Top 15 Paint And Sip Studios In Vancouver BC Canada

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Several paint and sip studios in Vancouver may provide visitors with an entertaining and artistic outlet. 

You may take art classes here while socializing with loved ones over wine or beer. All the supplies, instruction, and encouragement you need to create your masterpiece are provided at paint and sip studios, making them a good option for novice and seasoned painters. 

You’ll find a wide variety of subject matter, aesthetics, and media options. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best 15 paint and sip studios near you, where you can participate in a wide range of courses, seminars, and special events for people of all ages and interests.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Art From The Heart505 Burrard St #112N/A
The Painted LoftStudio #221 – 1000 Parker Street Studios604 880 1163
The Luminous Elephant3791 Commercial St604 221 1580
U Paint I Fire3632 W 4th Ave W604 732 3312
Intuitive Art Beat888 Kingsway #208778 846 5055
POCA Art Studio223 W Broadway #203778 288 1136
The Brush & Wand Studio4333 W 10th Ave604 655 6703
Canvas Method1610 Pandora St778 554 4607
Vancouver Fine Art Atelier2414 Main St #15778 239 2922
4Cats Arts Studio3573 Main St604 568 0403
3730 W 10th Ave604 221 4849
Art Classes Vancouver: Chloe Ulis School of Art870 Denman St604 805 5622
Present Art Studio8930 Oak StN/A
AOMA – Academy of Modern Art2408 W 41st Ave604 564 2408
Café au Clay Pottery Studio1612 W 3rd Ave604 923 0208
Federation of Canadian Artists1241 Cartwright St604 681 2744

1. Art From The Heart

The Art From The Heart paint and drink event provides a unique setting to express your inner artist. Maria Bertosh, a pop surrealist originally from Minsk, Belarus, now residing in Vancouver, establishes Art From The Heart. 

At 505 Burrard St #112, you’ll discover Art From The Heart, a welcoming and invigorating place for artistic expression. Abstract painting, floral painting, animal painting, and more are some options for paint nights at this venue. 

Depending on the sort of painting and the location, each sip and paint event may cost anywhere from $40 to $60 per participant and last anywhere from one to two hours. Everything from canvas to paintbrushes to an apron to a beverage of your choice will be provided. 

Maria Bertosh will guide you through developing your abilities and producing your artwork per established art and design history principles.

2. The Painted Loft

The Painted Loft is a paint and sip studio that hosts many workshops and events for creative types. 

Landscapes, urban scenes, holiday-themed, and more may all be found at this sip and paint studio. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, The Pint Public House, the Park Theatre, and many more are just a few of the available locations in Vancouver. 

Depending on the sort of experience and the location, prices range from $40 to $60 per participant for the duration of the paint and wine event (often two hours). 

Canvas, brushes, paints, wine glasses, wood signs, and more will be provided for you. An engaging presenter will guide you through each stage of the process so that you may make your masterpiece. 

The Painted Loft is a wonderful place to learn something new, make new friends, and spend quality time with those you care about.

3. The Luminous Elephant

Paint and sip classes, seminars, parties, events, and exhibits are all available to kids and adults at the Luminous Elephant Art Studio. 

Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, painting, photography, digital art, and more are just a few of the mediums covered in The Luminous Elephant’s seminars and workshops. 

You may also reserve the space for private celebrations like wedding showers, reunions, and company outings. 

Workshops and classes range in length from one to two hours and price from $25 to $45 per student. 

Everything you need, including refreshments, will be provided for you. Skilled teachers will guide you through developing your abilities and producing your art.

4. U Paint I Fire

U Paint I Fire is a one-of-a-kind paint and sip workshop where you can create your own ceramics while drinking. 

Various ceramic items, such as cups, plates, bowls, vases, figures, and more, are available at this sip and paint venue. When decorating your pottery, you have various paints, glazes, and implements from which to choose. 

Price per person ranges from $10 to $20, and sessions take two to four hours, depending on the size and form of the pottery. The price of the ceramic item you choose will also be added to the total (anything from $5 to $50). 

Everything from clay to paint to brushes to stamps and stencils will be provided for you. You may also choose a beverage, such as wine, beer, coffee, or tea, to complement your meal. 

Staff members are more than happy to provide a helping hand while you decorate your ceramics. 

When you have finished painting, the paint and drink studio will fire your pottery in a kiln. Your ceramic item will be ready for pickup in a few days.

5. Intuitive Art Beat

Intuitive Art Beat is an art studio that welcomes people of all ages and ability levels to participate in intuitive art courses, workshops, parties, and other events. 

At Intuitive Art Beat, which can be found at 208-888 Kingsway, you will discover a warm and invigorating creative atmosphere where you can express yourself. 

The intuitive art experiences are available on Intuitive Art Beat range from painting flowers to painting animals and beyond. 

You may choose from various seasonal and difficulty options, including autumn, winter, spring, summer, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Each drink and paint lesson or workshop is two hours long and ranges from $35 to $45 per individual, depending on the instruction and the participant’s current skill level. 

In addition to the beverage you choose, you will be provided with all the necessary tools, including a canvas, brushes, paints, and an apron. 

6. POCA Art Studio

The POCA Art Studio is a paint and sip studio that hosts various creative events, such as painting night, wine glasses, a wood sign-making course, and more. 

This paint and wine studio features a variety of subjects and artistic styles, including seasonal, cityscapes, and landscapes, amongst others. 

Each experience lasts around two hours, and the fee ranges from $40 to $60 per participant, depending on the activity and location. 

You will get everything you need to complete your project, including but not limited to canvas, brushes, paints, wine glasses, wood signs, and more. 

Moreover, a funny and kind host will guide you through each stage of the process until you have completed your work of art. 

