Top 7 Paint And Sip Studios In Darwin NT Australia

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Why not give a paint and sip studio in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, a go if you are seeking a way to pass the time that is both entertaining and creative? 

Wine or beer may be enjoyed while taking a painting class in a “sip and paint” workshop. They’re great for people of all skill levels who want to chill out and make new friends while creating art. 

The best seven paint and drink studios in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, are discussed below. 

Whether in town on business or just passing through, you’ll likely discover a paint and sip studio near you that fits your needs.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Katie Bradley Fine Art11 Stone Pl, Rapid Creek 0409173604
Kim’s Endless CreationsMobile services0427631031
The Artful Room7/66 Aralia St, Nightcliff 0410920168
Palmerston Hobby Ceramics35 Kenbi Pl, Rosebery 0402500603
Off The LeashHarbour View Plaza, level 2/8 McMinn St, Darwin City 0889417413
Tactile Arts Gallery and Studios19 Conacher St, The Gardens 0889816616
Wild Poppy Art Studio14 Temira Cres, Larrakeyah 0438883454

1. Katie Bradley Fine Art

Katie Bradley, a local artist with over 20 years of expertise in art education, owns and runs this sip and paint venue. 

Katie Bradley Fine Art was established in 2017 so that she could give back to the community using her talents. She has courses for learners of all ages and interests. 

Her weekly workshops are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you can also schedule a private event for you and your loved ones or coworkers. 

You have various mediums and subject matter, including acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels, sketching, and more. 

Two hours and $60 are spent on each lesson. Everything you need to create a masterpiece, including a beverage of your choice, is included in this price. 

Bring refreshments, or order from one of the many neighboring restaurants. The drink and paint studio is a warm and inviting space, with windows facing the ocean and a gentle breeze blowing through. 

Katie is an encouraging and motivating teacher who will help you develop your creative abilities.

2. Kim’s Endless Creations

Another fantastic paint and drink venue in Darwin is Kim’s Endless Creations. Artist Kim Donald, who grew up on a hobby farm in rural Victoria near Warrnambool, now runs the place. 

She has always been imaginative and inventive, even as a child when she began experimenting with watercolors. 

Kim’s Endless Creations was founded in 2007 as a way for her to merge her passions for the arts and exploration. She has many paint and sip classes available to suit a variety of needs and interests. 

You can attend one of her public sessions every weekend at Lola’s Pergolas, a restaurant, and bar on the water in Cullen Bay. Or you can hire her for a private event at your chosen location. 

Additionally, there is a wide variety of subject matter and artistic approaches from which to choose. Each sip and paint course is $65 per participant and runs for three hours. 

It comes with a glass of wine or beer and everything you need to create a masterpiece. If you’d like, you may also bring your refreshments. The drink and paint studio is sleek and contemporary, with plenty of room to move about and good lighting. 

You can trust that the teachers are qualified and kind and that they will help you bring out your inner Picasso.

3. The Artful Room

There is a sip and paint studio called The Artful Room in Palmerston, a suburb of Darwin. Michelle Smith, a visual artist with a decade of expertise in the field, owns and operates the business. 

To bring together other art enthusiasts and students, she launched The Artful Room in 2019. She provides many lessons for students of all ages and ability levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans. 

You may take paint and sip classes in various mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, oils, and mixed media. Some options are available for flowers, animals, landscapes, pop art, and other themes. 

There is a $55 fee for each participant in a lesson that lasts 2 hours. This price includes your choice of beverage and all the supplies needed to make your masterpiece. You can bring in outside meals or use their food delivery service. 

The paint night studio’s brightly colored walls and ornamentation provide a friendly and upbeat environment. 

Michelle is a positive and supportive teacher who will help you feel more at ease while boosting your self-assurance.

4. Palmerston Hobby Ceramics

Paint and drink at Palmerston’s Palmerston Hobby Ceramics, a one-of-a-kind establishment. Sue and John Smith, who share a love of ceramics and pottery, operate the show. 

Palmerston Hobby Ceramics was established in 2018 so that they could teach others about their passion. Classes are available for learners of all experience and interest levels. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they have regular programs, but you may also organize a special event there. 

Mugs, plates, bowls, vases, figurines, and other ceramic items are also available. Each session is $50 and runs for 2 hours. All the supplies you’ll need to decorate your ceramic item, plus a beverage. 

You may bring your meal or choose from a menu offering international fare. Due to its vintage decor and furnishings, the paint and wine studio has a sophisticated and exotic feel. 

Sue and John are fantastic teachers; they make you feel like you’re doing something unique.

5. Off The Leash

Off The Leash Creative Pty Ltd, a firm that organizes community events and offers creative services is in charge of it. 

In 2016, they launched Off The Leash to fill a need in the community for accessible, low-cost art instruction. 

Paint and sip classes vary from beginning to advanced and are open to students of all ages and skill levels. You may take classes in acrylics, watercolors, oils, or a combination of media. Pop art, street art, impressionism, realism, and many more may all be selected from among many other subjects and styles. 

Each paint and drink session is $49 per participant and runs for 2 hours. Everything you need to create an original piece of art, including refreshments. You may also purchase from the cafés that are their partners, or bring your own munchies. 

The paint night studio is hip and happening due to the presence of graffiti on the walls and the tunes that are always playing in the background. You’ll have a great time thanks to the teachers, who are both knowledgeable and kind.

6. Tactile Arts Gallery and Studios

Tactile Arts Inc., a non-profit organization that supports local creatives, runs Tactile Arts Gallery. 

In 1975, they established Tactile Arts Gallery and Studios to highlight and promote Darwin’s thriving arts community. 

Various paint and sip classes are available to suit various needs and interests. Ceramics, glass, textiles, prints, jewelry, and more are available as artistic mediums to explore. 

You may sign up for their regular sessions on the first and third weekends of every month, or you can schedule a special event for your organization.

The price of each three-hour course is $75.  All the supplies you’ll need, plus an adult beverage of your choice, are included in this price. 

Local and seasonal ingredients are highlighted on the menu, but guests are welcome to bring their food. 

The paint and drink studio’s decor is lovely and relaxing; it has windows and a ocean view. The teachers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they will guide you in developing your abilities.

7. Wild Poppy Art Studio

Sarah Pirrottina, an artist with over a decade of expertise in the field, owns and manages The Wild Poppy Art Studio. In 2018, she opened Wild Poppy Art Studio to indulge her artistic passions and encourage others to do the same. 

You may take acrylics, watercolors, oils, or a combination class. Landscapes, animals, abstractions, portraits, and other subjects and styles are all up for grabs. 

Each sip and paint session is $60 and runs for 2 hours. Everything you need to create a masterpiece, including a beverage of your choice, is included in this price. 

Bring refreshments, or order from one of the many neighboring restaurants. 


The top seven paint and sip studios help keep the creative scene alive in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Whether in a bustling city or a quiet seaside town, these studios allow patrons to indulge their artistic side in a friendly and informal environment. 

So, whether you’re a Darwin native searching for a new hobby or a curious tourist hoping to break out of the tourist mold, the city’s many paint party studios are ready to spark your imagination. 

Find a local paint and wine studio and unleash your inner artist in this paradisiacal setting.

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