Top 10 Paint And Sip Studios In Sheffield England United Kingdom

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Because it is relaxing and stimulates creative thought, painting is a pastime that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. There are a lot of paint and sip studios in Sheffield, and each one can provide you with a unique and enjoyable experience. 

These studios are great if you want to try something new, find a way to express yourself through art or spend quality time with your loved ones and friends. 

You shouldn’t miss out on these ten top paint and sip studios near you listed here.

Studio NameAddressPhone NumberBooking Website
The Art House8 Backfields, Sheffield City Centre01142723970
Fired Arts957 Ecclesall Rd01142670797
Budding Picassos Ceramic café712 Chesterfield Rd01142508500
The Little Sheffield Art GalleryEndcliffe Park Cafe, The Old Pavilion, Endcliffe Park, Rustlings RdN/A
Studio Mia Ceramics44 Southbourne Rd, Broomhall07745089136
Hangingwater Studio49 Nethergreen Rd07790795025
Blue Elephant PotteryUnit 2, Harland Works, 70 John St, Highfield07429444224
Coralie Turpin ArtistStudio 48, Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works, 21 Brown St07946424602
Anomaly Life DrawingThe Floristry School, Eagle Works, Cotton Mill Walk07504744758
KIAC Art Studios40 Ball St, Neepsend07903460450

1. The Art House

The Art House is a non-profit organization that offers art lessons and seminars to those with disabilities, mental health concerns, social isolation, or limited income. 

They offer a studio that can fit up to 20 people, is centrally positioned, and is easily accessible from the streets surrounding the Cathedral. 

The Art House teaches traditional painting media like watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media, and nontraditional ones like ceramics, printing, and textiles. 

The knowledgeable and approachable instructors will encourage you as you develop your creativity. 

Sip and paint Sessions range in price from low to high, depending on the type of course and how long it lasts, but they always come with everything you need to learn. 

The Art Social and the Crafty Social are two of their regular social events, but you can also schedule a private session for a group of friends or coworkers.

2. Fired Arts

At Fired Arts, a cafe dedicated to the arts, customers may create their own works of pottery, mosaics, and decoupage. 

Ecclesall Road is a busy street filled with restaurants, cafés, and stores, and that’s exactly where you’ll find Fired Arts. 

Mugs, plates, bowls, vases, figures, and decorations are just a few of this paint and drink studio’s bisque (unpainted ceramic) products. If you’d rather, you may also decorate with whatever you bring along. 

You may make your design using paints, brushes, equipment, and stencils from Fired Arts. Staff members are always willing to lend a helping hand and offer words of wisdom or creative inspiration. 

You may drop off your painted pottery at Fired Arts and have it glazed and fired in their kiln. It will be ready for pickup in a few days, or you may pay extra to have it sent to your home. Painting sessions cost from £5 to £30, depending on your selected object. 

This drink and paint studio also provides classes for adults and hosts birthday parties for kids.

3. Budding Picassos Ceramic café

Another spot in Sheffield to paint your ceramics is Budding Picassos Ceramic Cafe. Close to both Graves Park and Woodseats, you’ll find this sip and paint studio on Chesterfield Road. 

The cozy and vibrant studio of Budding Picassos Ceramic Cafe can accommodate up to 30 guests. Cups, saucers, teapots, platters, animals, letters, and seasonal things are just a few of the many bisque products available at this paint and wine venue. 

At this paint and wine venue, you may find various pottery-decorating tools, such as paints, brushes, sponges, stamps, stickers, and more. 

To have your painted pottery glazed and burned in a kiln, bring your finished pieces to Budding Picassos Ceramic Cafe. It will be ready for pickup in a week, or you may pay extra to send it to your home. 

Each paint and sip session might cost anything from £4 to £25, depending on what you decide to paint. Workshops for adult and kid-friendly birthday parties may be at Budding Picassos Ceramic Cafe.

4. The Little Sheffield Art Gallery

Unique and endearing, the Little Sheffield Art Gallery displays little works by local artists. You may contribute an original work of art or just come take a look around. You may access it daily between 9 AM and 4 PM.

Paint and sip classes where you may make your little masterpiece under the guidance of an instructor are also available at the Little Sheffield Art Gallery. 

