Top 3 Paint And Sip Studios In Toledo OH United States

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Painting is a great way to let your imagination run wild and show the world who you are. However, painting while socializing with loved ones or on a date, sharing a drink, and listening to music may be unforgettable experiences. 

Because of this, paint and sip studios are becoming more popular, particularly in Toledo, Ohio, where there are many venues to select from. 

In this piece, we’ll tell you about two of Toledo, Ohio’s top paint and drink spots: Spin and Splat and Art Lab 419 Uncork The Artist. 

These sip and paint studios near you provide unique, hands-on painting lessons that will make you feel like a Picasso in no time.

Studio Name
AddressPhone NumberBooking Website
PAINT YOUR PLACE BY JESSICA MACK3303 N Holland Sylvania Rd419 460 6784N/A
Spin and Splat2455 Tremainsville Rd734 807 2050
Art Lab 419 Uncork The Artist5380 Monroe St Suite #3141 928 32484


Local artist Jessica Mack, who runs this paint and wine studio, is all about adding personality and color to your space with each new painting she creates. 

You may contact her via her website or email her for more information about her parties and lessons. She provides paintings and DIY projects on various materials, including canvas, wood, glass, ceramic, and more. 

She will create a unique and personal masterpiece with your picture or concept. Drink and paint sessions typically cost between $25 to $45 per participant. However, this might range widely depending on the nature of the project and the number of individuals involved.

2. Spin and Splat

Spin and Splat is a do-it-yourself art studio where you may make your masterpiece by pouring acrylic paint. 

To create a one-of-a-kind piece of art, choose from various options such as spin tables, splat rooms, and craft activities. Spin tables let you pour paint onto a spinning canvas to create stunning patterns and motifs. 

In a darkened room with decorations and costumes, participants may throw paint at a canvas or each other while wearing masks and other disguises. Wood signs, ceramic tiles, and wine glasses may be painted and stenciled for DIY projects.

Time slots at this paint and wine venue may be reserved in advance through the website or by phone from Thursday through Sunday. 

Individual sip and paint sessions might cost anywhere from $15 to $45, depending on the complexity of the task at hand and the size of the canvas. Both outside refreshments and those sold at the paint and sip studio are welcome. 

Fun for people of all ages and ability levels, Spin and Splat is perfect for birthday celebrations, romantic evenings, and casual get-togethers with friends.

3. Art Lab 419 Uncork The Artist

An exciting painting studio and paint party hotspot, Art Lab 419 Uncork The Artist offers many art lessons and projects suitable for any event. There are both public and private classes available on their schedule. Take-home kits and gift cards are also available for purchase. 

Canvas, wood, ceramic, and even resin art, string art, and glass etching are just some of the mediums available in Art Lab 419.

There is a selfie lab session in Art Lab 419, where you may use light rings and accessories to snap pictures in 20 different popup scenes. 

Attending a sip and paint session in the art lab grants you free access to the selfie lab; otherwise, it may be reserved separately for $10 per person. In the selfie lab, you and your pals may take hilarious and memorable pictures of yourselves.

Open from Tuesday through Sunday, with various lesson hours listed online. Drink and paint class fees vary from $25 to $65 per student, depending on the assignment’s nature and the cost of the necessary supplies. You can bring refreshments or buy them at the studio’s snack bar. 

Date evenings, ladies’ nights, business team building, and baby showers are just some of the many occasions that might benefit from a visit to Art Lab 419.


Painting is more than just a pastime; it’s a therapy that may help you relax, gain self-esteem, and unleash your imagination. 

And when you add in the drinking and mingling, you have a recipe for a great time with your loved ones. For this reason, visitors to Toledo, OH, looking for a fun and unique activity can’t go wrong with visiting a paint and sip studio. 

Whether you visit Art Lab 419 Uncork The Artist, Spin and Splat, or another local studio, you’ll have a great time and leave with a priceless keepsake. The time to schedule your next paint and sip event is now, so don’t wait. It’s a decision you won’t come to regret.

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