Top 3 Paint And Sip Studios In Fortitude Valley QLD Australia

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The best paint and sip studios in Brisbane are Pinot & Picasso Fortitude Valley, Social Art, and Fresh Prints Brisbane. 

These studios are perfect for letting your creative juices flow since they provide painting instruction and a laid-back social environment. These workshops welcome painters of all abilities, from novices to professionals. 

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and discover why these are the best sip and paint studios near you.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Pinot & Picasso Fortitude Valley887 Ann St, Fortitude Valley 0416189318
Social ArtUnit 16-17/1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley 0450813695
Fresh Prints Brisbane100 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley 0732528999

1. Pinot & Picasso Fortitude Valley

Pinot & Picasso in Fortitude Valley, you may enjoy wine or a cold beer while channeling your inner Picasso. 

This sip and paint studio has paintings and lessons for various events and topics, from landscapes and animals to abstractions and flowers to pop culture. You may choose between a public session, which is available to anybody, or a private session, which is reserved only for your group. 

The studio’s classroom is contemporary and bright, accommodating up to 40 students. Easels, brushes, paints, aprons, and canvas are available throughout the classroom. The studio also has a bar for beverages, snacks, wine, beer, cider, and soft drinks. 

You may bring your own supplies or use those provided, but this paint and wine studio has everything you need for a great day of painting.

The instructors at the workshop are skilled painters who are also nice and will help you through the whole painting process. They will instruct you on making an original piece of art that you can take with you or give as a present. The instructors are also available to discuss your progress and answer any questions.

Each session’s price is different based on the size and complexity of the picture being worked on. The typical cost for a two-hour class that includes all materials and a drink voucher is $55 per participant. 

You may contact the studio through their website, phone, or email to schedule your appointment.

2. Social Art

At Social Art, you can unwind with friends, make art, and have a good time. 

Social Art, located in Brisbane’s hip Fortitude Valley neighborhood, is another acclaimed paint and drink venue making waves in the city. 

Social Art is a painting studio that has been around for a while and is known for its unconventional methods. This sip and paint studio hosts events with many themes, from paint-your-pet to landscapes inspired by nature.

Students can unwind and indulge their imaginations in their welcoming classroom environment. Thanks to the studio’s extensive stock, each artist will have access to various high-quality art materials. 

The paint and drink teachers are professional artists who guide students individually through the creative process.

Each session’s price is different based on the size and complexity of the artwork being worked on. You should expect to pay about $49 for a two-hour session with all materials included. 

There’s more to Social Art than simply a place to paint and have a drink. It’s a great spot to meet new people, unwind, and be creative while sipping your favorite beverage. It’s a social environment conducive to creative exploration and self-expression. 

Social Art is the place to go if you need a warm and welcoming paint and sip studio in Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia.

3. Fresh Prints Brisbane

Screen printing, linocut printing, mono printing, and other printmaking methods are only some of the methods taught at Fresh Prints Brisbane. The sip and paint studio’s many print collections and instructional offerings cover landscapes, animals, abstractions, florals, pop culture, and more. 

Two types of paint and sip classes are available: those accessible to the general public and those reserved exclusively for a particular group. 

The drink and paint studio’s classroom is light and airy and can fit up to 16 students. Projectors, inks, sheets, tools, and aprons are available in the classroom. The paint and wine studio has a BYOB policy, so feel free to bring your beverage of choice. 

The paint night studio has everything you need for an enjoyable and imaginative printing session. The only thing you need to bring is your imagination.

Teachers at this workshop are skilled artists who are courteous and professional as they lead you through the printing process. They’ll give you pointers on making your prints to take home or give as presents. 

Teachers are always available to discuss students’ progress and answer questions. The drink and paint studio instructors are enthusiastic about art and education and will go out of their way to ensure you have a wonderful day.

Each session’s price differs based on the print size and how long it lasts. Typically, a three-hour session with all materials included costs about $65. 

You may contact the studio through their website, phone, or email to schedule your appointment. Gift certificates may be purchased from the drink and paint studio for yourself or a loved one.


The following is a list of the best three paint and sip studios in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia, which you can check out if you are looking for a way to spend time with friends, family, or coworkers that is both enjoyable and creative. 

These are the kinds of studios where you can let your inner artist out to play while sipping a drink of wine or beer and creating your masterpiece via painting or printing. 

Pick a paintbrush, pour yourself a drink, and let your creativity flow at paint and sip in Fortitude Valley. Visit one of Fortitude Valley’s paint-and-sip studios and unleash your inner artist!

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