Top 10 Paint And Sip Studios In Gold Coast QLD Australia

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Enjoy a glass of wine or a beverage while letting your creative juices flow at one of the best paint and sip studios in Gold Coast!

No matter your skill level, going to one of these studios is a great way to relax and let your imagination run wild. 

This post will show you the best 10 paint and sip studios near you in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. You may schedule a session at any of these studios, decide which artwork you want to paint, and then get ready to create your masterpiece.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
The Sweet Fine Artist StudioMermaid Beach0419125381
Pinot & PicassoSouthport0423590154
Palm Beach
Paint JuicyUpper Coomera 
Burleigh Heads 
The Art ExchangeSurfers Paradise 0434906838
Brushed N BoozeeBurleigh Heads 0483880726
The Bubbly CanvasVarsity Lakes 0414 872 369
Ashley Bunting StudioHope Island 0400055392
The Craft ParlourBurleigh Heads0422700941
Mesi StudioBurleigh Heads0415650015
The Chroma ClubMiami0405712711

1. The Sweet Fine Artist Studio

Maree Quinn, an artist, founded The Sweet Fine Artist Studio, which is tucked away in Mermaid Beach’s artistic neighborhood. 

The sip and paint studio is a fantastic place to relax and have fun with friends or family and offers a variety of painting lessons for all skill levels. No need to bring your canvas, apron, paintbrushes, paper, or glasses; Maree has arranged everything. Just bring your alcohol, snacks, and a lovely mind. 

Everyone can produce a lovely work of art to take home because of the kind and knowledgeable instructors. 

2. Pinot & Picasso

Pinot & Picasso is one of the most famous paint and sip workshops, and it has quickly spread across Australia. The Gold Coast site is no different; it’s a fun, laid-back place where people can come to paint with friends. 

The paint and drink studio supplies the many lessons it offers, from landscapes to portraits. 

If you have no prior experience and an insatiable need for inspiration, you may join us for a cool $59, or even less during the week.

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3. Paint Juicy

There was much to see, from hot air balloons to naked muses to a good old-fashioned peacock. Paint Juicy is serious about its wide range of styles and locations.

This is a proudly LGBTQIA+-friendly place where you can come and express yourself in the paintings and other ways. 

In addition to hosting private parties and lessons for children, the studio also hosts neon painting and sip sessions. 

Paint Juicy is a fantastic paint and sip studio option for anyone seeking a novel experience since it encourages originality and laughter.

4. The Art Exchange

In the heart of the Gold Coast, you’ll find the Art Exchange, a hive of artistic activity. The drink and paint studio offers a variety of programs and workshops, making it a wonderful location to develop your creative skills and connect with like-minded others. 

The Art Exchange is a great place to learn or show your work, regardless of your level of experience as an artist.  

For $59, you can get everything you need at their studio; all you have to do is bring your liquor and snacks. 

5. Brushed N Boozee

As any true artist will tell you, the setting is crucial. The neon light at Brushed N Boozee will inspire you to express yourself creatively. 

Covered in colorful urban murals, this trendy new spot is where rap fans can discover the greatest sip and paint courses on the Gold Coast. 

Classes in acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and resin art are just some options available at this facility. At Brushed N Boozee, you may enjoy a drink or two casually to help you unwind and unleash your inner artist.

6. The Bubbly Canvas

Crack up a bottle of champagne, wet your whistle, and tuck your paintbrush between your fingers. 

The Bubbly Canvas has planned the most enjoyable paint and drink lessons on the Gold Coast for you. 

In addition to leaving with a finished masterpiece for your house, you may also go with some new friends after taking a class taught by the popular Jess. 

This studio is ideal for those who like to unleash their inner artist while socializing with friends over a glass of champagne. The Bubbly Canvas also hosts corporate team-building workshops and private events for businesses.

7. Ashley Bunting Studio

With your pro-guided masterclass at Ashley Bunting Studio, you can paint flowers, furry friends, or sea creatures to hang on your walls. 

This studio welcomes students of all skill levels to participate in a variety of programs and workshops, from paint parties to ceramics to mixed media, all with an emphasis on personal expression and creativity. 

You can trust the helpful and educated staff at Ashley Bunting Studio to walk you through the whole design process.

8. The Craft Parlour

The Craft Parlour, frontrunners in the creative field, share a love of rich artwork and cheerful hues. 

This studio hosts a variety of drink and paint workshops and programs for creative types of all skill levels, emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

At The Craft Parlour, you may find various arts and crafts to explore, from watercolor painting to macram√© and ceramics. 

Everyone will leave with a big 16×20-inch framed piece of art, which is a bonus because it means we don’t have to go buy one for twice as much. We’re going to paint that!

9. Mesi Studio

Mesi Studio is a paint and sip workshop in Burleigh Heads that is full of color and life. This studio offers art and craft classes for people of all ages and skill levels that are meant to be fun and relaxing. 

Mesi Studio also has private events and parties, making it the perfect place for a birthday party or a fun night out with friends.

Sign up for the new “Textured Mirror Paint & Sip” class for $89 per person and make your home cooler. Make your own wonky (but interesting), bumpy frame mirror while munching on snacks and drinks you bring yourself.

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10. The Chroma Club

The Chroma Club in Miami, Gold Coast, is an alternative to the typical paint-and-wine establishment. 

Classes and courses at this studio emphasize creativity and relaxation, emphasizing modern art and design. 

Private parties and corporate team-building sessions are also available at the Chroma Club, making it the ideal location for a memorable and exciting day.


It’s no surprise that visiting a paint and sip studio on the Gold Coast has become a favorite activity for both residents and visitors looking for a good time. 

All of the studios we’ve included, from The Sweet Fine Artist Studio to The Chroma Club, are one-of-a-kind places where you can go to create art and good vibes. 

Gather your pals, grab a bottle of wine, and unleash your inner artist at one of Gold Coast’s best sip and paint venues.

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