, or a fun way to meet new people. 

These sip and paint venues are available for private events, so you can throw a celebration centered around art and invite your closest friends and family members. In that case, why delay any longer? 

Get six to one of these fantastic paint and sip venues in Irvine, California, and bring your beverage of choice.

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