Top 10 Paint And Sip Studios In Markham ON Canada

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Visit one of the paint and sip studios in Markham, Ontario, if you’re seeking a social and artistic activity during your free time. 

You can relax and unwind at a sip and paint studio while drinking your preferred beverage (wine, coffee, or juice are all fair game). 

Landscapes, animals, abstractions, and portraits are just some of the available subject matter and aesthetic options. In addition, there are qualified teachers available to show you the ropes. You may unwind, meet new people, and channel your inner artist at a paint and sip studio. 

The best paint and wine venues near you are listed below.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paint Paradise Art Studio38 Stately Way647 390 9659
Crock A Doodle Unionville159 Main St Unionville905 940 5670
Crafty Pots126 Main Street Markham N905 477 0002
Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School16-505 Hood Rd416 291 7770
Art One Academy Markham90C Centurian Dr Unit 7C905 604 9395
Castle Arts5694 Hwy 7 #18905 554 2787
Pencil Studio274 Copper Creek Dr647 926 6288
Moj Pottery Studio80 Cathedral High St Unit 1905 737 8944
7 Tones Art Classwarren McBride crew aurora, 37 Cathedral High St #27647 866 1666
Acts Art Studio3255 Hwy 7 #167905 554 8287

1. Paint Paradise Art Studio

Paint Paradise Art Studio is a warm and inviting place where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy various painting-related activities. 

Painting options range from canvas to pottery to glass to wood and beyond. You’re welcome to bring in your refreshments to enjoy while you paint. 

The events at Paint Paradise Art Studio range from “ladies’ nights” to “kids’ parties” to “corporate events” to “fundraisers.” 

Any special event can be celebrated with a private party. Pricing for each session is different based on the type of activity and the size of the item you wish to paint.

2. Crock A Doodle Unionville

You may find lots of sunshine and good vibes at Crock A Doodle Unionville, a ceramic painting workshop. 

Various ceramic items, including cups, bowls, plates, platters, and items designed specifically for children, are all available and waiting to be painted. 

Seasonal decorations, DIY kits, and thoughtful presents can all be made by you. Crock A Doodle Unionville has everything you need to make your own masterpiece: paints, brushes, tools, and instruction. Feel free to bring your own if you’d like to enjoy some refreshments while you paint. 

Pottery wheel throwing and clay hand building are just two unique activities you may sign up for in advance. Studio hours are Monday through Sunday at 159 Main Street, Unionville, ON. 

3. Crafty Pots

Visit Crafty Pots to drop in for pottery painting or wheel throwing whenever you want. There is a wide variety of ceramics, including cups, plates, bowls, vases, figures, and more. 

Clay pots can be molded by hand or on a pottery wheel. Crafty Pots has all you need if you want somewhere to unleash your inner artist. 

If you’d like to snack on something tasty while you paint or throw, feel free to bring it along. Birthday parties, workshops, camps, and other activities are all welcome at Crafty Pots. A paint party can be reserved for any special event. 

The price of your sip and paint session will vary based on the material you choose to paint or toss.

4. Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School

At the progressive painting school known as Beware Wet Paint, pupils as young as four can take classes alongside those at the pre-college and adult levels. 

The school has various perspectives and methods, infusing education with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Students learn to freely engage with art through experimentation, creation, and interaction with professional, dedicated artist-educators. 

Through exposure to many artistic and cultural practices, the institution encourages its students to develop personally and intellectually to their fullest potential. 

Canvas painting, watercolor painting, sketching, and more can all be done as drop-in activities at the Beware Wet Paint Progressive Art School. 

In addition, feel free to bring some refreshments while you work. Each paint and drink session’s fee is different based on the type of lesson and the student’s progress through the program.

5. Art One Academy Markham

Art One Academy Markham provides exceptional visual art instruction in a setting that is as individual as its students. 

Based on the Ontario Curriculum for the Fine Arts, it provides courses for students of all ages and abilities in the visual arts. 

Paint and sip classes for adults and families teach participants how to paint with acrylics and watercolors on canvas while enjoying complimentary beverages. 

There are many options, including floral, landscape, and animal-themed designs. Most drink and paint seminars last 2 hours and provide all the necessary resources and instruction.

6. Castle Arts

Castle Arts aims to foster students’ creative development and academic success. 

Classes and camps are available for kids and teens, emphasizing teaching the basics of art while fostering an environment where students feel free to use their ideas and create something truly original. 

It also hosts sip and paint seminars, where adults may learn to paint with acrylics on canvas in a fun and social setting while enjoying refreshments. You have your pick among landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes. 

The paint and drink workshops typically last about 2 hours and provide all the necessary resources and guidance. Each seminar costs $40 per attendee. 

7. Pencil Studio

Pencil Studio is a fascinating arts and crafts learning experience for kids, adults, corporate parties, and families in a warm and inviting environment. 

Most of its instructors hold advanced degrees in the arts and either have extensive experience in the classroom or as working artists themselves. 

Paint and drink classes are available for kids of all ages and skill levels in various art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpting, and craft. Also available are paint and sip sessions, where individuals or groups may have a good time while learning the basics of painting with acrylics on canvas. 

Nature, animals, and abstracts are just a few of the topics from which to select. Sip and paint sessions typically last 2 hours and include all necessary supplies and instruction. Each paint and wine class costs $35 per attendee. 

8. Moj Pottery Studio

The Moj Pottery Studio is a store that sells pottery and hosts pottery painting sessions, wheel-throwing classes, and hand-building pottery classes. 

With the guidance of skilled instructors, you can master the art of working with clay and fashion your own unique pottery works. 

When you customize your pottery with your own design, you can select from a wide variety of bisques and paints. 

Additionally, Moj Pottery Studio provides a service that allows customers to capture handprints of their children’s and animals’ little fingers and toes by pressing them into clay. 

9. 7 Tones Art Class

Paint and drink classes are available for kids and adults of all skill levels at 7 Tones Art Class. It employs a faculty of professionals with advanced degrees in the arts or education. 

In addition to the standard drawing and painting tools, it also includes sketching, watercolor, and mixed-media applications. 

There are also “paint and sip” seminars, where adults may learn to paint with acrylics on canvas while enjoying a beverage. Themes range from flora and fauna to landscapes and beyond.

The drink and paint workshops typically last about 2 hours and provide all the necessary resources and guidance. Each seminar costs $40 per attendee. 

10. Acts Art Studio

Acts Art Studio is an art school that welcomes students of any age or skill level, including children and adults. 

Classes are broken down accordingly. It has devoted instructors who share their knowledge with students and come from artistic or design-related fields. It provides a variety of classes, including drawing, painting, illustration, animation, and graphic design, among other things. 

In addition, it provides paint and sip parties for individuals or groups, during which participants can discover how to paint with acrylics on canvas in a style that is both enjoyable and straightforward. 

You have various options, including cartoons, abstractions, and the natural world. The paint parties typically last for two hours and come complete with all of the necessary materials and supervision. The price of attendance at each gathering is $35 per individual.


Try at some of the most popular paint and sip studios in Markham, such as those listed here. 

You will love painting a masterpiece while sipping on your preferred beverage, regardless of whether you are searching for a new pastime, a way to relax, or a fun activity to do with your friends or family. 

So grab your paints, and get ready to let your creative side shine through!

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