Top 4 Paint And Sip Studios In Tulsa OK United States

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While painting and drinking are enjoyable independently, they become much more enjoyable when done together. 

Paint and drink studios in Tulsa provide a fun and social environment for various occasions, from solo artists to large groups wishing to bond over a shared artistic experience. 

While sipping on a beverage and snacking on some food, you may select from various painting options, each with its subject, style, and method. 

This post will introduce you to four top paint and sip studios near you, where you can let your creative juices flow while making new friends.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Pinot’s Palette1621 E 15th St918 794 7333
ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio5451 S Mingo Rd SUITE I918 269 4314
Board & Brush Creative Studio – Tulsa8925 E 61st St Unit C918 615 0722
Pinspiration Tulsa8931 S Yale Ave Suite K918 764 8157

1. Pinot’s Palette

Since 2009, Pinot’s Palette has been a nationally recognized brand of paint and sip events. They aim to make art more approachable and enjoyable for the general public. 

You may paint everything from landscapes to animals, abstractions to flowers, and more at Pinot’s Palette. Colors, text, or initials may be added to the canvas to make it uniquely yours. 

You may paint your masterpiece with the help of the instructors at Pinot’s Palette while enjoying a glass of wine, beer, or a soft drink from the bar. They have catering partners, but you may also bring your food.

Private events and public lessons for all ages are available at Pinot’s Palette. For parties of 10 or more, you can reserve a separate room or the full studio. 

Pinot’s Palette also provides online sip and paint courses that may be taken from the convenience of your own home. You can pick up the materials in the studio or mail them to you.

2. ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio

Tulsa native and black-inspired artist LaResha Boykins opened ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio. Since she was a little girl, LaResha has deeply desired to inspire people via her artwork. 

Portraits, cartoons, animals, and more may be learned to paint at ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio. Canvas, wood, glass, and even pebbles are all viable options for the artist.

In this paint and sip venue, you may bring your refreshments and get all the guidance you need to make your original works of art. To add to the enjoyment, you may bring some tunes or play games. 

Paint and drink classes for adults and children are regularly offered at ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio, and the space is also available for private events. A private session may be reserved for your party of six or more people.

3. Board & Brush Creative Studio – Tulsa

Another well-known chain offering do-it-yourself wood sign classes is Board & Brush Creative Studio. Their mission is to provide you with the means to design and build unique wooden furnishings for your home, business, or vacation retreat. 

Hundreds of designs are available at Board & Brush Creative Studio, from country to urban, farmhouse to stylish. Adding colors, text, or initials to the sign is another option.

You may distress, stain, paint, and wax your wood sign with the help of the equipment and supplies provided by this paint and wine studio.

In addition, you will get detailed instructions from their seasoned educators to help you channel your inner do-it-yourselfer. Wine, beer, and soft drinks may be purchased at the licensed bar at Board & Brush Creative Studio. You may bring your food or order it from one of their catering companies.

Workshops for adults and children (age 8 and above) and private events may be arranged at this sip and paint studio. 

If you have a party of 10 or more, you may get a private room or a full studio. Mini workshops (for children aged 6 and above) are available at this drink and paint venue.

4. Pinspiration Tulsa

Pinspiration is a different chain that claims to be the first craft studio in the world to draw inspiration from the visual bookmarking website Pinterest. 

The idea is that you can do the most popular and stylish DIY projects you see on Pinterest without having to go out and purchase all the materials and make a mess in your own home. 

Pinspiration is a crafting mecca, with dozens of activities available, from acrylic pouring to dream catcher making to string painting. Moreover, you can make changes and additions to your project on the fly.

You can find everything you need to make your work of art on Pinspiration, including project kits, guides, and materials. Drinks and snacks are available in the bar. In addition to their exclusive events, Pinspiration also offers public drink and paint lessons for both adults and children. 

They feature a lovely private party room and the world-famous Jackson Pollock-inspired Splatter Room, where you may enjoy yourself by splattering paint on a canvas.


Painting and drinking are both enjoyable and relaxing activities. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, you may choose a paint and sip studio that fits your interests and budget, whether you’re seeking a solitary experience, date night, family trip, or group event. 

There are many great paint and sip studios in Tulsa, but four stand out: Pinot’s Palette, ArtsyRe’s Creative Studio, Board & Brush Creative Studio, and Pinspiration. 

Schedule your class or event online and prepare for the fun and imaginative learning!

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