Top 3 Paint And Sip Studios In Hobart Tasmania Australia

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Envision a wonderful evening in Hobart, where you can unwind, have fun, and explore your creative side. Incredible, right? Well, you can stop daydreaming and do it at one of the top paint and sip studios in Hobart. 

If you want to try something new and adventurous or just want to paint and drink, these studios are where you need to be. You may take lessons from skilled painters in various programs covering various topics and painting styles. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best paint and sip studios near you and given you a few good reasons to check out the top three.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Archaica ScholaHobart 0435 455 664
Pinot & Picasso HobartHobart1300 414 329
Frida’s Sip n’ Paint HobartHobart 0429 460 200

1. Archaica Schola

Located in the heart of Adelaide’s central business district, Archaica Schola is a penthouse art studio where you may participate in a sip and paint session with a twist. 

One of their painters will walk you through the steps of creating a painting, but you’ll be encouraged to put your stamp on the project. You’re welcome to bring your own refreshments or choose from the cheese board selection on the menu. 

Adult and children’s art workshops and corporate and private events are available at Archaica Schola. Archaica Schola is perfect for those who wish to try painting while socializing with friends or a significant other over a bottle or two of wine.

The reasons we recommend this drink and paint studio are:

  • The paint and drink studio Archaica Schola, located on the top floor of a building in Adelaide’s central business district, is both handy and stylish.
  • Archaica Schola encourages amateur and professional painters alike to include their own unique styles in their work.
  • The starting fee for a session is just $49.

2. Pinot & Picasso Hobart

Let your creative side shine at Pinot & Picasso Hobart, Australia’s most popular paint and drink venue. 

Classes are offered on various topics, and instructors are skilled artists who will show you the ropes. It is acceptable for guests to bring food and drink or buy it from nearby businesses. 

In addition to serving individuals, Pinot & Picasso also hosts programs for families and groups. 

If you enjoy painting and drinking or just want to do something different and fun, Pinot & Picasso Hobart is the place to be.

The reasons we recommend this paint party studio are:

  • Pinot & Picasso Hobart is Australia’s #1 Paint And Sip Experience, which means that they have a track record of putting on good sessions and making customers happy.
  • Pinot & Picasso Hobart Sessions include various topics, approaches, and media, including Kaleidoscope Love, Paint Your Vase, Textured Art, Paint Your Pet, and more. Find a class that fits your temperament, personal tastes, and current level of expertise.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee, check this page to learn more about Pinot & Picasso business model.

3. Frida’s Sip n’ Paint Hobart

An unparalleled sip and paint experience awaits you at Frida’s Sip n’ Paint Hobart, a high-end studio. 

You’ll be treated like royalty, motivated to make something, and able to relax in a room fit for your next big event. You’ll go in on a crimson carpet and into a plush lounge decorated with classic Frida Kahlo artwork. 

You may bring your own wine and cheese plates or purchase them at one of their partner establishments. 

Specialty lessons like “Paint your pet,” “Paint your mate,” “textured art,” and more are available at Frida’s Sip &’ Paint Hobart. Frida’s Sip n’ Paint Hobart is a great place for anyone looking to unwind and find their inner artist.

The reasons we recommend this drink and paint studio are:

  • At this studio, you’ll be treated like royalty on the red carpet and among legendary pictures of Frida Kahlo in a plush lounge.
  • With a 4.9 average review score and 104 reviews, Frida’s Sip n’ Paint in Hobart has a lot of happy customers.
  • The cost is $65 per participant for a two-and-a-half-hour session.

In Hobart, one of the most relaxing and creative activities is painting while drinking. There is a wide variety of studios from which to pick one that fits your needs. 

The studios are also available for rent for parties and other events, such as weddings, birthdays, and business meetings. If you want to improve your artistic abilities and make great new friends, you can’t go wrong with any available studios. 

Staying on the fence is not a good idea. Gather some mates, some drinks, and your paints because it’s time to visit Hobart’s best paint and sip studio!

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