Top 9 Paint And Sip Studios In Columbus OH United States

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Do you find yourself in Columbus, Ohio, and longing for some imaginative recreation? If so, visit one of many paint and sip studios in Columbus. 

Canvas, pottery, wood, glass, and more are just some of the surfaces that may be painted on at these workshops. Bring your food and beverages and spend a pleasant evening with friends or family. 

No matter your artistic experience level, a studio exists for you. The best nine paint and sip studios near you are listed in this post.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Wine and Canvas132 Graceland Blvd614 745 6513
Pinot’s Palette Short North691 N High St Suite 101614 456 7307
Painted Pearls Paint Parties5943 E Main St614 581 4866
Brush Crazy1299 Bethel Rd614 929 5417
Studio 6142487 Summit St614 600 1614
Pour On The Art1625 Bethel Rd # 102800 275 4128
Anna Sokol Fine Art x Art with AnnaPrivate Studio, 56 N Stanwood Rd614 252 1881
SOMO Art Studio289 W Walnut StN/A
Clay Cafe1644 W 5th Ave614 486 5815

1. Wine and Canvas

Since 2012, the well-known brand Wine and Canvas has been successfully doing business in the city of Columbus. 

In addition to hosting private parties and business events, it provides a range of painting workshops for adults and children. 

You can pick from various topics, including landscapes, animals, flowers, abstractions, and more. 

The teachers are kind and knowledgeable and will walk you through producing your masterpiece step-by-step.

You are welcome to bring your wine and snacks, or you may place an order from the restaurant located at the location where the lesson will be held. All supplies and training are included in the $35 fee for each sip and paint class.

2. Pinot’s Palette Short North

In 2016, in the heart of the bustling Short North Arts District, Pinot’s Palette Short North opened its doors as a stylish and homey art studio. 

In addition to various painting workshops suited to painters of all experience levels, the establishment hosts various special events, including date evenings, quiz nights, fundraisers, and more. 

You may also schedule a private party for any event, such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, team building, or any other event you can think of. 

The facility features a complete bar that offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, savory food, and sweet treats. 

Although the price of each paint and drink session shifts based on the day and hour, it is typically in the region of $35 to $45 for each participant.

3. Painted Pearls Paint Parties

In a relaxed and friendly setting, Painted Pearls Paint Parties guides students through a painting project from start to finish. 

You may learn to paint stunning works of art on canvas or wood pallets, including landscapes, animals, flowers, and abstractions. Paintings may be personalized, and certain subjects can be requested. 

Painted Pearls Paint Parties is happy to provide the aprons and paints for your event free of charge. To enjoy a great time, just bring your food and beverages.

Paint and wine sessions cost between $35 and $45 per participant, depending on the nature of the work being done and the venue. 

4. Brush Crazy

Brush Crazy is a creative drink and paint party studio that welcomes walk-ins and offers various do-it-yourself painting activities. 

Various surfaces, including canvas, ceramics, wood, glass, and more, are suitable for painting. 

You may also make marble paintings, hydro dip paintings, hydro bubble paintings, hydro marbling paintings, and hydro dip bubble paintings. 

Brush Crazy caters to players of all ages and ability levels. You are free to make your masterpiece or follow their guidelines.

They have an excellent team of artists eager to aid you with your creative endeavors. Brush Crazy also serves as a venue for art lessons, private parties, and corporate team-building activities.

Depending on the chosen project, each sip and paint session might cost anywhere from $13 to $65. 

5. Studio 614

Studio 614 is a traveling paint and wine studio that will bring the party to you wherever you are. 

You can choose to paint on various surfaces, including canvas, wood signs, wine glasses, pillows, tote bags, and many more. 

In addition, you can personalize your design or select one from their portfolio of more than 300 artworks. 

Studio 614 will supply all the supplies, give any necessary instructions, and set up for your event. Bring your food and beverages, and all you have to do is show up and have a good time

The price of each paint and drink lesson depends on the project and how many people are participating. 

You have the option of booking your event either online or over the phone. In addition, Studio 614 provides gift certificates and discounts for appointments made by groups.

6. Pour On The Art

If you’re looking for the best paint and sip class, look no further than Pour On The Art! Painting on canvas, making crafts, working with wood, and more are all options. 

The well-known pouring art method involves pouring acrylic paint onto a surface to make splattering, abstract compositions. This paint and wine venue aims to help you develop your artistic skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

The Pour On The Art mobile unit may bring everything to your location, excluding the tables and chairs. 

In addition to private lessons, you may attend one of their public events at their paint and drink studio or at one of the numerous bars with which they have been associated. You may use Pour On The Art for anything from a girls’ night out to a date or team-building event.

Each sip and paint class begins at $35 for each participant. You may browse the schedule and make a reservation for a private party online or over the phone. 

7. Anna Sokol Fine Art x Art with Anna

Anna Sokol Fine Art x Art with Anna hosts a variety of creative activities for people of all ages and ability levels. 

Canvas or wood can be used to practice painting landscapes, animals, flowers, and abstractions. 

Collage, mixed media, watercolor, and other mediums are up for experimentation. This sip and paint venue equips you with everything you need to pursue your artistic goals.

Anna Sokol, a local artist, and instructor, started the company Anna Sokol Fine Art x Art with Anna because she wanted to share her enthusiasm for the arts with others. She has taught art in various contexts thanks to her degree in the field. 

The price of each paint and wine session varies widely based on the project type and the time it takes. 

You may check out the schedule of upcoming events and reserve seats online or over the phone.

8. SOMO Art Studio

The SOMO Art facility is a paint and sip facility where adults and children may take courses in painting on canvas. 

Landscapes, animals, icons from pop culture, phrases, and more are just some of the painting possibilities available to you. You may also provide a theme for your painting or have it painted to your specifications. 

The staff at this drink and paint studio will be available to help you plan and execute a successful event. Bring your food and beverages, and prepare to have a good time.

Sommer Renaldo, a local artist and entrepreneur, opened SOMO Art Studio so that others might have a place to express themselves creatively and freely. 

In 2016, she established her business in Columbus, Ohio’s South Main neighborhood. She and her team of amazing artists hold open paint nights every week and are also available for special events at your venue or theirs. 

SOMO Art Studio hosts public painting events in collaboration with various city establishments.

Adults may expect to pay $35, while children as young as 5 can expect to pay $25 for each paint night session. 

9. Clay Cafe

At Clay Cafe, you may choose from various clay items and paint them however you like using glazes and acrylics. 

Several tableware options include cups, plates, bowls, vases, figurines, and decorations. DIY pottery can be made on the potter’s wheel or by shaping clay by hand. 

Everything you need to complete your ceramic creation, including paints, stamps, stencils, and tools, is available at Clay Cafe. Simply bring refreshments and snacks and sit back to enjoy the creative process.

Each paint and sip session might cost anywhere from $5 to $75, depending on the size and complexity of the artwork you’re planning to do. 

You may drop by whenever they’re open or contact them to schedule a special event. There are also loyalty programs and gift cards available at Clay Cafe.


You may choose from a wide range of entertaining and inspiring activities at any one of the numerous Columbus, Ohio paint and sip studios. 

Painting surfaces include canvas, ceramics, wood, glass, and more. Bring your food and beverages and spend a pleasant evening with friends or family. 

No matter your artistic experience level, there is a studio out there for you. One of the greatest paint and sip studios in Columbus, OH, is here to host you and your friends for a memorable evening of creativity and fun.

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