Choose from a variety of spray paint or acrylic painting themes, such as “Candy Town,” “Clear Water,” or “Autumn Leaves,” to show your individuality. 

Each sip and paint course costs £15 and includes all materials and light refreshments. You can reserve a place by calling or visiting the gallery.

5. Studio Mia Ceramics

Sheffield, England’s Studio Mia Ceramics is known for its one-of-a-kind, hand-thrown earthenware, and slab-built or cast-bone china pots. Mia Frampton, a ceramic artist who has a love for making products that are both beautiful and practical, is in charge of running the studio.

Studio Mia Ceramics hosts “paint and sip” events where people may learn the basics of working with clay while enjoying a beverage. 

Throwing, slab-building, and casting are just a few of the many methods available to you while working with clay. Glazes, lusters, and transfers are further options for decorating pottery. 

Each paint and drink session costs £35 and includes all supplies, equipment, fire, a beverage, and a little food. 

6. Hangingwater Studio

Hangingwater Studio is a welcoming and lively art venue in Nether Green, Sheffield. At this paint night studio in Nether Green, Sheffield, individuals of all ages and skill levels are welcome to learn about and participate in the visual arts. 

Professional artists provide year-round art classes and seminars where participants may hone their skills and network with others with similar interests in a safe, structured setting. 

There are many different types of drink and paint classes available at Hangingwater Studio. Private lessons and special event reservations for groups are also available.

During the paint parties, you can bring your beverages and snacks to enjoy. 

7. Blue Elephant Pottery

At Blue Elephant Pottery, you can get your hands dirty with clay and learn the art of pottery making in various ways, including hand-building, sculpting, and wheel-throwing. 

The sip and paint studio’s starting courses are casual and friendly, welcoming students of all ages and skill levels. 

Several alternatives include drop-in sessions, ongoing courses, and private tutoring. You can use clay to create everything from everyday utensils like cups and bowls to elaborate works like sculptures and decorations. 

The paint and drink studio also prepares and fires for you. While having fun with clay, you can snack on anything you bring. 

8. Coralie Turpin Artist

Coralie Turpin Artist is well-known for its fascinating painting sessions and cutting-edge approaches to the field. 

You may get private instruction from a well-known artist at this facility. Learn how to create stunning mosaic art out of tiles, glass, beads, stones, and more at one of Coralie’s classes, open to adults and kids. 

Landscapes, abstracts, and still lifes are just a few topics open to participants. You can use one of their pre-made designs or come up with your own. 

Coralie also accepts custom orders for mosaics she can install in your house or yard. In addition to the yearly Open Up event in Sheffield, Coralie welcomes guests by appointment.

9. Anomaly Life Drawing

Anomaly Life Drawing is a creative life drawing company that wants to help you discover, nurture, and display your inner artist. 

Professional painters and models will teach you how to sketch the human form in various ways. 

The drink and paint studio serves refreshments and welcomes you to bring your drinks, so you may sip on something tasty while you sketch. 

Sumo Digital, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, and NARS are just a few of the institutions that partnered with Anomaly Life Drawing to provide their employees and students with specialized life drawing instruction. 

Additionally, it hosts weekly themed life drawing sessions at The Floristry School at Kelham Island. This warm and vibrant location is home to various floral seminars and lessons. 

10. KIAC Art Studios

Artists and makers in Sheffield may rent cheap studio space at KIAC Art Studios, a communal art center. 

Kelham Island Arts Collective (KIAC) is the site, a former factory turned into a cultural center with galleries, studios, and a market. 

Classes and workshops in painting, drawing, collage, textiles, ceramics, and more are all on the table at this paint and wine studio, which welcomes students of all ages. 

Expert instructors can guide you through your studies as you gain knowledge and self-assurance. While you’re here, feel free to bring some refreshments to enjoy. Over 20 artists, ranging from realists to abstracts, sculptors to photographers, call KIAC Art Studios home. 


Some of the world’s best paint and sip studios may be found in Sheffield, England. 

These studios encourage artists of all skill levels to come in and create, whether they specialize in ceramics, acrylic painting, or mixed media. 

The paint and drink studios mentioned above have earned their reputations as Sheffield’s top paint-and-sip spots, where artists of all skill levels are encouraged to let loose and make new friends while sharing a common creative experience.

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