Discovering new things, making new friends, and having a good time with the people you care about most are all possible at POCA Art Studio.

7. The Brush & Wand Studio

At the Brush & Wand Studio, you can make your works of art based on your favorite fantasy novels while sipping wine, beer, or cider. 

This sip and paint studio is located in Vancouver, provides courses for adults and children, and hosts private parties and events for businesses. 

There is a wide variety of options, from the fantastical to the realistic, from Harry Potter to the Lord of the Rings to Alice in Wonderland to Game of Thrones. 

The paint and drink studio has everything you need to make your masterpiece, from supplies to instructors to ideas. A 16×20 canvas, paints, brushes, an apron, and a beverage are included in the session fee of $45.

8. Canvas Method

Canvas Method is a Vancouver painting school that teaches formal and impromptu techniques. 

Anyone interested in painting or drawing can learn to use oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, and other media. 

The drink and paint studio’s teachers are professionals who cater to each student’s needs and skill set. Attend one of their in-person or online classes any day of the week or on the weekend. 

The price of each paint night lesson is different since it depends on factors such as the medium, the length, and the teacher. You can get more information by visiting their website.

9. Vancouver Fine Art Atelier

Classical realism and impressionism are the two painting styles emphasized at the Vancouver Fine Art Atelier. 

You may acquire the skills necessary to paint in the style of the great painters of the past, such as Rembrandt, Monet, Renoir, and others. 

The training center provides classes for individuals with varying degrees of experience and private instruction and mentoring opportunities. 

You also have the option to participate in their open studio sessions, during which you may work on your projects while the teachers provide comments. The price of each class varies according to its duration, meeting schedule, and teacher.

10. 4Cats Arts Studio

Classes, seminars, celebrations, and camps in the visual arts are available for all ages and skill levels at 4Cats Arts Studio. 

You may experiment with various artistic mediums, including but not limited to paint, clay, collage, and sculpture. A lively and creative atmosphere awaits you in the paint and wine studio’s bright and colorful surroundings. 

Animals, the outdoors, pop culture, the abstract, and more are options available to you. 

The paint and drink studio celebrates holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day with special activities throughout the year. 

The price will change depending on the topic, target audience, and session length.

11. Art Classes Vancouver: Chloe Ulis School of Art

The “Art Classes Vancouver: Chloe Ulis School of Art” is an art studio that welcomes students of all ages for private art lessons, art birthday parties, art workshops, and semi-private art lessons. 

Everyone, regardless of prior knowledge or age, is welcome here, creating a warm and supportive environment conducive to learning. 

Oils, acrylics, mixed media, drawing, literature, crafts, collages, abstract, landscape, or realism are all fair game. 

Learn painting methods, color mixing, and compositional tricks, and receive access to the greatest drawing exercises available.

The sip and paint studio is a wonderful place to work on your art, develop creativity, and care for yourself. Each session’s price is calculated individually based on length, frequency, and teacher.

12. Present Art Studio

In Vancouver, a place called Present Art Studio hosts events called “paint and sip” for adults and children. 

You may either attend a public event or reserve the space for a private celebration. Some options are available for animals, flowers, landscapes, abstractions, and more. 

The drink and paint studio has everything you need to make your masterpiece, from supplies to instructors to ideas. Bring any refreshments you’d like to have while you paint.  

Each participant will get a 16×20 canvas, paints, brushes, an apron, and a drink ticket for $35 at each event.

13. AOMA – Academy of Modern Art

Academy of Modern Art (AOMA) is a studio in Vancouver that hosts art lessons, seminars, and camps for people of all ages. 

It is possible to master the techniques used by contemporary artists like Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, and others. 

You may also participate in open studio times to get help on personal projects from the teachers there. The studio space is ample and light and has professional-grade tools and materials in Vancouver. 

The paint night studio’s professors are seasoned pros with arts and education credentials. Each course’s medium, length, and teacher all affect its cost.

14. Café au Clay Pottery Studio

The services of Café au Clay Pottery Studio include group courses, individual lessons, studio memberships, and special events. 

You may learn to manufacture pottery on the wheel or by hand, using a variety of implements and processes. Themes range from animals and flowers to landscapes and abstractions, among others. 

The studio has everything you need to make your masterpiece, from supplies to instructors to ideas. When you come to make pottery, feel free to bring some refreshments to enjoy while you work. 

Located on Vancouver’s tranquil and lovely West 3rd Avenue, this studio has state-of-the-art facilities and technology. 

The paint and drink studio also has a competent and approachable staff of teachers who will ensure that your time there is enjoyable and instructive. 

The cost of each paint and sip lesson varies depending on how long it is, how often it happens, and who teaches it.

15. Federation of Canadian Artists

In Vancouver, a Federation of Canadian Artists studio caters to painters of all skill levels by hosting lessons, workshops, and exhibits. 

Oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, and other media may all be learned to paint in. Some of Canada’s most renowned painters also offer classes at the studio and on the web. 

Attend one of their many annual events or sign up for a lesson any day of the week or weekend. At the drink and paint studio’s frequent exhibits, you may show off your work and take in the talents of your fellow artists. 

Historic and beautiful, the studio may be found on Vancouver’s Granville Island. The paint and wine studio’s crew is composed of trained experts eager to assist you in your creative endeavors. 

Each sip and paint course’s medium, length, and teacher all affect its cost.


Explore the dynamic art scene of Vancouver, located in the province of British Columbia in Canada, and let your inner artist come out to play. 

You can engage in artistic expression while also enjoying a pleasant and immersive experience, thanks to the fact that the top 15 paint and sip studios are easily accessible to you. 

Vancouver has various creative hubs, from bustling metropolitan spaces to quiet outlying studios. Discover some of Vancouver’s best paint and sip studios and let your imagination run wild.

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