Top 4 Paint And Sip Studios In Tasmania Australia

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Explore the best four paint and sip studios in Tasmania, Australia, and enjoy a memorable and instructive creative adventure. 

Thanks to the state’s stunning natural beauty and long history of cultural preservation, Tasmania is a refuge for artists looking for a balance between individual expression and community. 

These studios in bustling metropolises and sleepy seaside hamlets provide an appealing mix of art instruction, social interaction, and indulgence. 

This article will explore the best sip and paint studios near you. Keep reading!

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Frida’s Sip n’ Paint74-82 St John St, Launceston 0411491855
18 Hunter St, Hobart 0429460200
Pinot & Picasso7/9 Franklin Whrf, Hobart 
122 Charles St, Launceston
Paint the Town Red Art1/34 Cameron St, Launceston 0405722544
Archaica ScholaLevel 2/121 Macquarie St, Hobart 0435455664

1. Frida’s Sip n’ Paint

The capital of Tasmania is Hobart, where you can find Frida’s Sip n’ Paint. Many of the works created there take inspiration from the vibrant colors and emotional subject matter of Frida Kahlo’s paintings, thus the studio’s name. 

Since opening its doors in 2019, Frida’s Drink n’ Paint has quickly become one of the city’s most well-liked paint and drink venues. 

Paint and sip classes are available for students of all ages and experience levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans. 

You may take sip and paint classes in acrylics, watercolors, oils, or a combination of media. Flowers, animals, landscapes, and pop art are some options. 

Each session is $65 per participant and runs for 2 hours. Everything you need to make your masterpiece, plus one free beverage, is included at this price. 

Food may be ordered from local eateries, or you can bring snacks. The paint and drink studio is warm and welcoming, with soft music playing in the background and helpful teachers leading you through each exercise. 

You’ll have a great time and go home with stunning artwork you can hang in your house or give as a gift.

2. Pinot & Picasso

Hobart also has another fantastic paint and sip workshop called Pinot & Picasso. There are more than 50 more sites for this business around Australia. 

The Hobart location of Pinot & Picasso first opened in 2020, and ever since then, it has been a huge success because of its excellent service and goods. 

Drink and paint classes are available for various events and interests. Each weekend, they have open sessions that anybody may attend, or you can reserve a space for a more intimate gathering with close friends, family, or coworkers. 

Abstracts, landscapes, portraits, cartoons, and more are some of the available subject matter and aesthetic options.

The cost of each three-hour course is $69. This price covers all the supplies you’ll need to create your masterpiece and a beverage to enjoy while you work. You’re welcome to bring your refreshments, as well. 

The paint and drink studio’s layout is contemporary and expansive, with plenty of soft seating and bright lights. The tutors are kind and welcoming and will guide you to discover your inner Picasso.

3. Paint the Town Red Art

Launceston, Tasmania’s second-largest city, is home to a paint and sip workshop called Paint the Town Red Art. 

Rebecca Smith, a local artist with 15 years of teaching experience, owns and operates the business. In 2018, she launched Paint the Town Red Art to provide people with access to her talents and interests. 

She has several courses designed to appeal to various skill sets and passions. You may either attend one of her weekly seminars (held on Wednesdays and Fridays) or schedule a special event for any occasion. 

Additionally, you have a wide variety of subject matter and artistic approaches from which to choose. 

Each session is $55 and runs for 2 hours. Everything you need to create a masterpiece, including a beverage of your choice, is included in this price. Bring refreshments, or order from one of the many neighboring restaurants. 

Rebecca is a wonderful teacher since she is both encouraging and supportive.

4. Archaica Schola

Devonport, a port city in northern Tasmania, is home to Archaica Schola, a one-of-a-kind drink and paint workshop. Michael and Anna, a creative duo with a penchant for antiquity, operate it. 

In 2020, they combined their interests in art and education to form Archaica Schola. Classes on ancient cultures, including Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and others, are available. 

After studying their history, mythology, art, and architecture, you may paint in their style. 

Each session is $60 and runs for 2 hours. Everything you need to create a masterpiece, including a beverage of your choice, is included in this price. 

You may bring your own meal or choose from a menu offering international fare. The paint and drink studio is furnished with antiques that give it an air of sophistication and exoticism. 

Michael and Anna are fantastic teachers who will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another era.


Explore the best four paint and sip studios in Launceston and Hobart Tasmania and immerse yourself in the state’s vibrant creative scene. 

These studios provide the perfect setting for anybody, from the seasoned artist to the curious novice, to express their creativity, meet new people, and have experiences that will last a lifetime. 

If you’re looking to spark your imagination with some paint and wine, Tasmania is home to some of the best paint night studios in the country. 

Get your creative juices flowing, your brushes moving, and your imagination soaring at one of Tasmania’s top drink and paint venues.

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