Top 4 Paint And Sip Studios In Wollongong NSW Australia

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Paint and sip studios in Wollongong are a fun and creative way to spend your time in the coastal city. 

Whether you are looking for a date night idea, a birthday celebration, a team-building activity or just some fun with your friends, paint and drink studios have something for everyone. 

We have compiled a list of the top 4 studios that offer an exceptional experience for art enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. This article aims to showcase the best sip and paint studios in Wollongong that are worth your visit. 

You will be amazed by the quality and diversity of the paint and sip studios near you. Read on right now!

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
The Sip Studio Unit 2/128 Princes Hwy, Fairy Meadow 0411227159
Pinot & Picasso Shop 1/10 Thomas St, Wollongong 1300414329
Sip By The SeaShop 4/74 Cliff Rd, Wollongong 0448607749

VoartShop 3/148 Crown St, Wollongong 0435036471

1. The Sip Studio

The Sip Studio, located in the middle of Wollongong, is a haven for creatives and those looking to unwind. 

Customers may let their imaginations run wild under the guidance of the staff’s seasoned pros while enjoying a beverage of their choice. 

In addition, The Sip Studio Wollongong is well-known for its homey and inviting ambiance, which makes visitors feel at ease. 

The studio is highly recommended for individuals and parties looking for a unique paint and sip experience because of its focus on precision, individual instruction, and variety of painting alternatives.

2. Pinot & Picasso 

Pinot & Picasso is one of the most well-liked sip and paint studios in Wollongong because of the inspiring atmosphere it provides for artists of all skill levels. 

Everything about this studio, from the artists they hire to the paintings they display, is intended to stimulate creative thought and provide aesthetic pleasure. 

The dedication to the highest standards of creative excellence is what has earned Pinot & Picasso Wollongong its stellar reputation. 

Customers may expect to receive expert instruction while working with high-quality materials. Also, the variety of painting styles makes it suitable for a broad variety of settings.

3. Sip By The Sea

The most recent addition to Wollongong’s lineup of seaside paint and drink studios is called Sip By The Sea. 

Sip By The Sea is a bar and restaurant on Cliff Road where you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine and the company of good friends. 

There are a variety of paintings, including those that draw inspiration from pop culture and travel as well as those with original ideas created for groups. 

Free cheese and crackers will be provided, and you’re welcome to bring your own beverage of choice. This paint and drink wine studio is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

With its calm atmosphere and skilled teachers, this drink and paint venue makes painting a memorable experience that captures the coastal charm of Wollongong.

4. Voart

Voart Studio is an artist-run space that encourages creative expression as a means of personal growth. Voart, established by artist Vicky Ongkowidjojo, hosts classes for both adults and children, covering a wide range of topics and materials. 

Acrylics, watercolors, oils, and mixed media painting are all available, as are ceramics, printing, collage, and sculpting.

To help you unwind and have a good time with your pals, Voart Studio also offers paint and sip sessions.


You may have a good time and express your creative side at a sip and paint studio while enjoying your drink of choice. You don’t need any prior art knowledge or talents to enjoy them, and they’re fun for people of all ages. 

The Sip Studio Wollongong, Pinot & Picasso Wollongong, Sip By The Sea, and Voart Studio are the four best paint and sip studios in Wollongong that we have examined in this post. Every one of these studios has something special up its sleeve to make your evening one to remember. 

Then why are you still waiting? Book your paint and drink session as soon as possible and prepare to be delighted!

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