Top 2 Paint And Sip Studios in Liverpool NSW Australia

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A night out at a paint and sip studio in Liverpool is an excellent opportunity to bond with loved ones or celebrate a special occasion. 

You can create your masterpiece while listening to your favorite tunes and enjoying your favorite beverage. 

A paint party venue is perfect for any occasion: a birthday, a hen’s night, a team development event, or simply a night out. 

The greatest sip and paint studios near you are listed below:

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
Paint and Sip StudiosShop 1/101 Moore St, Liverpool 0415937038
Pinot and Picasso8/33 Moore St, Liverpool 0247083089

1. Paint and Sip Studios 

In Liverpool, New South Wales, Paint and Sip Studios is the place for art lovers. Enjoying a drink with friends in such a dynamic and sociable setting is ideal for letting your imagination run wild. 

There is a wide selection of paintings and sculptures covering various topics and styles. 

Materials, instruction, and entertainment for your event are all provided by this drink and paint studio. It’s OK if you bring your food and beverages, however. 

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones, go no further than this paint and drink studio.

2. Pinot and Picasso 

Pinot and Picasso is a popular art studio in Liverpool known for its paint and sip classes. Participants may enjoy themselves while discovering their inner artists at these lively and engaging events. 

 In addition, Pinot & Picasso stands out because of the variety of paintings available and the flexibility to accommodate different aesthetic preferences. Customers searching for a fun and laid-back environment to exercise their imaginations often frequent the studio because of its knowledgeable teachers and interesting classes.

This paint and drink studio is great for those who wish to develop their creativity, find an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, and have a wonderful time.


These are a few of Liverpool’s top paint and wine classes. Each one has its own special advantages and qualities that set it apart from the others. 

You can find what you’re searching for at one of these studios, whether it’s an opportunity to learn something new, a chance to be creative, a place to unwind, or any combination of the above. 

Gather your nearest and dearest, make a reservation, and get ready to paint while you drink!

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